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November 03, 2014


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Dear Lucy, I'm an American who isn't a fan of pumpkin pie either. But like the other Americans who posted I know the small pumpkins (sugar pumpkins) are best to use to make the pie. I do like Pumpkin bread however. You can use a recipe like banana bread and substitute pumpkin. I used the canned pumpkin. By the way, I'm not a fan of pecan pies either. Both pies, pumpkins and pecans are usually always served at the American Thanksgiving. I always hope there is some other dessert. LOL. Your carvings are wonderful. Take care of your family and have blessed day.


I made pumpkin bread (think tea loaf type of cake) with a class of children once and we thought it was very bland. I'm a fan of butternut squash anything though. It's interesting reading that many use canned pumpkin, rather a shame when different varieties grow so well in the States, but much easier than scooping and chopping I guess!

Tina Gordon

I always think it a pity pumpkins are associated just with Halloween and not for the whole of autumn. They are such fabulous shapes and colours.

Lucy you are a very creative lady. So glad you took a little time for yourself, I love your achievements!


Hilarious! Loved to see your pumpkins(sounds a bit risqué perhaps I should have rephrased!) My kids are now too old to bother with pumpkins but maybe I should be like you and just do my own. Great post, thanks, you've now hit a great balance of home life and your new ventures- bravo!


Hi there dear Lucy,
In the words of Craig Revel Horwood from 'Strictly' you are "F A B U L O U S DARLING" lol! I have always loved your brilliant blog & you are often mentioned to my fellow crocheters. I love your blog & your patterns always work wonderfully well.
I crocheted triangles for last years display & a mandala for this year. I did this to be involved and loved doing it and was in no doubt that these were for display only & not for charity. I got so much pleasure from seeing my mandala on Pinterest. I will also continue to help you whenever I can with your crocheting endeavours, just cos I loved doing it & because you give up so much of your time to develop patterns for our pleasure. Don't get upset & carry on the brilliant work you are AMAZING!!
Lots of love from Carole from Rossendale xxx


All the carving looks really great. I don't like pumpkin pie either - making it once was enough to do me.

Elisabeth Firsching

I´ve never seen such beautiful carvings on pumpkins til now. They are all awesome and a great inspiration. Thanks for posting them. Great work!!! They don´t last for long, but here throuhg www they will doing well for a long time ;-)


How lovely! I like them both but the pumpkin owl is my favourite. I'm very fond of owls! It makes me wonder what else would work as a lantern? Marrow maybe?!
Jones x


Lovely pumpkins, Lucy! When I was a kid my mum used to make pumpkin pie flavoured with orange and lemon, and I quite liked it, but I don't have the recipe, sadly.


That owl pumpkin is beautiful! So creative and in season :)


Such Beauty in your carvings ;0) I was in a lovely village in Cornwall 'trick or treating' with my daughter, twinny and nieces it was magical the whole village celebrating and the beautiful lit up lanterns and pumpkins everywhere~ spooky little people walking about. i felt like a child myself it was wonderful and exciting!... you have such a warm, lovely blog and it shines through your words and photographs ;) x


You are so skilled Lucy! Your pumpkin looks amazing! Well done :)


Hi Lucy,
I have a lovely recipe for pumpkin pie. No pastry. It's lovely and sweet and we eat it as a pudding. Everybody loves it! Email me if you are keen. My email address: claire.gough@vodamail.co.za Lots of love Claire - South Africa


The problem with British pumpkins is that they don't get to ripen in the sun. I can't stand the ones here. Not to eat! I come from South Africa where pumpkins are sweet and not watery and stringy. They are also a totally different variety. So I use butternut instead. They at least are really delicious!


Ooooh pumpkin pie can be so delicious! I am afraid you used the wrong pumpkin for it. Carving pumpkins are not really suitable. Just give it another try ;)


What a talented family you are. The pumpkins look beautiful :)


Many moons ago my father went to great pains to grow a pumpkin (very unusual then) & my mother went to equally great pains to make it into a pie.
We, like the Attic24 kids, sat down to the tasting - and the consensus of opinion - disgusting!! Ha ha - happy days!


I'm just really jealous that you get undisturbed time to carve your pumpkin. Don't your little ones want to do it? Mine are crazy for it. I actually carved my own design for the first time this year. We use a small cordless drill to help with the design but I wish I'd had one of those Lino cutters. We grew 8 pumpkins this year and carved 4 so I'm getting quite adept at using them up. So far I'm quite pleased with my pumpkin pie and I've got LOADS of roasted pumpkin in the freezer waiting to become soup. It also works well in your curry recipe with chick peas and maybe some coconut cream. I've also tried to make chutney with it and I think it turned out ok. Anyway, your squash lantern is lovely. It's such a shame they don't last longer, isn't it?


Wow your pumpkin/butternut squash carving skills are impressive! I love the designs :) I made a pumpkin pie last year with mixed results, but I quite liked the flavour actually.

Sara Jenkins

So creative and very clever! Wishing you a happy day. x

Amy Swann

Thank you so much for mentioning my work. I find pumpkin carving very therapeutic and love all things seasonal. My cakes seem to follow this trend too but like you my creativity and interest in craft goes much further than just one discipline. Amy x

susie hewer

Wonderful pumpkin carvings! I have to admit that I don't like the taste of pumpkin pie either but I love butternut squash soup.

Pamela Clare

The secret to pumpkin pie is a LOT of whip cream :)

Sarah Robinson

Inspiring, as always

pippa moore

Dear Lucy love your pumpkins and also love your blogging.I have followed you for a few yrs now and my first reintroduction to crochet was making the granny stripe which my daughter was so impressed by as I followed all your colours and my daughter said it was never of my own design because I choose naff colours!love my weekly read at the attic don't stop because of any negativity. I have read the comments of some people and cannot understand how or why they think they know what your blogging is all about. It's entirely up to you what you write about and selling the yarn is very handy for some people without access to a wool shop. I am pleased for your success carry on always happy to hear about your ups and downs of the merry go round of life pippaxxxx

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