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November 03, 2014


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Trish Geisler

Hello Lucy. I have just come across "Attic 24". I was looking for Autumn Leaf crochet "recipes", and found your so Beautiful creations! you are such a warm and wonderful writer, it warmed my heart. I copied all the patterns for the leaves, and then came across the Gorgeous pumpkins, so they ended up in my folder too!!. I am looking foreward to trying the patterns. (I had better finish the scarves I am in the middle of!.) Much love and very big Thank you from your newest Fan from "Down under". Trish From Adelaide South Australia, Land of Oz


Just beautiful! What do you do with the empty pumpkins after they've outlived their life as lanterns? Are they still good to chop up and eat, say, roasted or boiled into soup?

Lizy Tish

I'm woefully behind on your blog - but I love your owl pumpkin!!!!!! I'm very into owls these days and yours is just wonderful. I tried a lino cutter pumpkin myself last year and it was so much fun.

Jamie Saphow

So...is there anything you can't do? Those are beautiful, thanks for sharing!


Lucy, these are amazing!! I've always found pumpkin carving a thankless task, but clearly I have the wrong tools. Lino cutter! Who knew. Your creations are beautiful. xx


That pumpkin is fabulous! Love all those designs :)

Merran Phillips

You could try pumpkin fritters, they are very good. Here's a recipe you could tweak http://www.ivillage.com/pumpkin-fritters/3-r-72722


Another vote for canned pumpkin. My grandmother was a wonderful pie maker. She was a great 'from scratch' cook - but she told me one of the only times she'd use a can was pumpkin pie filling.

As well, you don't have to make a pie - you can just bake the filling in ramekins with a bit of cream. Even better!


Wonderful pumpkins! Next time, you might like to try the classic American pumpkin pie recipe. You could substitute fresh pumpkin for the canned (did you use a pie pumpkin for your pie? - there are pumpkins grown for pies and pumpkins grown just for carving), but the canned is so easy.


I use regular milk in lieu of evaporated milk. Serve with whipped cream. It's a seasonal delight!

Phyllis Modgling

Lucy, I am so glad you had a wonderful time and were able to find healing in time with your Mother. The normalcy of being with family is healing. I'm sorry about the pumpkin pie. Here in the states we don't let "bad for you" stop us! Our pie mixture has a can of evaporated milk, eggs, sugar, pumpkin spice (a prepared combination of cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon). I think we put so much other stuff in it that it's not all that "Pumpkin-ey)! I love your carved squash! It would be soooo nice if it would retain its shape and dry so that you could use it again --- beautiful! You have mad talents!


Great carvings. We have some tools that make it easier to carve versus using a big butcher knife. We tack our paper down then poke with another tack along the outlines of the image. Then take the paper off and there are lines to follow when cutting.
Pumpkin pie is so good, not sweet but warm spicy. We just use canned pumpkin pie filling here. Or better yet Costco sells huge ones really cheap and they are just as good as homemade. Usually homemade is better but pumpkin pie and Nanamio bars are cheaper and just as good store bought.

Jilly Pigg

Hi Lucy
Glad your window is open again, love your blog.

Rarely comment about anything, and this isn't about your beautiful lanterns, but.... I had a brainwave with you in mind. What about a Mandala Beret? Lovely these cold mornings. Don't laugh!

With best wishes



Lucy ,
I forgot salt and pepper.
And also to say have a happy and safe bonfire night.
Have a nice day.


Hoi Lucy,
Clever girl.
A couple of years ago i grew my own pumkins. By the end of the season i had 27 pumkins, oops.
We carved some (when you buy new shoes you get those little sachets for moisture, well sprinkle them inside your pumkin it will last longer) .
Now with the flesh ( sounds gross). You will need

One medium pumkin. De fleshed.
One onion, fry this off.
Add flesh,
One teaspoon of curry powder. How strong is always personal taste.
One tin of coconut milk, bilzt this. With a staf or blender.
Now add one tin of sweet corn, with one litre of chicken stock.

This is good like this as a starter but mostly i make this soup for a main meal with one of your tasty breads.
So to make it a main meal i add 500g of cooked chicken.
You can bake it off fresh or maybe you have left overs.

If it is a left over carcas then boil that up for a couple of hours or in the slowcooker over night with a bay leave. This makes it even beter.
I hope i've made sense, its been along time since i've written so much english.
Feel free to ask ...

Hanneke maakt

I did not read all the comments, so maybe someone had already said it (and my english is not the best of the best, but oke, you probably will understand it). The first pumpkin you have carved is not really eatable. Well, it is eatable but nog the most tasty pumpkin. The butternut pumpkin is really tasty! I don't know if you have tried it? It is delicious for soup! In general are all pumpkins with a thick stalk eatable (and some with a small stalk, like the butternut). If you search on the internet, you will find a bunch of information about tasty pumkins!

PS, The carving looks nice!


I think pumpkin pie is an aquired taste, and if you didn't grow up with it you're probably not going to like it. I don't like it either and I feel the same about all the other pumpkin dishes that make an appearance at this time of year. However I love all other types of squash. Great job with the carving.


Hi Lucy and family! A week before Halloween my family got together and did pumpkins carvings, which went rather well! Everyone enjoyed it and did not rush through it. My niece made chicken stew, biscuits and pumpkin bread, she fed us well! My nephew lit the fire pit and we took our pumpkins outside to light them when the sun went down. I ended the evening with a fun spooky poem which I wrote, and everyone loved it. They said they felt like a kid again! It was a magical night! May be starting a new tradition....HAPPY HALLOWEEN! USA


Pumpkins and apples are my favorite fruits to bake with. If you don't like pumpkin pie (one of my favorites, but I grew up with it) there are always pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins (the bread in muffin cups for less baking time), pumpkin scones, pumpkin cake, pumpkin cookies -- the list goes on. If you have ever made zucchini bread and liked it you will like the other baked pumpkin treats. All the recipes I use are in American measurements, but you can always convert by weight.


Gorgeous pumpkins...I think you need to look for an American pumpkin pie recipe because the one I make is quite sweet and I have found when i make it here the Australians love it. It should be yummy and sweet and custardy. I just use any old pumpkin here...we don't usually get the big orange ones so I usually use the Queensland Blue. Am happy to pass my recipe on if you are game to have another go!

Susan M

The other thing about making pies from fresh pumpkins....there are pumpkins that are for pie making and then much bigger ones that aren't as good for pie. Our pumpkin farm always has the "pie" pumpkins separate from the others and marked as "pumpkins for pies".


Lucy they're fantastic, I don't carve pumpkins but I do like the 'fruit', I've froze it for later, made jam, soup and like it as a veg. I've never had pumpkin pie never fancied it.
What a lovely warm and snuggly post:)

Peg x


One of the things I like best about your blog is that you are from England and I live in a small farming community in southeastern Michigan. I found it so hard to believe that none of you had ever had pumpkin pie, as it's a fall favorite here in the states! I might suggest that you look for a pie pumpkin next fall and try it again. Carving pumpkins are not the kind you would use for making a pie :-)


Those pumpkins are just fabulous.

As for pumpkin pie, sometimes it is better to use canned pumpkin rather than the pumpkin you scoop out of a fresh pumpkin. Just a thought if you ever wanted to try a pumpkin pie again or pumpkin bread. Much easier to use and probably better tasting.


Pumpkin isn't really that delicious, no matter what you do with it! Pumpkin pie, even from a can, is only good with tons of whipped topping! And even then, its only good for one slice and then that's enough pumpkin for the year!
I did manage to make up a pumpkin pie dip earlier in October, which turned out alright, when eaten with Nilla Waffers! But even then it wasn't fantastic...just alright enough to eat with what is basically a cookie!


Fantastic! LOVE them both so very much!!

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