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November 04, 2014


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Meg @ Adventures in Verdance

I am so jealous of that wall of plants! So lovely!


How wonderful to still be gathering so much colour from your garden so late in the year. But didn't the weather turn suddenly yesterday? Wow! Very cold, and sunny too, my favourite weather. xx


Lovely. We've been so lucky with the weather this Summer and Autumn so far. I had to wait for the ice to melt on my windscreen last night - about 8pm. This morning we had our first frost in the south. I bet you did too?

Sarah west mids uk

Dear Lucy when I looked out of my kitchen window yesterday I spotted that two of the wallflowers I had grown from seed have come into bloom! Not supposed to be doing this until at least late April 2015. I snipped the last rose this morning in bright sunshine. Weather is getting colder. Temperature
dropped very sharply here shortly after 3.30pm. Think I'll have a go craving
a butternut squash!! xx


Nice to read You again, Lucy!!! Love to see your pics



Lovely!! Also, I love your new "profile" pic at the top :-)


Hi Lucy,I really love every pics you make. the colours are always beautiful.
I link the cottage blanket you made in my blog as I am making one for me. Hope every thing is ok with that, if not just tell me. Thank you
You can see it at www.mywoolvalley.blogspot.ca
I made my own choice of colours but I choose the same wool.
I am looking forward to your next project.

Joan Davies

Love you new photo Lucy!! You really suit pink...... Finished first fifteen rows of the cosy blanket and the colours are gorgeous,looking forward to the next stage,hope your Mum is feeling much better,and life is settling down a bit for you,Much lovexxxxxxxxxxxx

Farrah Lily

Digital hoarding, lol..so true! That is extremely sweet that you can still go sock less! We've had a tiny warmish spell here and it's been heavenly! Enjoy those flowers :)

alison willcocks

Definitely better than ironing shirts. It brings back memories of when my girls used to make these. Loving the floral pictures :)


Hi Lucy,

Loving your new "about me" photo. You suit pink very well :)


Ironing?! What's that?! I only ever iron when I am sewing! Love your cheery posies!

MaryKay Larson

This is my first visit to Attic 24. Your garden is so lovely. What really caught my attention was the photo posted Oct 25. It's a perfect inspiration for the colors of a project!


Love that Little Miss has discovered Pinterest!! Enjoy "no sockage" while it lasts :) xoxo


Hey Lucy!
Adding "age" to the ends of words is so much fun.
Husband: Did Josephine (our cat) come in when you called?
Me: Yup. We have achieved cattage.
Hope you are having a good afternoon.
Blessings, m & jb

(Maureen and Josephina Ballerina the cat)

Sara Phipps

Love the new photo! Also love pintrest ( can't say the same for ironing tho!!)


what a lovely picture of you
my daughter and I enjoy your blog so much

Carol aka Dansnan

Your clematis is a beauty and so are your little posies. I'm amazed at all the flowers still in bloom, even geraniums and fuchsias are still strutting their stuff.
Hope it has been a sunny day in Skipton, we went to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and it was glorious.
Carol xx


You still have flowers and no frost yet, I'm envious. Our first frost comes in September. I'm just happy to not have snow yet.
We call them Perler beads and my daughters went through a faze of them also. But my niece went insane, her and her dad made millions of them.
PInterest is great for ideas and inspiration but you have to use those ideas not just pin them, haha!


Also like your ring and your blue wheelie bin! How appropriate that they should give you a nice colourful blue wheelie bin - I've got grey!!!

ann clements

I love your clematis such a lovely cheerful colour,today I did my weekly shop at our local supermarket and I was sat on the seat waiting for ds to pick me up and the sun was very warm in fact it was burning my leg through my skirt I am also going sockless at the moment and love it,its amazing weather for November

Anne Baselt

You cultivate loveliness. You inspire. You uplift. You encourage. You appreciate. You build goodness. And, you love color...the bright cheerfulness and happiness of color. I never appreciated color until you. You warm my everyday and make it special. Thank you.

Angela-Southern USA

Oh it definitely beats ironing shirts! lol Happy crafting to L.L.(To have had Pinterest as a child!) I don't know that variety of clematis but it a beauty! Mine that did the same is in bud now, but we recently had a scattered killing frost so I'm not sure If I'll see them open or not. So glad fall has been mild for you , enjoy! Rain here today, so the plan is to work on a quilt I should have already finished by now. ;O


Just like to say a big thank you for your blog - also all of the recent comments have helped me enormously with my essay:- Marketing-Consolidating the Myth.
Keep up the colourful work :-)

crafty mena

welcome back
love it all

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