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November 03, 2014


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I read somewhere that if you soak your pumpkin in bleach and water it will last longer. Sorry can not remember the ratio. Sounds a bit pongy, as I hate the smell of bleach and it makes me sick


Some bright spark in our local supermarket turned a butternut squash into a Minion for Halloween, complete with tiny dungarees an jam jar lids for eyes! Will definitely try the ice cream scoop next time - I really loathe scooping out the innards.

Elaine Buckley

Oh Lucy!! How delightful to see your creative talents have no limits!
It's lovely to see that you have taken the time to do something that you enjoy and still gives pleasure to many others.
Stay strong & keep smiling. XX


They look lovely, these pumpkins. We don't do Halloween overhere, but last year I got a pumpkin from a friend and I made soup and chutney from it. The chutney still lasts, very tastful!

Mandy Mills

Beautiful xxx


Oh Lucy you have done it again, off I go in search of a little fat butternut squash. When oh when will my ironing ever get done ;)

Winwick Mum

What beautiful pumpkins! There seem to have been some very elaborate ones around the internet this year and i've loved seeing them xx


They are lovely! So uplifting. Funny about the pumpkin pie - we had the same in our house a couple of years ago! The only person who really liked it was Mr F because he doesn't like really sweet things! 😄


Do you know Lucy, I didn't like pumpkin pie either, until my son trawled the internet and devised his own, which was delicious, now I am a convert. We used a ginger biscuit base and instead of the Carnation milk we used semi-skimmed. I do think though that pumpkin pie is an acquired taste. Soup is delicious.

Jean green

How was the pumpkin pie?


Like others have said, most pumpkin pies aren't actually made of pumpkin. It's crazy but no one thinks 'squash pie' sounds as yummy I guess so they get called pumpkin pies. Your carved ones are beautiful nonetheless. :)


Oh it's so good to have you back Lucy. I've missed your happy creative posts while you've been away.
Even in dark times, you find happiness and pleasure in the small everyday things and how sweet and caring the LP are.


Gorgeous !! I am still in awe of your artistic talents!!

Jackie Farrow

Love them both. Maybe pumpkin soup would be the go. I love pumpkin soup, or roast pumpkin with your dinner. I would like to do one of these next year. I'm on holiday in the UK at the moment. Seem lots of pumpkins foe sale. Halloween is not so big in Australia.


Wonderful pumpkin and butternut squash carvings, you are so arty, turning your hand to anything. I've got some squashes that have rather missed the Hallowe'en boat, but I'm sure the little people would still like a litle carving, I might give it a go. CJ xx

Carmela Biscuit

Wow, I'm so impressed by your carving skills. That's a piece of art!

Nadine G

Formidable !- j'adore passer sur votre blog très riche en créations diverses, (balades, crochet, jardinage et décoration) oui vous êtes formidable.
Merci pour les bons moments que je passe avec vous. Bises


What wonderful pumpkins Lucy ~ they are truly a work of art. Can't say that I've ever tried pumpkin pie, but I really don't like the sound of it at all! Glad to see your blog getting back to normal after all the recent shenanigans too :0) xx


Very beautiful!

Anna-Marie Field

And what a skilled carver you are!!!!!!! Well done!!! They are just amazing!!! Have a super happy week!!!


Wow - I love your owl pumpkin and birdy squash! We went down the more conventional route and did a witch on a broomstick but I'm wishing that we'd been a bit more imaginative now - maybe next year! I've only had pumpkin pie once - last year at a Thanksgiving Dinner in Oxford. I actually really liked it - maybe it's a personal taste or maybe it does depend on the type of pumpkin. I've noticed cans of pumpkin puree in the supermarket, so I may have a go at making at at some point. Have a good week. x

Daisy Bumble

The key to enjoying pumpkin pie - bury it under loads of fluffy whipped cream. :)


Goodness gracious! Not ever in 29 years has anybody told me it was possible to carve a butternut squash and I just bought one yesterday. Obviously that meal is getting bumped up to tomorrow so I can have a go at a sweet little candle holder like yours. How exciting! (Although trying to keep the small ones away from my carving tools will prove to me quite tricky, I'm sure.) Thank your for all your delightful posts but especially for this one but no, for all of them.

Despite reading your blog for the past who knows how many years - five, I think - I've never commented before but I loooooooove your blog and I check it nearly every day (sometimes more than once) even when you say you're going away. Just in case. Thank you for all the time you spend writing this blog and I hope you never really cater to us. This is *your* blog and it should always remain so. The moment it doesn't feel like yours any more, you should stop, even though I would miss your presence terribly. You are wonderful.


I am a faithful and long-time reader from Texas, U.S.A. I want to tell you thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your work and happy things on your blog. You have brightened my day many, many times. I wish for all good things for your and you family. Hugs to you from "across the pond". :)

Teresa Kasner

Wow, you did a magnificent job on both your pumpkin and squash! The one with the Ginkgo leaves blew me away. Enjoy your glowing lantern.
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

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