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November 02, 2014


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Jackie Cardy

I just want to say that I'm sorry you've had negative feedback about Yarndale. For me it was a superb opportunity to sell and to meet many like-minded people. I was never under any illusion that it was a charity. For goodness' sake it was a lot of extremely hard work for you and the team. I'm sure The Knitting and stitching show doesn't have to justify itself. Thank you for the work, and I'm so looking forward to being a stall holder this year.


This is entirely baffling. We live in a capitalist society. Lucy has 3 children to look after. Why the hell are you all wittering on about money?

Wool is nice. Life is nice. That's all I've ever got from this blog. Maybe instead of bitching about something that only lies with your own inability to read you should go and make something nice instead?


I cannot understand why anyone would assume that they were donating to a charity if this was never explicitly stated, then get angry when they discover it isn't a charity (which it never claimed to be in the first place). Who would make that assumption? It's just bizarre. Oh, and DO NOT apologise for actually earning some money from Yarndale. I'll bet most of your readers don't work for free, and wouldn't want to. The implication that you're somehow profiting from their work is ridiculous. Any money you've earned is as a direct result of your enormously hard work, not because of mandalas contributed to an art installation. Let's be clear here - you haven't misled anyone. You didn't state or imply that Yarndale was a charitable operation, if people have mistakenly assumed that, that isn't your fault. Having worked in events, I know just how much work this must take and sure you earn far less than you deserve from it. You have to make a living, don't apologise for that! Of course it can't hurt to clarify things and post factual info on a website so it's impossible for people to come to this (rather strange) conclusion but please don't let it deter you from doing something similar next year. Have a lovely Christmas! x


It always saddens me when I read that people turn vicious over such ridiculous things and don't care how much their faceless internet words can hurt. I am a full time law student in Florida, USA and I retreat to your blog to immerse myself in the beauty of your words, crochet, and nature. Your posts are always happy, colorful and full of character. I read your blog because you are exactly who you are. That includes whatever you choose to blog about. It's your blog. We merely have the pleasure of enjoying your pictures and thoughts. Whatever they may be. As for those who are all in a tizzy because the mandalas were not for charity. Shame on you. The amount of time, energy and soul Lucy puts into her blog alone (all for her readers to enjoy) should show she is not in it for the money in any sense. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a for profit business. Also, it would behoove you to read fully before making hasty and nasty comments. It's rude, and unnecessary, and definitely goes against the whole image of being "charitable."

Thank you Lucy for all that you do.


Good luck! I do hope that your mind will ease over time and I know that working with such colourful yarn will certainly help!

Robin Chapa

Oops.... my whole comment didn't post! the beginning of that last comment was something like, "I love your blog, but don't check it often. Still, I never thought that Yarndale was anything other than it is (meaning-- you've always seemed very clear on how it worked to me, lol)... and then the rest goes on above. Oh dear.... way to mess up a comment, Robin! he he he

Robin Chapa

Yarndale and your involvement in it is anything other than it actually is. All of what you're doing seemed VERY clear to me and I'm only a "part-time" follower, lol. To me, you are the epitome of the idea that we're here on earth to find our gift and then our time on earth is meant to share that gift. You are doing that in the most impressive of ways. Hats off to you-- thanks for your artistic and wide-spread contribution to the world...Keep up the great work! Hugs to you from California!

Maggie Bullock

Love love reading your Blog, a book one day maybe. I hope to get to Yarndale one year in my travels, it would be, in your delicious words, yarny hooky heaven, for me. Bring on your next project and I'll be in it. Starting the CAL today. xx
cheers Maggie


i cant understand all the upset because i have obviously missed the culprits causing the miscontent... all i know is i look in on lucy VERY often and it does me good and so does her work. she is a free and full of sunshine and above all an open Spirit among us. i dont comment often but have a need to this time and wish to say, good heavens... how large must her heart be to invest so much in spreading so much comfort? i am a loss of words... lucy, you have so many that stand you. please dont let it bring you down...


Hi Lucy

Glad to have you back in the Attic! I'm only just catching up on my regular blogs this morning after a pretty horrible couple of weeks, so I can totally relate to that need to get away from it all. We all need that and you should never feel guilty taking it. You're loyal readers will still be here like a puppy at the back door begging to get in, even if you were gone for months! LOL

As for the misunderstanding about Yarndale being a charity..... You may not have made it clear that bit was a Ltd Co, but you equally made no hint of anything that I picked up that it was a Charity either. I really can't understand why anyone would have a problem with their mandalas being used now that "the big secret of Yarndale not being a charity" is out! Poppycock!!

If you are short of mandalas after you have spent all you're earnings posting them all back, give me a shout! I was one of the disorganised scatterbrained life gets in the way people who didn't manage to get my mandala done before the deadline, so I'd be more than happy to do one or two or more! LOL

I was (I think on the same page as you) of the understanding that the Mandalay, like the triangles we did last year (that I did manage to do! LOL) were a bit of fun, so that we as your readers could be part of the even you were so busy organising. And that as "virtual" friends of yours we could do what we would do.if we were real close by friends and get involved to help you out.

I think the amount of free patterns, tutorials and inspiration I have received during my time reading you're blog would be more payment than I would ever need for a few scraps of yarn made into a Mandalay and a stamp to post it.

Keep on keeping on!!
PS: I hope your mum is doing better.

Lynn jones

I have just read your blog Lucy
The negativity that erupted is really a measure of your success
Believe me I know that too well
The people that really matter here are the positive ones not the negative ones
Since I opened my website I have had a lot of negative reaction born from my success.
It shook me to the core .
I pondered and deliberated 'what the heck am I doing this for '.. It was really taking all my love and passion for the craft away
That is what they wanted .., for me to throw in the towel ,,
That is when I realised it was the measure of my success .. I should rejoice .. I did
I do hope this resonates with you
We will always meet and have these people in our lives
Remember ' it is the measure of your success ' that brings these into our lives
Embrace it
Don't falter
Above all don't apologise
Stay true


Lucy, you're a darling! Keep up the hooky!

Belmont Yarns

Sorry for the above spelling mistakes and mistakes in general. I hate commenting on my phone and this is why I rarely comment

Belmont Yarns

Oh my word Lucy I'm sad to hear you've had any less than desirable comments here. I didn't contribute to the mandalas but I just assumed it was fun and not fit charity. I guess the more popular you become means that you will unfortunately come in contact with some nastiness which makes sad. You're naivety is nice. I hope that you don't become discouraged by this. Keep being yourself and sharing your love of crochet and simple enjoyments in life. Reading your blog is like being hugged and inspired to enjoy simple family life. Carry on. You are just great.

Lyn Mills

Hi Lucy,
I cannot believe you have had negative comments about your blog and yarndale. Let me say on behalf of the majority of crafters that I love your blog , your use of colour and yarndale.
My friends and I have talked about and looked forward to yarndale all year and agree both events were a triumph, thank you.
My message to the minority is if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.
lyn x

Sarah Fox

I feel bad for you that there has been any bad feeling expressed towards you and the mandala project. It astonishes me that there could have been any confusion over this, it was just a bit of fun. It was amazing to see the mandalas and try to spot my own - even my boyfriend thought it was fun! You have to take every opportunity in life and writing your blog seems to have opened up so many for you. I think it is wonderful that you now have these extra revenue streams and I'm more than a little envious of your current lifestyle! I wish you all the best on your continued colourful yarny journey. Please ignore the nay-sayers and continue to inspire us all!

Taciana Simmons

Hi Lucy, it's so nice to see all of the mandalas together. So may pretty colors, so many pretty patterns. Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience with us.


Lucy, only if you were in Australia....you inspire me so much with crochet... Your page lives on my IPad.... Focus on the positive things you bring to the world....we are blessed to have you in it....xo

Christina Chapple

Since I am not part of a local crochet community, I adored the idea, both last year and this year, of contributing to an INTERNATIONAL (how fun!) crochet project. I love the idea that my 2013 granny triangles and my 2014 Mandela were part of a wonderful artistic whole. I really hope you'll dream up another way for us all to crochet together again for Yarndale next year. You go, Lucy! Tipping my hat -- and hook -- to you from across the pond in Hammond, Louisiana.

Maureen Nosal

So glad that you opened the window! You have been such a catalyst for crochet, and I so appreciate your blog and the community you have created through your blog and your work. Although I totally understand the need to be transparent, I never thought the mandalas were a charity project. I thought that was pretty evident.Thanks for doing all you do. You have elevated crochet to a new height in fiber arts and I am sure I am not the only person who found a renewed interest in crochet through your work. Much love, and take good care of yourself.

Phyllis Modgling

I really appreciate what Darlynn Venne wrote about this being your blog to manage in ways that benefit you creatively. When I found your blog several years ago, that was the very thing that drew me to your writing - your sense of joy and appreciation for everything around you. Please continue to write your blog so that you feel fulfilled; because it will fill us as well.


What hard nosed patronising creatures many of the 'nice' followers have turned out to be. The funny thing is they honestly think they are the good ones. Bossy too. Their nastiness to others makes them profound hypocrites. They are the ones whose comments make me shudder. What is negativity is open to interpretation.


Welcome back Lucy - it is so good to be reading your blog again. I am glad that you have managed to have a break away with your family as they are the most important people in your life. I absolutely adore reading about your life and the colour and joy you bring. Hoping you continue for a long, long time to come. Best wishes to you and your family. Take care of you and yours. Love Lynette x


Well said KayJay - that's exactly right - my hubby would also recommend to anyone hosting an event on this scale to set it up as a Limited Company - like you say if someone Falls they don't sue you. Clearly some folk don't understand.

I see Katie and Joyce no longer wish to be a part of this lovely community of friends - so bye bye to them!

Jules Francis

Welcome back Lucy. So sorry to hear about the moans you had received after all your hard work and especially when you are having such a tough time of things at the moment. Glad you were able to have some much needed time out with your family. You bring so much joy to so many different people around the world through your blog, myself included. Thanks you for all that you share with us in such a heart warming and honest way. I was lucky enough to come to the first Yarndale and meet you briefly. I'm not sure where the confusion came from as surely the bunting was done in the same way as the mandala's? Sending you a big hug and hope your mum is recovering. Thanks again for all you share with us.
Lov Jules xx

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