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November 20, 2014


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Lynda M Otvos

It cannot possibly be four years since Little Man's gingerbread cookie decorating extravaganza ?~! Wow, where have the years gone, she asks wonderingly....

Very cute little cookies, isn't it wonderful when the efforts we make are so very well received. Happy Holiday-making, Lucy,to you and the family.

Farrah Lily

Heavenly...shortbread goes so well with tea! So buttery and delish :)

Angela-Southern USA

My first thought when I saw this post was of L. M's. "boy" biscuits! ;D (When I thought my girls zombie biscuits were over the top.) The mini ones are adorable, and I love the tiny hearts. It is that time of year, we'll be making some next month a tradition for sure in our house (we use a drinking glass to roll them out with.) I too enjoy baking with the kids, but at times I like to have it all to myself as well (definitely not as messy.); )I had that pleasure recently, except in was a red velvet cake with Oreo cream cheese frosting. Yum! With Thanksgiving this coming Thursday here in the States, more baking to be done, a pecan pie for sure. Happy baking!

Pam Roach

You're such fun!!!!


I can smell the aroma of them baking. Yum!
Now...to microwave the fridge cold butter, or put it on the radiator! x

Sigi G

I too would rather not use my rolling pin (or beaters). Though I love to bake and cook - recipes with 'simple' tools are my favorite.
Thank you for this 1.2.3. shortbread recipe. I think it will become our favorite cookie - all year 'round!
Just love your little gingerbread 'boy' cookies!

Lunch Lady Jan

I've only been following your blog for a year or so, so had to check out the Boy Biscuit Balls!! As a mum of two lads, I can completely identify with the lavatorial humour that starts early and is till present now (21 and 18!!) Thanks for a great read and a good laugh :-)
LLJ xx


Love those little red hearts! For a different type of dinky little snack altogether, how about this?!!

Sarah west mids uk

Dear Lucy I love biscuit cutters. I think I have some christmas tree cutters that I had from M&S a couple of years ago. Shortbread biscuits in the shape
of christmas trees would be great for the upcoming festive season. So this afternoon I'ii have a trial run!! look forward to crochet post on Sunday xx
PS Yes I remember the biscuits little man made. Rude Cooking!!


Do you use salted or unsalted butter? They look so cute. Thanks for the super simple recipe.


I haven't made shortbread for years. Might have to have a go! They look yummy and my grandchildren would love them. Thanks Lucy and have a gentle weekend.


Am having my quite 1/2hr eating breakfast after dropping my not so little little man off at college bus to find this post I shall be thinking about shortbread all day but what a good start to Friday a new Lucy post
Thamk you for brightening my day.


I will have to try this recipe! I make buttery, sugary, shaped cookies that my family looks forward to every Christmas. Only thing, the recipe and method is much more involved. Would love to get them hooked on something simpler.


Oh, I never realized that shortbread cookies were so simple to make! I Am going to have to have a go at this Friday afternoon!
Thank so much for the inspiration!

Teresa at knitbakecultivate

These are cute. Shortbread is always a winner, and the shapes just make them more fun. I made gluten free shortbread with GF plain flour and they were just as good, you can't tell the difference.


Ooooh, I'm with the commenter above -- please dish on the decorations! The heart sprinkles are the best. Would love to track down a source!

Also, snigger, indeed!

Anne Marie

I love shortbread too and hate using a rolling pin, in fact I use a clean wine bottle for the hell of it even though I have rolling pin.

Also have a great oaty biscuit recipe called Priory Biscuits taken from a magazine about 40 years ago (I am getting on a bit!).

I decided to start a cozy blanket and I'm just at the end of the third colour and think I'll need to get a couple of balls of different colours. It looks great and I'm thrilled with the neatness of it.


Yay! Another Lucy recipe to try. I love the oaty cookies and fruity flapjacks.
Know what you mean about keeping a good ingredients stock...I made a real crazy Xmas cake - thought I had what I needed and didn't. It looks fine and smells delish, so the proof of the pudding and all that!! (Even had to use SR flour!! Doh!)


Do you know what, Lucy? A photo of those Shortbread Little People in your previous post gave me a serious case of the cravings, and I went and bought a little-man-shaped cookie cutter (or, more precisely, a set of them in various sizes)! Thanks for sharing, it looks delicious!


I was just about to say "silver balls?"and then I noticed your PPS. My youngest son has had a thing about silver balls (and gold ones) ever since I showed him that first gingerbread man blog post of yours. I think I know what we will be making again this weekend...

Linda B

Inspired to make them at the weekend, lovely. Just practising for Xmas treats.


I remember baking with my pre-schooler as well, in that brief afternoon hour. But like you, I bake on my own if they are at school now. The shortbread men look delicious, I can imagine how popular they were. Bet there aren't many left now! CJ xx


I've been making these since u posted then picture and recipe a few days ago. They are a huge hit. My son did medium stars and has been having them in his pack lunch and supper. Great and simple.


Sorry - no time to comment. Off to make shortbread. Looks so easy (I'm lazy in the kitchen).

niki murray

They are fab Lucy, I have the gingerbread family cutters, great fun xx

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