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December 07, 2014


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I’m making this blanket now and loving every minute of it. Thanks, Lucy.

Shelby Crank

Did you end at row 91? I’m currently on row 78 and curious how many rows I need for it to be the right size. Ps I am absolutely in love with this pattern and will continue to make them in different color schemes for all of our family 🥰 I did order the yarn you suggested and I am obsessed!

Wendy vdB

Just gorgeous. I’ve ordered some yarn and am thinking about using this pattern for my temperature blanket although I think it will turn out way too long if I do trebles. Do you have any suggestions?



Sharon Jordan

Hi Lucy! Love the blanket. I'm just getting started. I ordered the yarn kit and absolutely love the colors!! Problem is, I'm doing something wrong? Maybe someone else has had this problem? On the turning rows I'm losing stitches. After about the 6th row it is getting shorter on the turning end. Can you help me?

Cherie Shirey

Absolutely gorgeous afghan! The color selections are perfect; I often use the same color choices I see in different projects that I especially love and this is definitely a perfect combination to work with!

I hope to be able to follow you often; your abilities are very impressive!

Johanna, Finland

The blancet is beautiful!


I really love the color choices. It's vibrant and cheerful!


I feel like a big kid carrying around her blankie! It has become my favorite. I did order the pack. I love the petrol color as I have not found just the right shade of teal blue here in the U.S.


This has been such a fun project to work on. Thank you so much for the inspiration. I cannot wait to see how the border turns out!

Anne Baselt

I can't wait for you to learn to read patterns and then go on a doily binge! It's really fun. Love your photos and warm, sunny disposition.


I love this blanket, but have a question, which shows I am still learning about crochet.
At the end of row 7 it says chain 3 and turn, and at the beginning of row8 it says chain 3. Doesnt that give me 6 chains connected to each other?
Thank you for sharing your beautiful projects with us.


Lovely, lovely lovely and I can't wait to start mine. Love the photo where you have made it into a Swiss roll effect as it shows off the colours beautifully. I hate the cold though it is an excuse to be cuddly under a blanket!!

Robin Summers

Oh Lucy your blanket has turned out spectacular. I am way behind the rest of everyone else with a measely 14 rows. I love the colors and the pleasure of watching my blanket grow. My colors are as close to yours as I could get but I am quite happy with them. I ordered the pack for the jolly chunky tote bag and I can't wait to start that. I can't wait to see what will be happening in the Attic after the border is finished. I know it will be absolutely fabulous!!


Love this blanket Im on row 46 and mine is growing large be it 68cm too wide but I love it. cant wait to see what border you choose I love all the colours so I couldn't pick Thanks again for this Cal I will be making another blanket straight after this one Now off back to cosy time

Liz Sawyer

Well done Lucy, the blanket looks lovely. I was due to start mine after Christmas but had a train journey last week so managed 4rows and longing to get back to it asap. Hope you are well again soon. Thank you for sharing. Liz x

Pam Roach

Please do take care of yourself. Always doubly hard as a 'mom'. Your blanket is stunning! Can't wait to give my four ripples as Christmas gifts to my daughter and 3 granddaughters very soon. Thank YOU!


Its turned out really well Luce - gorgeous colours. I am rather envious of your very straight edges - mine are definitely more wibbly wobbly! Up to stripe 50 now and really needed a dose of comfort blanket last night after an unplanned trip to hospital with my son in Sheffield to a fracture clinic. All OK though, not as bad as they first thought... Crochet certainly helps to soothe away worry. Looking forward to seeing the border :p xxx Kathryn


There is a definite earthiness about those colours, not just your projection onto it! My living room is also turning into a nest with blankets, throws, duvets at the ready.

Great to come home to after a cold rollercoaster day out of a day like we had!


Loving the look of this blanket, such beautiful stripes! It almost makes me want to belatedly join the CAL... But no, I already have a gazillion WIPs leading up to Christmas! Thanks for sharing and get well soon :)


What a sight for sore eyes, Lucy! It's looking just gorgeous. Do hope you feel better soon. xx


Beautiful. I do appreciate your color choices.
Hope the resident germs are on their way and don't return.


Sending You "Get Well" Wishes, Lucy!! Your Cosy Blanket is GORgeous as all your blankets are!!! I don't think I could say which is more pretty... each are so unique, and fabulous in your choice of colors, which to me is the best part of hooking! I thank you for sharing... I check many times a day to see if you posted something new! I LOve and look forward to being a part of your colorful life...
Thank You for bringing smiles and Happy thoughts... and GReat crochet to my world... Hugs xxx


Beautiful! I just love the pattern and the vibrant colors. Can't wait to see it with the border on.
Feel better, sweet Lucy.

Marsha Gibbons

I love your blanket. It is wonderful. But what really got me excited were the clothespins with wrapped yarn. They would make the coolest framed art.

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