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November 04, 2014


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Jean viserta

I know what you mean about the pleasures of fresh cut flowers on your table. I still have roses blooming in my backyard. I picked some the other day. It's very unusual to have them this time of year on the northeast coast of the USA. Yesterday I sat out by my pool for a bit to soak up some sun. The cold is coming though. In 2 days it's going to be much colder. I'll be whipping out my down comforter really soon.

Cindy Bee

I will share in the love of your posies, since I don't have any of my own right now. I couldn't agree more, ironing crafty fun is much better than ironing shirts! And I love that popsicle person lurking in the background!

Cindy Bee

niki murray

Lucy, you are braver than me, I have succumbed to socks and boots...very chilly in my neck of the woods!! Lovely flower posy, very heart singy...I love hama beads, my little ones are too into loom bands at the moment, but on a cold grey Sunday afternoon I might bring out the beads....until then I will have put up with shirt ironing!! xx


My girls love hama beads too. I am not so keen on picking them up everywhere or the strange collection shapes I can not find a home for so we made mobiles out of their shapes each. It is very mathematical balancing the weights!! Jo x

Heather Thorp

You bring such joy! Bless you xx

Anna-Marie Field

Your clematis looks blooming beautiful and I can image how rewarding it must be to see such beauty raising from the dead!!!! Have a fab week!!


Dear Lucy

Thank you for sharing your photos. We were in Harrogate at the weekend and enjoyed delightful weather. Today in Perthshire the sun is shining brightly. We all feel so much more positive when the sun shines. I've been following your blog for over a year now but have not written to you before. I so enjoy your inspirational posts and love your crochet projects.

With my very best wishes


Denise Marshall

Your blog is always a joy to read and the pictures are beautiful too. You love all the things in life that I love too. No longer have a garden but make do with patio pots on our mooring which get lots of comments from neighbours. Also admired the beautiful print of your dress/skirt teamed with the pink cardie. Keep strong.xx

Therese Prince

Amazing what colour can do for you....lifts the whole day and everything with it. Flower colours are extra special, there is no "I can't sit next to you , we don't go together" about them !!!
Hope you day is uplifting for you.
Can't wait for the granddaughter to grow big enough to start the craft trail, like her mother before her!
Happy,happy days....

Winwick Mum

My clematis have been and gone for this year, I don't have any late-flowering varieties but that may be something I need to remedy. And you can never have too many pairs of socks in my opinion! ;-) xx

Mama Bear

Hello Lucy! Another beautiful post with lovely uplifting pictures to brighten our days. I have only recently discovered your blog but I'm afraid I am already a complete Attic24 addict! I am reading through all your archives from the very beginning at the moment and it is so much fun. I don't just love the inspirational, colourful crocheting and crafts (I have just started my first ripple blanket - knitted though as that's what I'm better at - with gorgeous autumn shades from Wool Warehouse), the pictures like the ones here and the beautiful, positive words that go with them, but also your yummy recipes! I've tried several so far and tonight we have your butternut squash risotto on the menu! We had the cherry tomato tarts the other night and they were great the next day too for pack lunches! I really have to thank you for sharing your obvious gifts and talents with us all - it is such a joy to visit here. I think you said in one of your recent posts that Yarndale is a festival of yarn and creativity - well so is your blog - and long may we all celebrate it! It is such a treasure, and every time I visit I find my heart has been uplifted - thank you! Oh, and we love Hama beads here too - even though my daughter is in her 20's now! We even enjoy just sorting them out into different colours - very therapeutic. With love and good wishes xx


You can't beat Hama beads for a bit of creative play. My daughter still loves messing about with them and she's just turned 15! At least she can do the ironing bit herself now. Loving your colourful flowery world ~ beautiful photos as always :O)xx


Anything beats ironing shirts! xxx

Fiona Burks

Yes I concur, (I was horticulturally trained at the lovely Craven College). it is Madame Julia correvon, she is a summer (!) flowering beauty which you cut back hard in march down to 12 inches and feed weekly from April til September.


Tell us more about these Hama beads! I don't see any sort of a pegboard underneath... how is that?


Just about anything beats ironing shirts! Love your clematis - it's doing really well.

Alison burns

Hope your computer free week gave you a lovely break - I really felt for you! I'm going to go out and see if I can glean a posy from our frosty garden.


I remember these hama pearls from my childhood! Those were so much fun! But I am pretty sure my mum found lost pearls in the strangest places in the house...

Take care

Gloria Philley

I have enjoyed many Clematis blooms on my vines this Fall. Every Summer I seem to forget what a wonderful showing they give me, just as I believe all my flowering plants are hot and dry and tired, up pops vines with gorgeous flowers. And yes Lucy, I think that is MJC. Looks like mine. I am in Texas and you are way over there with much different climate yet the flowers look the same. Thanks for sharing so much beauty with us.

Jenn Brownlee

I so love reading your blog! It's the reason I even started my own blog. I just wish I could sound as perky and cheerful and peppy as you do so much of the time. Also, one year, one year I will make it to Yarndale!! Maybe even next year. :-)
Well, ttfn


our clematis is deep purple and it blooms profusely in May :) thank you for sharing such beauty Lucy.


I truly thought that I was the only one to add "age" to the end of a word!!!Sockage foodage,leafage etc.. Dear Lucy; your fan from Alabama loves you and yours Because you just plain Make me FEEL GOOD.Thank You so Very Much (age) :) Mary I.B.


Pinterest...I love it, but my wise daughter in law calls it "digital hoarding"! 😀

Lyn Zalk

I chuckled when I read your bit about the Clematis back from the dead.... many many years ago I planted 4 different types of Clematis - 2 each on opposing sides of a homemade trellis arch I had hoped would soon enough be covered in flowering vines... well it took 7 years for just one to grow and another 2 years for it to bloom... Decades later when we were considering moving our fence gate a friend suggested I move the tiny little clematis she found growing near the first one... Quite amazed it had even shown up and then of course concerned as I was always under the impression they did not like to be moved once established... Said friend commented move it loose it all together when the fence man appears.. so indeed i did.... and here we are twenty plus years later it they both bloom year after year - even though there is no longer an arched trellis they so cover the side gate and fence!!!!!
Happy to see you still happily sniping bouquets this late into Autumn!


Nothing nicer than a small posy of flowers from the garden as they always make me smile. I love hama beads too, the only time I iron!

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