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November 17, 2014


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Riana Van Brakel

how do we make a snowflake on a square bead board

yoni czegledi

Maybe you can help me out.

I came across your post on perler beads.

My company manufactures crafts and toys. We created a new type of fuse bead that's very unique and has been a massive success with all the schools and camps that we've introduced it to. We hope that within time, it will replace perler beads.

Benefits of Super Beads

· No more hot burning iron
· Just spray with water and the beads fuse together
· Kids can now complete the project themselves without assistance
· Easily make 3D projects
· Beads fit snuggly onto board so they won’t move around
· The finished design has a much nicer finish to it than the Perler Beads
· The finished design is flexible and won’t crack

Would you at all be open to reviewing our product on your blog?


Yoni Czegledi
VP of Sales
P – 800.216.1601 x 215
F – 877.216.1604
[email protected]

Debbie @ The Gilded Strawb

I had never used these beads before, however thanks to you Lucy, I am now addicted to them! I have been using the smallest size to make little dinky video game inspired sprites...and I don't even have children :)


I love hama beads, it's one of the few things that my daughter and I will sit happily for hours doing.

A question - Do you iron both sides? I always do as it makes them stronger, I've had too many tears over the years from upset daughter over broken creations, but the instructions only ever seem to say to do one side.


I have a big container of Perler beads (I'm in the US) that I got one summer for my kids. They are so much fun and I would love to make some nice grown-up designs with them sometime! :)


Oh, god, Lucy, I should NOT have looked at your hama bead board! Because now, of course, I want to make everything on it. You know I love hama beads, as do my kids. I am wondering how many coasters is too many...

Do you know, I've used the Alcia Paulson embroidery book for nothing but hama beading. Cross stitch patterns do indeed make excellent bead creations. x

Donna Compton

Another craft I knew nothing about! I'm retiring in a year and this is going on my List. I followed the pinterest links from the blog and comments and I am in love with the mandala designs. Thanks for sharing. Once again, I am indebted to you.

Barbara Seiver

I have found that freezer paper (paper that is waxed on one side to prevent freezer burn) releases well when pressing these beads. It is good to know that baking paper (parchment paper?) works well, too.


I found this blog today and thought of you

Nicol Mannak

I love it!I also collect cross stitch Patterns on my hama bead board om Pinterest. Love the versatility. Please have a look if you feel like it.

Jessica Felton

I've been having lots of fun with my Son's hama beads recently... I enjoying the colours and the almost meditative way you have to place the beads. So far I've made some tiny tree decorations (for his mini tree) a fox to decorate a parcel and a little mario mushroom (computer pixels translate soooo well into hama bead creations!)


Lovely post, thanks. Check out this board on Pinterest; I think there are a few pins in there that you may like: http://www.pinterest.com/SeaPeaGee/hama-beads/ xx

Sandy B

Oh, Lucy, you make me smile!! I too LoVe Hama beading and have made some minecraft swords for my kids....then got to thinking of designs I like... So have made some great circles and floral designs that make me feel a silly amount of pleasure about. Such quiet, creative fun....and in this day and age, we need some of that don't we!?! As your world cools down, over here in Melbourne, Australia, it is warming up. It's been in the mid 20's (Celsius) this week, which suits me perfectly! We have sunset here at around 8pm and sunrise at 6am at the moment.

Peter Potter

This looks amazing I dont believe ikea beads are the same. I always get the official beads from amazon or beadmerrily.

alison willcocks

Brilliant!! Enjoy your obsession :) You made me smile too :)


Somewhat embarrassed to say I have no children, but I have quite a collection of hama beads none the less. Some sessions are super fun; others end in almost crying fits when those little beads fall off their pegs. Your pinterst board is inspiring me to get them back out before Christmas to make some snowflakes for the tree.


Sorry Lucy, I loathe them but that may be because I have no idea how to iron them and usually succeed in spoiling the base plate of the iron!! My grandchildren sometimes ask me to help them. However I do like your pictures so well done.


I've been reading your blog for quite a few years (4, I think?) and this is my first comment. I don't usually comment, because, well you don't know me and I'm all the way in the States (The Mitten One actually :) ) and so what's the point, but I had to today!

The timing to me is hilarious, because I just started my bead (we call them perler beads) obsession today! I've already made multiple Christmas bulbs and a couple of Minecraft Dudes for my boys. This is genius though, and you've given me so much inspiration! Thank you! :) I have lots of pins also, and am obsessed with adding more that I want to try! :)



We had these but sadly my little grew up and moved out. I do think that I made more projects than the girls did. Have you seen the suncatcher on Pinterest? Use the beads, put then into a round cake pan and then into the oven. Once it is done drill a small hole and hang it. I really have to try that one.


Looks like lots of fun, yay for mama hama beads
Clare x

Jacky Russell

I love Hama beads too. My granddaughter used to do them, but is far too grownup/cool now. (She is 9 going on 23)
I also love colouring in - you can get colouring in books for adults now. In fact that reminds me - I saw a mandala colouring book the other day out shopping! I've got a horrible feeling I am going to be on a mission for Hama beads tomorrow!


Thank you for explaining the whole bead process! What's a good age to start these designs? My grandson is 5, can't wait to get some for the next time he comes to play!


Yes we have lots of Hama beads but not had them out in a while. I love your CK inspired ones. They would make great coasters or place mats.

Judith - in Ontario

When I was a child, the boys next door were always creating things with their Meccano sets. They would never allow me to join in. So now, I am thinking that if Hama beads are OK for grownups, why not Meccano? I shall be visiting our village toy store later today.
"Growing old is compulsary. Growing up is optional."

Lizy Tish

I can see how this can be somewhat addictive! I see the ages for using this are 5 or 6 and up, but I thought my 3 1/2 year old niece might be up to the task since she loves puzzles and seems to be good with fine motor things. Any downsides that you can think of to having her give it a go?

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