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November 03, 2014


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even though it won't last as long...it looks just lovely :)


So sorry about your pumpkin pie. As an American, I've grown up on the pie and it is one of my favorites. Might I encourage you to try again? But this time, use this recipe https://www.verybestbaking.com/recipes/18470/libbys-famous-pumpkin-pie/ This is the quintessential American Pumpkin pie--on our tables every Thanksgiving. And you can't just scoop out the innards of the pumpkin...if you don't use canned pumpkin (abundant on our grocery shelves) you bake the whole pumpkin and then peel off the rind. Puree the flesh and use 2 cups in the recipe. Yummy!
Loved your lanterns---what a sculptor you are!


You are so creative and your pumpkins are wonderful. As to the pie filling. Here in the US the pumpkins grown for Halloween carving are of a different variety than the ones used for pie making. I believe the pie making ones are smaller and sweeter. One thing your kids might like is to roast the pumpkin seeds with lots of kosher salt. We used to make them when the kids were younger and everyone loved it. Just pick out the seeds and put them on a baking sheet with a little oil and salt and bake. Yummy!


Love the candle squash - that'd be a good idea for a Thanksgiving decoration - obviously that wouldn't be needed in the UK but here in the US, it's given me some stellar thanksgiving décor ideas! THANKS. And nice carving.


Loving the table lantern!! Have you tried a pumpkin teabread? My brood love it and they don't care for p-pie either.


Gorgeous! Or should I say, gourd-geous!


Magical and fantastic! I even like the sound of the over-gingered, under-sweetened pumpkin pie - just for the making of it!

Angela-Southern USA

Oh how wonderful they turned out Lucy! Bravo! I've never thought about the lino cutters! Over the years I've just used knives and such when all the while I had lino cutters in the craft room, Duh!(I will definitely use them next year!) I love the one with the ginkgo leaves, I think I'll try that with a gourd and my air carver for a more permanent one. Thanks for the inspiration. Pumpkin pie recipes, it can be hard to find one you like, but worth it when you do (and the right pumpkin). Plenty of pumpkins to be found here and on sale too. Enjoy!


while i am not carving a butternut, i am planning to make this roasted butternut innards dish today.
maybe it wil come in handy for you.



You can preserve pumpkins by spraying them with a bleach and water solution. Think it might be 1 part bleach to 3 parts water but you may want to look that up. Your squash looks so sweet. Well done x


I had exactly the same reaction when I made pumpkin pie a couple of years ago. Everybody was very quiet until I said "ooh thats horrible" and then they all quickly agreed. I make pumpkin soup every year and we all love it.
Your pumpkin carving is wonderful, you are so talented.

Sue in Marion, Indiana

We Americans do love our pumpkin pie...but all pumpkins are not created equal for pie-making. The only time I baked a pie from a fresh pumpkin it was pretty...bleahh. Over here, they grow small, sweet "sugar pumpkins" for baking. I just stick to canned. And I always make a ginger snap cookie crumb crust. YUM!!!!!!
Pastry crust tends to get soggy. And if the filling isn't spiced just right, it really is not tasty. Pumpkin muffins are delicious!


Thank you for this beautiful discovery of carved pumpkins, I do not know anything .. !!


Lovely lanterns Lucy! Must have a go myself next year. Another use for pumpkin apparently is for helping your cat go to the loo! Tried it on my Mollie though and she just turned her nose up and looked at me as if to say - "Do you expect me to eat this?!" -(as usual). Naughty spoiled cat! Now I just use tiny amounts and squish it into her food. Sorry - getting off track here......

Begonvilli Ev

Wonderful!! I love pumpkin. Your owl pumpkin is so cute.

Jean viserta

Lucy, I absolutely love your pumpkin carvings. You are very artistic. I just discovered your blog just before you closed your attic window. I'm so glad I found it. It's very heartwarming with my morning coffee. I must have discovered you on Pinterest. It was probably a crochet pin that I saw that lead me to you. I, too, am an avid crocheter. My mom taught me when I was just a little girl. I made long chains while she made her beautiful doilies. I have graduated to doilies and afghans, etc. now. Looking forward to your next blog. Thanks for making me smile each day.


So cool! I never would have thought to carve them so intricately. This year my pumpkins stayed whole so I could keep them a bit longer and because it was so windy they never would've stayed lit. I am also not a fan of pumpkin pie, but I absolutely love pumpkin spice muffins! Ree at the Pioneer Woman blog has a great recipe, with optional frosting :)

Carrie B.

Absolutely fabulous carving! We always carve a basic pumpkin face and now that my kiddos are older they did all their own carving this year with the little carving kits we have here in the States. Be easy on yourself and make your pie with canned pumpkin - same end product with less work. I always use the recipe on the can but I prefer all the spices to 'pumpkin pie spice' blend. And don't forget the whipped cream - although we prefer 'Cool Whip' in our family! :)

Carole C

Wow...your carvings are fabulous ,Lucy ! I didn't get a pumpkin this year...I was out shopping on Friday ,but it completely slipped my mind....sieve head these days :)
Last year I carved one ,but the soup I made from the ' innards' was decidedly gloopy and despite the addition of various spices,still seemed quite bland .After lengthy washing and de- stringing ,I tried roasting the seeds to have as a savoury snack...but these were just foul too ,so joined the soup in the bin !
I stick to tried and tested butternut squash for soup now ...and buy my pumpkin seeds :)


Just beautiful, I especially like the 'non-Halloween' one!! Sometimes it is the simple things that make you the happiest. Sweet Lucy, you so deserve happiness at the moment. XX


We didn't do a pumpkin. My husband carved a watermelon! He called it a Jack O Melon. It turned out pretty cool.

crafty mena

bravo on the pumpkins

the pie is an acquired taste-so not dispair

oxoxoxxcrafty mema

ann clements

lovely to have you back in the attic and the pictures of your pumpkin and your butternut squash lantern are lovely, I have never carved a pumpkin or had pumpkin pie but I may try it next year if I am brave enough

Sew Create It - Jane

Great carvings!! you did a wonderful job... As an aside I might have the reason why your pumpkin pie didn't taste too great. There are in fact 2 types of pumpkin..carving ones and eating ones. The carving ones are big and watery and have very little flavour where as the eating ones are small and tasty...more like butternut squash. If you shop at Sainsbury's they actually label each one differently.."carving" and "edible" I had a friend who grew pumpkins for the first time and tried to make soup with the oversized gourds and then ran me in horror when the soup wasn't tasty..it's an easy mistake. :o)


Lucy, I found this on Pintrest and thought of you:

How to keep carved pumpkin longer...after clean out inside and carve, dip in bucket of water and add bleach. 1 tsp per gallon. Dry upside down. Once completely dry, brush a solution of 2 tablespoons of vinegar and 1tsp of lemon juice in a quart of water

Should help with all your carvings!

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