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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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November 28, 2014


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Kate Beverley

Sounds like a lovely week - I love the calendars, I think I would like one too! I decorated my Christmas twigs this weekend! They look magical with rosehips arching out of the vase and all my favourite little decorations hanging off it. Keep up the cosy festive feelings :)


Posts like these are my favourite kind, full of seasonal everyday-ness, and just a happy kind of busy pottering. Your town's Christmas lights are WAY classier than mine. ;-) And I enjoyed our lady date very much indeed, it's always so lovely to catch up with you face to face.

By the way, I am now totally blaming you for the fact that I want to make a poncho this Christmas... xx


This week looked like a gorgeous week - that cafe looks perfect :)

jane oliver

Lucy, i just ordered the cozy pack, having the coastal and cottage packs already waiting in my yarn tubs. Yes my yarn fills up large plastic tubs!!!!. But i couldn't resist your color assortment. I finished the granny stripe last spring and have a lot of yarn left over, so i am making a smaller neat ripple with that yarn first. I also want to tell you how much i love seeing pictures of your part of the world. i want to see what's out there beyond your attic and through your camera lens. i first looked at your blog for the crochet and was mesmerized by your photography. Jane


I had the good fortune to be a crocheting car passenger this week, and it made the journey so enjoyable! Thank goodness I don't get motion sick! I don't know if I would be able to accomplish much if I were on a train in your part of the world, as everything looks so picturesque. Wishing you a warm and cosy rest of your weekend.


I love, love, love that I know exactly what it feels like to sit upstairs in Coopers with crafty friends!! I love the light and the table and the rainbow of felt balls on the fireplace! Thank you for sharing!

Calli Bradley

If ever I need to go somewhere with work, I mostly get the train, citing that it is cheaper and more efficient than driving or flying - the truth, it gives me an opportunity to do some crochet or knitting ;o) Thank you for another lovely post. Need to get back into my blog.

Barb Richardson Waterworth

Oh Lucy, I love reading your blog and listening to your perspective. Hope to visit you and your studio in the spring


So many happies, loving the look of you're advent calender
Clare xx

Winwick Mum

Tiptree blackberry and apple jelly is the stuff of childhood memories! Mmm! xx


Thank you for sharing those lovely photos. Happy weekend! (or what's left of it...) xxx

Charlotte Pountney

A lovely post, thank you for brightening my week too! I enjoyed many of these things too, but had not thought to count my blessings...now I will


Lucy I need to thank you because, using your blog, I have finally, finally learnt to crochet. I am now the very proud owner of an enormous ( got so excited I got a bit carried away with the chain, and I'm using chunky wool so, well, yes, not really crocheting along but should catch up by next Christmas!!) soft, thick, colourful piece of stripedy happiness! It makes my heart sing . Thankyou..
Sarah xxx


Lucy, I enjoyed your post very much this morning. We are back from a visit with family for Thanksgiving (I am in Alabama). While driving to and fro, we saw many little towns decorated. It makes them so pretty. We plan to start our very own decorating today and tomorrow. Currently I am sitting under my very own cosi blanket that is about 3 ft or 1 meter long, but as it is very wide, I can cover my feet with one end while working on the other. Have a good day all. If yoh are here in the states, happy football rivalry weekend!

Melanie @ M&M

I am SO envious of your advent calendar! Wish I could find something like that here in the states. Thanks so much for all the joy and color you bring to my world.


Always enjoy your snippets of life and gorgeous photos. Thank you.

Jean viserta

I love the way you appreciate and love life, Lucy. You are such an inspiration to me.

Ann Hughes

I love your posts Lucy, uplifting as always. Thank you Xx

Lindsey Toms

Lovely post and a busy week, but it sounded and looks so peaceful :) I have been getting on with my beautiful ripple blanket, I posted a photo on FB and my friend saw it and ordered her own pack, she has just begun and sent a photo to her sister who is now going to order hers! Its so easy and restful to make, I ma loving it. Thank you so much!

Pam Roach

I just love when you post! What a beautiful week!!! Enjoy your very own Advent calendar!!!


Well we are in the final throes of spring here in New Zealand...and enjoying the warmer temperatures. I had to tell you that I have just finished the crochet edging on a blanket I have knitted for one of our daughters. I used your granny blanket edging with just one round of the setting chains and I am thrilled to bits with it. Thank you so much for your generosity. By the way, I also love the crocheted gloves!

Sigi G

As much as I detested cleaning the wood stove - I do miss it in our new home. The smell always made the whole home cozy-like! Love how your town decorates with all those lights! Hmmmm - the idea of my own advent calendar sounds great - I'm usually more excited than the kids too!


Even in my sixties I get excited about Christmas.... and I always have one advent calendar at least, as my dearest friend Doris, sends me a small one each year and has done since we no longer lived near each other, which is many years now. Loving seeing your photos Lucy.


Hello Lucy! I loved so much hearing about your week in your neck of the woods!


I am more than excited for the Advent season to start. My husband and I are bringing out our Christmas decorations. I love your photos and reading about your life!

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