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November 24, 2014


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This is crazy! I just came across your blog, and naturally, I loved it, but then I saw your photo of leek soup, and some plants and bread and bead fox and some crochet... not only do I love everything in that photo, I pretty much own everything in that photo! I love my bead fox, crochet is my newest passion and I had carrot and sweet potato soup today! Crazy!!!

Donna Flugstad

Do you have any patterns for knitters?


My children and i have also brought a new puzzle, funny also christmas eve but from a company falcon.
We plan this weekemd to do it and i hope to frame it.
Fijne weekend.


Love your blog, what is CAL? Please.

jane oliver

I loved this post. I wore ponchos when i was younger and loved them. i think i'm twice your age. lol. you brought back memories of my first pregnancy at age 30. i had a large square of wool plaid, cut a hole for the neck and knit a collar for it. my daughter was born march 1978 and that poncho was my warm coat all winter. thanks for the memories. lucy, what is the blue bucket for on the hearth? water or ashes? i don't have a fireplace but wish i did. jane in new jersey usa.


I'm pleased you are enjoying this time. You've been very stressed and it's good to step back and do as you are. Hope u found some winter pansies and primroses for your outside pots
God bless and thankyou Luck. You are wonderful


Ahhhh...I just love your blog. I read often, but these days I'm short on time and don't comment as much. Wanted to let you know what a pleasure it is to visit your place. The puzzle you featured to day is wonderful---I love the nostalgia of the image. And I love how you are rearing your children and not allowing them to spend hours in front of an electronic device. They will be well rounded adults. The bread you featured truly is the most delicious bread---I've made it myself and it really is fail proof. Quite amazing honestly, that such a simple recipe could be so fabulous. God bless you and yours Lucy in your corner of the world---in beautiful England, from me here in the USA. My ancestors are from your part of the world which may explain why I love England so much.


Perfect colours. I'm using some Drops dk with other yarns in my version of your cosy stripe blanket and it really is lovely. Wise decision to forgo tassels, they don't help keep you warm in a Yorkshire winter! Thank you for such a lovely site.


Lovely post Lucy :)

I was wondering if your 'little lady' still had an interest in knitting, if so, you can download these free pdf patterns by Jean Greenhowe from her website.



It's potato and ham soup with grated cheese on top here in Southern Ontario. A cold, windy, snowy day calls for comfort food!
I am working on the Cottage afghan..loving every single row! Thanks Lucy!


Leek and potato is my favourite soup :-)

I love reading about life in the slow lane because my life is so hectic at the moment. It reminds me of all the things I have to look forward to when I get to slow down a bit.


Well said Jo. Not only the yarn packs rammed down our throats but the Amazon stuff too. I remember the post about Amazon too.

No doubt we'll be in for a flaming from the sheep for daring to post our opinions!


Hi Lucy,
I just love my five minutes in the day to catch up with you and find out that all is well in the Attic. Your soup looks delicious, I make mine with potato and leek but my secret ingredient is sweet potato, as well as white potato (I use 4 white potatoes, 2 sweet potatoes and 2 leeks), it give it a lovely pale golden tint and my family love it.
I'm looking forward to our five minutes tomorrow to catch up with what you are working on, it looks intriguing
With love


I love your homey posts the most. I am a big fan of jigsaw puzzles too and we have a lot. I too have a lovely Christmas one tucked away to be brought out very soon! This is definitely the season for comfort food and I have been turning to soup a lot lately to feed the family. We like ours creamy and smooth, so I whiz them too. That bread looks delish, must make some soon.

Linda Cownty

I'm addicted to your site, Lucy, and keep up with your weekly instructions for the cosy blanket but have the coast blanket running at the same time as I can't go without my 'fix'. I've bought the cottage blanket pack too but I'd like to make it in your raindrops pattern. Can you advise me how many stitches I should cast on with please? Came up your way in the summer, friends nearby, had a lovely day on a narrow boat.


Jacky Russell, you're right in what you say, but by clicking to amazon from the links in Lucy's blog posts, she makes a small amount of money. She once blogged about it, asking us to go to amazon from her blog!! Now every blog post has links to stuff on amazon, even what type of camera she has, to slow cooking books, and now jigsaws! I don't understand why people can't see that she's in this to make money!!

Jacky Russell

Jo, the way I understand it, unless you have a self-hosted blog, ie one that doesn't have a domain name which includes typepad.com or wordpress.com etc you will automatically have the advertising appear. It is what makes the basic blog free to set up. My blog is self hosted, I have no advertising at all, unless I choose to. I have to pay an annual fee for this. If I am wrong, please correct me.

Caroline Smith

I couldn't believe it when I saw the photo of the blue jug you just bought, I have one which is just the same. It is obviously hand painted as the wiggly lines are a bit different. I inherited it from my mum, I think she was perhaps given it as a gift from a friend or it may have been my grandmothers I'm not sure, it doesn't have any makers mark underneath unfortunately. I used to live in Carlisle so it may be from a pottery in the north of England, I would love to know more about it as I think it could be quite old.
Delia's leek and potato soup is a favourite in this house incidentally.


Why do all your blog posts contain links to products on amazon? Another way to make money from your readers? Sigh.

Wendy Burnett

Looks as if you are enjoying life at the moment, just as it should be, you give so much pleasure and inspiration to so many. X


Lovely post Lucy!


Potato and leek soup is one of my absolute favourite soups. What a shame then didn't like it.
I like the 500 pieces jigsawpuzzle, those of 1000 I just havn't got the skills for. My mom are making some where you do not make what is on the picture on the box, but the situation that comes after. So you have to guess what it will look like. The brand is called Wasgij. Anyways, they are way too difficult for me;)

Marcelle Kemp

Hi Lucy!
I just so happen to be making exactly the same thing at the moment - in fact I'm at the same stage! Thought it would make a lovely Christmas present for my sister-in-law who is six months pregnant - don't need to worry about it fitting! Using Stylecraft chunky for mine in neutrals and greys.
Look forward to seeing the finished results!
Marcelle x

Sally Harvey

I think it might be the Simply Crochet poncho!!


So enjoyed reading your post Lucy - thank you xx

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