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November 02, 2014


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Glad to have you back xx

Pam Richardson

Well, yes Lucy can earn and sell yarn however she choses, but it doesn't half rattle some folk! The sarcasm about her selling "and boy do you sell" was made regarding that. Lucy has her blog and this cheers people up. I may be more innocent minded than others posting here but I'm not full of venom either. If I want nasty comments or an example of human beings turning on one another I would switch on any news channel. I come here for enlightenment in more ways than one. She is like a breath of fresh air in an otherwise nasty smelling world and I for one am glad of it! I also prefer to look through rose coloured glasses, its a far better view than something else I could mention, You and others are entitled to your opinions and so am I. If I come across a blog I think is stupid or not on my wavelength then I don't follow it. And you think we are stupid! Anyway, to those who prefer to think negatively, I'm sorry for you. Don't try to pull Lucy to bits about things please, also try not turn this into a slanging match and ruin our little haven and I'm sorry if that too makes you recoil in horror. I'm sorry if Yarndale has upset you, but there is no need to try and pull someone to pieces about it. And no, I haven't got your vocabulary or your intelligence nor business sense, but I haven't got your nature neither. For which I shall be always grateful. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


Lucy - I neither crochet nor knit, but just love your blog and other endeavours for the love of colour and enjoyment of the important things of life that you bring to everything you do. Very sorry to hear that you have been getting negative comments, and hope your very balanced and well written response hits home with those who clearly don't have the same outlook on life as you do!! All the very best. I will take up the hooks at some stage..


"C" your post hits the nail on the head.


I have been a fan of this blog for a while now and my initial comment earlier on was made after reading Lucy's post, but before I had read the comments from the so called "critics". I found their comments interesting but certainly not insulting.
I have no problem with anyone making money from a blog, from donations, promotions or whatever business they might be involved in. To make money from something you love doing must be great. That side of it is nothing to do with me. I liked the blog for what it is colourful and informative.
I think Yarndale is a great idea and I would love to go. However, after re reading the initial post about the setting up of Yarndale it did suggest to me that it was a voluntary venture. It does not matter to me that it is a business. But had that been said in the first place it would have avoided all this controversy. Some of the comments from the "supporters" were vitriolic, I found that very upsetting and it has left a sour taste.


I guess that the overwhelming number of supportive messages is very comforting. However, any wise business person or organisation will know how much value exists in the comments of people who are willing to put their head above the parapet and offer suggestions for improvement. It is only by being challenged that development and progress can occur. It is such a shame that people who write dispassionately and eloquently are being disparaged in such a way because they can see the ‘big picture’.

As an example, I have attended both Yarndale events. The first was enjoyable, but had some teething problems. Following this, much feedback was given about the event. It was obvious that suggestions had been acted upon because this year, Yarndale was much better organised and a wonderful place to visit. Many Limited companies would need to pay large sums of money to obtain market research and customer focus of the quality which was provided willingly and freely to Yarndale Ltd. This was due to Lucy being the face of the organisation and the connection with her which people feel they have made through her blog. Those who were willing to comment and criticise have produced a much better Yarndale experience for all, including those who would consider anything other than gushing praise a personal insult.

I have followed this blog since the very beginning. It is clear that the focus of the blog has changed over time, which is the author’s prerogative. However blogs can become ‘over-monetised’ and for me this is now where it is at with attic24. I used to actively search for new posts every day to get a snippet of Yorkshire life, but not any longer. The relentless marketing has dulled the enjoyment for me. Reverting back to an ‘old style’ post won’t work now because the horse has bolted, ship sailed or line crossed (whichever appropriate idiom you choose!) and it cannot revert to what it was. Indeed if this is now a business blog of a Self-Employed person, rather than the SAHM described, why should it? It is possible to montetise a blog well so that readers stay; it is a fine line to tread and as many have said impossible to please everyone. It was a lovely place to visit in blogland while it lasted.


Oh my goodness, when I posted yesterday I hadn't read the previous comments only Lucy's blog posts. I don't put anyone on a pedestal because no one deserves to be put there. It can be a dangerous place because there's always those around ready to knock you off and the higher the pedestal the harder the fall :)

I will however give credit/praise to those who I feel deserve it. I wrote previously why I enjoy this blog it's one amongst many that I follow. I'm not commenting on the rights or wrongs of the mandelas because I didn't contribute to it. I hadn't read those posts until it was to late, it did encourage me to try making one after and I was pleased with the result so I can't say I was or wasn't misled.
It would be nice if we could get back to playing nice and not insulting or aiming barbs at each other, it's a waste of time and energy and living with cancer shows me life is to short to be doing that.
I wish you all a lovely day and hope you get the chance to do whatever crafts make you happy.

Jan Quigley

Just catching up on your fabulous blog & I just had to add my 2c worth. I've been following your blog for quite a few years now, & have probably read nearly every post in that time, & not for one second did I think the mandalas were for charity. Yarndale is a show that you & the others put together, it's obvious it is first & foremost a labour of love, but it's also a business enterprise. Whatever money you earn is simply the fruits of your labour. I'm totally gobsmacked that anyone would think this was a charity event. There are craft fairs all over the world & I've yet to hear of one that is run for, or by, a charity.
I did make a mandala but then didn't get it posted off in time. Next year, next year I'll be waiting to hear what you'd like us to make & I WILL post in time!
Thanks for all the wonderful inspirational posts Lucy, you reawakened my love of crocheting, something I learned to do in the 70's. My mum & I went to lessons when I was about 12, so glad I did.


I look at your blog every now and again . I craft a bit all different sorts but when I am crocheting and need instructions or ideas yours is the first blog I go to. I had seen bits about the yarndale event but to be honest haven't contributed to it like so many.

if people have contributed and feel let down well then perhaps they should have asked more questions or indeed read a little more. You offer a service via your blog that gives loads of people a helping hand so don't take it to heart when people blog bad comments. The truth is as they say you can only please all of the people some of the time. Some people shout louder just to hear their own voice. Don't let that put you off what you do. They don't have to read your blog now do they! The other thing is that the craft events that are held at the NEC for example are operated by big companies making money. So don't feel ashamed that you made money from Yarndale thats your right. You are working and earning your own money to be honest I am not sure why people should ridicule you for that . I say well done Lucy.....!

Catherine Lawrence

Dear Lucy, I am not sure if I am helping or making things worse for you? I think I know why some ladies are a little confused about Yarndale/Charity
If you go back to your blog post 26 September 2013
there right at the bottom of your post is a little P.S. about the Lovely Ladies from OXFAM who will be at Yarndale STAND 31.
I do hope this clears the air for you and you can now breath easy again.
With Very Best Wishes


Lucy, you inspired me to want to learn to crochet in the first place. Your colours and designs are beautiful and I have loved watching all your fabulous creations take shape. I love your blog - of all the blogs I follow (and I follow quite a few!) yours is the one I never miss and always look out for. Thank you for all your hard work that inspires so many crocheters around the world! I'm sorry you've had an exhausting and stressful time recently and I really hope that stress eases off for you soon xx


I recently began following your blog and I absolutely love it. I learned to crochet as a young girl and loved making classic ripple and shell afghans. After many years I learned to knit and have been knitting ever since. Once I was introduced to your blog my love of crochet is quickly coming to the forefront. Who can resist your beautiful creations. I have plans to start a "Neat Ripple" using left over sock yarn.

Please continue writing your blog and living your life in a way that makes you happy and nobody else. All those Negative Nellies, who think it is their job to correct you, only thrive if you change your ways to please them.

Thank you for sharing your life with us. Your family is lucky to have you.


You are wonderful and so is your blog. You offer us a gift by sharing your blog with us and it makes me so sad to know that there are those out there who are being unreasonable and critical. You are loved by many and I hope the light of that love outshines and overwhelms the negativity that has been wrongly sent your way!

Janette White

hi Lucy, just trawling through the comments,such a shame you had to post such a posting rather than being able to revel in the success of Yarndale. But there will always be those who have something negative to say about anything. I suppose there are lessons to learn and maybe that is the way to handle any criticsm ie just look at it as things to consider in the future. From my perspective I was gutted not to be able to get to yarndale this year as I really enjoyed last years, neither did I get chance to do a mandala - had I had done so I would have been so proud just to be part of such a colourful piece of artwork. I've followed your blog for years and am more than happy to support yarndale - if it gives you an income of any sort then great - you and the other directors deserve it considering all the work it takes to put something of that size on. Try to view the comments as action points for the future and in the meantime don't let it spoil from enjoying the success that the event was and is. take care (hope all is improving with your mum) and don't let a few negative comments take over what has clearly been a great achievement. Keep doing what you clearly do very very well, Janette xx

Debbie Long

Hello Lucy, how strange that some people thought they were contributing to a charity???!!!! …….. honestly though, there will always be people who find something to complain about, best ignore them xx Would the fabulous space at the top of Salts Mill be a good place to have an exhibition of the Mandalas?? I visited there having read about it on your blog (oh the book shop!!) and loved it…… just a thought, take care, Debbie xxx


Lucy it's lovely to have you back, I've followed your blog for a looong time and have always enjoyed my visits. I'm a simple soul and actually enjoy reading about your snuggle and activity times with your children. It was a pleasure to read your account of setting up your workshop above the cafe. You have a natural talent for writing and I see your name mentioned on various blogs, always in a positive way. I'm a great believer in should you have a grievance you take it personally to the other person not bandy it in public.
I paid out, in total, just under £100 for 2 eight week courses for quilting, unfortunately due to illness both times I had to stop going after only a few times. You and many, many like you give generously of your time and talents with tutorials on your blogs and youtube. This way I can keep up even on bad days, for this I really appreciate you all and what you give.
I hope your Mum continues to improve, it's never easy when they're living far away and you can't just pop into the car and be there in minutes.
Take care and thank you

Peg x


A few years ago I went to a craft show which had a knitted underwater display that many people had contributed towards by knitting the different parts, it was incredible. It is an art installation but raised money for charity at the same time. Here is the website link, it may give you some ideas for the mandalas and future projects


Isla of Axholme

No idea how the charity bit enters into it. I did my Mandela to be part of a creative process! Was so pleased to spot it hung up with everyone else's. I love Yarndale!


Sooo glad you are back Lucy , your blog brightens my day and gladdens me heart. Your beautiful patterns an choice of colours have inspired me greatly
I am truly one happy hooker since discovering your blog.Gods rich blessings on you and your family may you be showered with the graces you need to see you through these times. xxx


Anna, I am not sure why you would think I was dictating to Lucy, I was merely echoing her own suggestion that posts may be moderated in the future. As for duty of care...that seems to be something many of us feel for Lucy, who has brought us such pleasure for so many years, and it was out of concern for her I made my remarks, not for the reasons you seem to suggest.


Lucy, I found this blog a few months ago when suffering from depression. I adore rainbow colours and loved your great eye for colours. Then I saw the ripple blankets and fell in love, deep in love with their gorgeous wiggly curves. I've made a baby blanket, a double bed blanket and am now on my third blanket, a snugly throw for my sofa. I had to learn to crochet again, hadn't done it for more than 30 years, but your tutorials made it so easy. Now when work or home life are too stressful I just grab the ripply gorgeousness and work another row or two and feel much calmer and more zen. I'm happy to say that is all your fault! Please keep up the blog, it is a real place of joy to come and read here. Can't say thank you enough.


The mandalas could become an Anthony Gormley style display (see his terracotta figures exhibition) where they are laid on the floor and fill a room. Like the sea of poppies at the tower of London except indoors, maybe a room with a balcony? sending you lots of love Lucy


Jo, the most offensive post to read by far is yours, with your attempt to dictate to Lucy the content of her blog. She doesn't have a duty of care to give you personally what you want. Why would you think that's okay to make such demands?

tanya Stevens

Joyce and the other posters who have issues with Attic 24 are entitled to their opinion, and whilst I do not agree with a lot of what they say, they are entitled. I for one have no issue with Attic 24 making money from this blog, and if I buy stylecraft wool, then that's my business, I have no idea as to why the issue of a limited company is and issue. so what, I do not go shopping or to any event, thinking ... Oh who is making money from this! why have they not told me. This is a crochet blog, some of it I like some I do not, not a lover of the saccharine side of things, but appreciate the ideas, patterns and colour inspirations that's why I am here. Basically if you do not like what you see, don't read it, what a lot of fuss over a flipping crochet blog. I am not in the Lucy is the best thing since sliced bread, as I do not know her, never met her, she could be horrid for all I know, or the nicest person in the world, basically I am here for the inspiration and the crochet


Lucy, your blog brings peace pleasure and inspiration to so many. We love to sit in our homes and observe your life, the beautiful pictures of pots of flowers, displays of colourful crochet, plates of scrummy homebakes. You enrich our life and in a way become a part of our life too.
This little haven for so many of us has become an uncomfortable place in recent days due to the negative postings of some and I for one feel you should delete these posts and moderate future posts, for the benefit of those of us who pop in for a relaxing look on a life outside of our own. I even wonder if you could enlist the help of a trusted friend to moderate for you, to sift out the posts that are offensive to so many of us and no doubt unpleasant for you and those who know you personally.
There is no law that says "we are all entitled to our own opinion" and many of us would rather not have to read the opinions of those who clearly have an over rated opinion of themselves. A blog is an entirely personally piece of work, not one that I feel is open for criticism, a readers position is one purely of privilege, to be able to observe the innermost thoughts of another human being, if you don't like what you read, don't follow it.
Lucy, many of us love the breath of fresh air you bring to our lives....keep the air fresh and filter the bad odours for us please :)

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