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November 03, 2014


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Rudi O

Did you know that in the US we use a special type of pumpkin for pie? It's called a 'Sweet' or 'Pie' Pumpkin. They're smaller than the carving ones & quite a bit tastier!

Great pumpkin carving skills!!!


A very pretty pumpkin Lucy. We did them too. The girls followed patterns which were very intricate, but sadly they fell apart. So we had to start again and do traditional faces. These worked well.
Sending hugs.

Thomasina Tittlemouse

Your pumpkin lanterns are so beautiful! Love them! I completely agree with you about pumpkin pie - pumpkin muffins on the other hand - To Die For! The recipe I have devised for these takes a lot of beating, though I say it myself - it's in my post here http://mrsthomasinatittlemouse.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/cinderella-slippers-and-pumpkins.html
Scroll past the slippers and encounter pumpkin heaven! I don't know how grating excavated pumpkin bits would work but you could probably get more than enough out of the bigger scooped out pieces put through a hand grater or a grater attachment on a food processor. Try it - I bet neither you nor the family will be disappointed! Lots of love E xx


That is pretty darn cool!!!

Cathy at The House with The Blue Door

Who'd have thought that carved pumpkins could be so inspiring? Yours are absolutely beautiful! I've made a few pumpkin pies over the years, and my three children hated it when they were little, but love it now they're grown up. The recipe I've used includes brown sugar, cream, cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger. Interesting to read others' comments about canned pumpkin - I'll have to give that a try :)
Cathy x

Jen Y

Beautiful! How inspiring. :)

I'm not much of a pumpkin carver but I read an idea recently I'd like to try. Sprinkle cinnamon inside your carved pumpkin & it's supposed to give off a yummy scent as the candle burns.

thanks for sharing


Your pumpkin carving is just beautiful, love it! Thank you for sharing.


Beautiful. .I don't think I can carve to save my life lol


I love your blog. Remember: it's yours to do with as you wish. As for the rest: live and learn. It's a life lesson. Keep it up! You're the best! Crochet people all over the world have to hang together.--Louise from Canada


Loving the carvings!!! And isn't it nice to have something to look forward to about the darker evenings!!

I'm not a fan of pumpkin pie either. I like the idea of it but it just wasn't my cup of tea. I tend to prefer the taste of pumpkin that has been roasted (and then maybe made into soup, or eaten as is) I think the Pumpkin and Ginger tea loaf could be worth a try though!!!


Your pumpkin and your squash look wonderful but not liking pumpkin pie??? I wonder if your recipe had condensed milk in like the one I use? All of my children happily devoured my pie as did I with no compaints. Let me know if you want a copy of our version :-) x

Monika Holzschuh

I was not upset that you did not get to telling us more about Yarndale sooner, just very curious! I really enjoyed all the pics - how beautiful it looks! Thank you for making such a world-wide creative idea a reality! I certainly don't want my mandala back - I know with you it's in good hands!
Take good care


Wonderful love it


Quel talent Lucy !!!!


Hi Lucy. Love pumpkin pie, but, I do admit, it's an acquired taste. Didn't like it as a child. At all. Sweet potato pie tastes similar, but stronger. I guess that's Really and acquired taste!


These are all wonderful! I had to giggle about the pumpkin pie. I wonder if your family would enjoy sweet potato pie--it's milder and sweeter than pumpkin. And use a light hand with the ginger. :) Cinnamon would be lovely though. ♡♡♡ to your family for thinking of you and their kindness!

Angela-Southern USA

Saw this and thought you'd like it too.
Have a good one!


This post thrilled me to bits. Loved the pumpkin/squash carvings. But I laughed out loud when I read that you and your family didn't like the pumpkin pie. I was beginning to think you were super-human - master crocheter, creative blogger, fantastic Yarndale organizer, super cook... That little anecdote just reminded me that you're a real person and not everything turns out perfectly. And I mean that as a true compliment. :) Thank you for sharing your life with us.

Louise Gilbert

Fabulous, I love carving pumpkins for Halloween and always do something a little special, this year it was Tinkerbell and Gru & Minions so not at all scary. I use a pumpkin carving set which is a bit cheap and nasty and spent ages on Amazon looking for a new set of tools, I ended up buying the same ones again as they have lasted a number of years, but now I've seen your lino tools I've bought them as well! I love the effect of carving the rind off but leaving the flesh but never managed it before, so thanks for the heads-up and I'll be even more creative next year!
P.S. I know its sacrilege but I throw the pumpkin flesh away, every time I've tried to make something its been revolting!!!!


loving the carvings Lucy ... well done you!! I got Dave to do our pumpkin last week, I did the drawing and he did the carving ... we ended up with a rather boss eyed Mr Pumpkin - but hey ho. Happy Hallowe'en :-)Xx lots of love Joy Xx


Wow they are so lovely I'm a little bit in love with them, I wasn't well enough to carve one this year but my fab nephew carved one for me, so tempting though and I do have a Butternut Squash coming with tomorrows online shop...
Clare xx


It's worth noting that pumpkins grown and sold for carving are not usually as tasty for eating as they've been bred for appearance. You might enjoy pumpkin pie more with an eating-otiented variety more.


Isn't it great with the creative urge just hits you? Lovely pumpkin/squash!


Oh my goodness adorable and what kind gesture. Love the squash - what a clever idea xx

Diane Pearce

Inspirational. Thank you.

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