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December 10, 2014


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Lizy Tish

Just beautiful!

Videa Hubbard

I declare you are the Queen of Wreaths Natural
or crocheted XXXXXX

Carol aka Dansnan

I could see a small version of this being worn by a bride in a simple white shift, a necklace of daisies around her neck, carrying a posy of wild flowers as she walks barefooted to her wedding in a woodland glade. Simply beautiful.
I just read your post about your fantastic nature collection. I hadn't heard of Sarah Lugg but I will soon know more as I zipped over to Amazon and found a copy of her book for 16p!
Thank you, Lucy, for these two lovely posts.
Carol xx

Carolyn Dietrich

I think it is lovely. Very simple and natural and beautiful. There is beauty in nature even when it's past it's prime and you've showcased it beautifully.


That is so beautiful! I've wanted to make a wreath for my front door and this really inspires me! <3


It's wonderful. Thanks for showing how you created it. You made it look so easy. Know that's only because of your talent. So beautiful. Sorry your family doesn't appreciate it. Tell them you have people all over the world who think it is beautiful. A "gathered wreath" it is. Someday...


Very funny last few lines! Children can be so scathing can't they?
You know it's a celebration of nature and art with found items, so that's the main thing.,tee hee.

Tina Vincent

I love the 'dead things' wreath but your descriptions of the making and the family's reactions did make me laugh.


I think it is very lovely and understand you interest completely. Always a delight to read your posts.
Please continue with your creativity!!

Denise Marshall

You're not alone Lucy in your love of "dead things", I think your wreath is absolutely beautiful. xx


I do love your natural wreath - I always think it's great to be able to bring a little bit of nature inside!

Karen Lizzie

Sometimes we are left feeling our families are philistines! Wreaths like yours are hugely expensive to buy and as you discovered it is not too difficult to produce something wonderful and individual. I expect you will make a new one every year, although dried wreaths often last longer than we expect. Such a lovely thing.




I liked your idea of using garden wire and yarn to make your wreath. I must remember to try something like this myself next Autumn. Thank you for the idea. I like all the subtle colours of the feathers and "dead" things - I prefer to think of it as "faded grandeur".

Mama Bear

I like your wreath too, Lucy! It reminds me of when I was a wee girl and my siblings and I would gather green twigs for my dai and older brothers to "chin" (carve) into "biven luliya" (wooden flowers). I loved watching them make them, shaving the strips of green wood into crysanthemum posies. They were very simple but I thought they were lovely. Just like your wreath - handmade from nature! By the way my cosy blanket is coming along - very slowly - but it is growing! It will be finished before the end of the winter I hope. Love, Rubekah x


Oh, you have gathered some lovely things for your sweet fairy wreath. How delicate and lovely!

Wishing all at Number 24 a joyful Yuletide x


It's beautiful. I think I may have to try this next year.


a pheasant feather! how marvelous!

maryanne holm

Delicate, beautiful and peaceful. It reflects you perfectly.


This is just one of the most lovely wreathes I have ever seen, so delicate and pretty. I love your blog, Lucy! xx

Cathy at The House with The Blue Door

It's beautiful, delicate and fairy-like. It will look lovely all year, I think. Well done :)
Cathy x


Oh my gosh! I am in love with those secret drawers!!!!!!! This is the first time I have seen them. My heart is pounding! WANT THOSE DRAWERS!!!! What an amazing way to store your treasures. And your treasures are amazing. It was so smart of you to keep them all. Wow. And I do love your wreath creation. So beautiful. It brings nature inside!!!
THANK YOU for sharing all that you do!


Beautiful. So understated...love it.


Love the wreath. Is something that gives pleasure to even one person useless? I think not! I can really get your joy at having something that reminds you of a pleasurable time gathering and creating. When the weather settles down a bit (really cold, windy and the occasional hail storm at the moment) I must get in the garden and forage!

Laura from beautiful West Michigan

Ignore the little critics! It's beautiful. So delicate and I love the subtle colors. You are a talented and creative lady!

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