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December 14, 2014


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maria soledad marin acevedo

gracias por tus trabajo son hermoso te mando un beso y bendiciones mi nombre es soledad soy de chile


thank you for this beautiful cover. I did it with the wool pack and it is a wonder. You have a gift for color harmony and explains .... thank you for all this time to share with us all ... Happy Holidays and see you soon, I hope for a new project ... and thank you Google helps me to translate because I am French and it is not always easy for me to translate ☺


Hi Lucy, Just wanted to say how lovely and cuddly the blanket looks. I've only just started with the Cosy colours. You have a great sense of colour and it will looks so great in my sitting room.


I have been working this blanket using the left-over yarns from my sock knitting - most of which are random colour sequences in a wide variety of colour themes. The result is stunning and I am about to start work on the edging. Enjoyable and satisfying, as well as a memory-jogger of socks I have knitted for family and friends. Thank you for such an inspiring project.

Lizy Tish

Love that edging! Watching this CAL was very inspiring -- hoping to try a blanket after Christmas.


I'm a bit late to the party but I'm starting the CAL today. Technically the wool pack is a Christmas present but fortunately I have a wonderful husband who has let me sneak a couple of balls of wool out before he wraps it :D

Eleanor Thomson

I just finished, using raspberry, grape, raspberry and pale rose for the border. It feels strange to have come to the end of it but I'm very happy with the result.

Tracey Dawkins

Thank you for generously sharing this pattern I am making mine in gorgeous rowan wool worsted it's a joy to make I am about a third of the way through and loving it. Thanks again x

Rona Griffiths

I'm in the middle of doing a few extra rows so won't get finished for another week or so but you blanket is gorgeous Lucy. I'm probably going to change the edging colours slightly as i want the pale rose and raspberry in it but we will see. Thank you for the fun i've had with this, it's been such a revelation seeing it grow qnd i really love it. Have you got any further with the poncho, i'm looking forward to your ta dah moment with that as well as this. Hope you're feeling better so that you and your family can enjoy Christmas. Merry Christmas to you and to all on here and i hope the New Year brings you all much happiness and good things. I'm really looking forward to seeing what you have in store for next year Lucy. Thank you for your sharing, Rona xxo


I really like your colour choices, the green around the outer edge is just right, it's lovely!

Victoria Horsey

It's a beautiful blanket! I just had to comment as I found it so funny that you chose claret and meadow as your 'festive' edging colours. The very first blanket I ever made, I started in September after teaching myself to crochet and finished in December. My final colours? Claret and Meadow, as I thought it would always remind me that I finished just in time for Christmas! xx


Well done! The blanket looks great. Love the edging.

Shirla Ghadaki

I want to do one of these. Have pinned it on Pinterest so that I can get back to it. Good job and it is beautiful! Can't wait to see what you do next.


Just looking at your beautiful blanket gives me a warm cosy feeling! I love the colours and I think it looks completely gorgeous.


What a lovely blanket! I'm a bit sad that there are so many blankets in my Queue and I couldn't manage to participate in this CAL. After the Scheepjeswol blanket I'm making your Coastal Ripple. Looking really Forward to it.


Just love the blanket but how do you finish so quickly!! I have just finished the Christmas wreath and it is so colourful. Please visit my blog to see it - everyone loves it both crafters and non-crafters!

Have a great family Christmas and New Year and my best wishes and my thanks for your website that I discovered this year as I have made so many lovely things from it.


How inspiring. I hadn't heard of the CAL you mentioned but now I really want to make one after I finish all my Christmas projects.


I'm loving my cosy blanket and even though I'm quite far behind we are now on school holidays here in Australia so I see lots oqf opportunity to get ahead!! I love your edging and it's finished the whole blanket off beautifully :)

Lyn Zalk

Just so lovely and cozy as always... your color selections never cease to excite and inspire!!! I hope that You are beyond the worst of your cold and feeling icky!!!! <3 Thanx for all of your talent colorliciousness and generosity!
Lyn~ xox

Dorothy Hermes

Beautiful edging! I did make a blankie with the rest of the crowd but I used a lot of my own colors as well as your choices(about 1/2 of the colors were from your ideas). However, it turned out so very pretty and I am so pleased. I don't have a camera so can't post pictures but am so proud of it. Maybe another CAL for next year? This has been great fun!


Sensational!!! The beautiful colors of the border are the icing on the cake. You have such a great eye for color, Lucy. And, I love that you still have your cozy studio to go to where you can crochet your heart away. xoxo

Robin Summers

The edging is lovely. The Meadow on the edge reminds me of the fluffy lettuce, Fresia I think it is called. It will be a bit before I get to the edge work. Right now I am working on my Jolly Chunky bag, the May wreath, The Bower bird and wreath, The beautiful Flower Decoration owls, bunnies and suns. I have never had more fun in all my life. The wonderful colors and your blog and the way you decribe things just makes my heart sing. Not to mention I am just so happy making all the patterns that you so unselfishly share with everyone!! Lots of squishy hugs to you and the family.

Kathryn at Crafternoon Treats

Lovely to see your finished blanket and the edging looks great (even though I really don't like meadow much...). I did add one stripe as I had some for completeness but I am doing something a bit different with the border. I finished my last colour stripe earlier this evening, so full steam ahead on the finishing now. I've loved been part of this CAL - I hope you will think about doing another sometime in 2015 xxx Kathryn


Now that your blanket is finished how about a change - I know you sometimes do crafty stuff with your children - here are a few links to make some cute things.



Under the freebie section Lia has some great ideas.


Love the edging and getting very excited about starting a blanket with my Christmas present of cosy colours! Happy Christmas.

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