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November 25, 2014


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Doris Cain

Just bought my copy of Simply Crochet @ Barnes & Noble (I love my free stitch markers)

Hansa Asher

Beautiful work! Would like to learn n make it!


Hi Lucy
Try to find your email no luck..my question is did you do front back post double stitch for the cowl (cowl neck poncho) , Are front post back post treble. I have the pattern it says fptr bptr.....


Thanks for sharing this, and the magazine you create projects for. Drops is a favorite of mine; the U.S. headquarters are in my town. I remember first finding the joy of your colorful blog, and going into the original Nordic Mart-San Luis Obispo location to buy some wool (you were using Bliss Baby Cashmerino for your first granny projects) and finding something comparable at very reasonable prices! I was so excited about your blog and projects--told the ladies about you,"google Attic 24!"so they may have been following you for several years now. Many Happy projects, pootles, and 'peeps' to you in 2015. (((lucy)))


how many chains do u start with for the cowl.... what is the pattern... do i have to purchase the magazine


how many chains do u start with for the cowl.... what is the pattern... do i haste to purchase the magazine

Melanie Jenkins

Can I get the pattern online somewhere or do I have to buy Simply Crochet?


I made one too. Obviously I made it to my own colour taste but I used the wool recommended so it cast a bit. But I love it.

Betty Taylor

I'm rushing out now to try to find that mag in my local shops. Thank you Lucy.


I am in the middle of making the poncho neck, however not keen on the main pattern, could you recommend a different crochet pattern, something not too retro.



Pam Richardson

If Yarndale was ever intended for charity then the name of that charity would have been emblazoned ALL over the place and anyone would have realised that. Come off it when was any charity event not promoted with the charity's name and registered number displayed PROMINENTLY? No way was it a charity event or advertised as having charitable status which would have been unlawful. If someone had mistaken thought it was for charity it is exactly that THEIR MISTAKE. Anyway at last if you're all "out" then we can all go back to reading the nice blog again


Looks lovely so far. I'd love to give a poncho a go but best wait until I've finished a few more WIPS! I think I'd also ditch the tassles and maybe go for some pom-poms.


I loved this the first time I saw it so rushed out to buy the mag and some wool (my colours are grey, purple, turquoise colours). I have a big fear of printed patterns too so fingers crossed it will turn out as good as yours looks! I have only managed the cowl bit so far........


It looks like it will be amazing! So far so lovely :)


My goodness! What is the matter with Tracey? Don't worry about her, Lucy. I have been following your blog for the past 3 years and you never fail to put me in a good mood. All my knit and crochet projects are full of colors, just like your crochet projects (I realize you don't knit). Lots of love, from North Carolina, USA!


Hey Lucy, I can't cope!! You are amazing - another project and I suppose it is finished by now! Well done and though I shalln't make this because ponchos don't suit me, I love the stitch and will use it for a project tat I have thought of.

Gill W

Goodness!! So many really bad people in this world and so much negativity towards a lady who loves to crochet. And show me a stay at home Mum who doesnt try and make some extra funds for the family. Live and let live! Xx


Tracey, perhaps you are no longer reading, but in case you are... I am unclear why you think that it is reasonable to have made the assumption that sending in mandalas or bunting triangles were donations to a not-for-profit venture? You imply that asking for contributions to a piece of community art was cynically carried out for profit? I am not sure that anyone has directly profited from either the bunting or the mandalas because they have not been sold? I imagine that they added to the 'attraction' of the event (I don't know, I didn't go) but I can't imagine that people booked to go to Yarndale primarily so that they could see the mandala or bunting displays?

I think if it's okay for you to assume that it was not-for-profit, then it's also okay for Lucy to 'assume' that people sending in their voluntary contributions didn't mind that Yarndale was a profit making venture? Both are equally guilty of the crime of making assumptions. If you had asked, before sending your contribution, about what would happen to it and who might benefit and Lucy had knowingly mislead you (or, shall we say, pulled the wool over your eyes!) then I think I could understand your disaffection. As it is, you are making accusations that I don't think are reasonable. If it mattered so much to you then you should have found out before making a contribution. It seems pointless to be complaining now - you do sound very bitter, but it's hard for anyone in a neutral position (which I am) to fathom quite why.

I would agree that selecting only the negative posts for deletion isn't a good idea. And also agree that 'name calling' is totally unnecessary and would suggest that it is more appropriate to delete offensive/insulting/name-calling comments than those of 'dissenting' voices.

I think your initial comment is challenging to the neutral reader because it implies that anyone who wants to buy Simply Crochet and make the poncho is gullible for doing so - that, I would say, is patronising. It appears to take those people who enjoy this blog to task for being naive in assuming that Lucy writes it for entirely altruistic reasons. I don't think that is the case - I just think that others (unlike you) simply don't mind her making money from her 'hobby' and her blog. It's not a deception - she has stated that she makes money from the yarn packs, has a column in SC. What is wrong with 'self-promotion'? Unless Lucy has something people want to buy, or to buy in to, she won't be able to sell it? I'm not participating in the CAL and don't feel in the least that I am missing out. I wouldn't make anything I don't want to make, will buy the brand of wool I want, from the place I want to buy it. Why does Lucy making a profit from her ability to inspire people make you so angry? I think you're right to opt out.

[Out of interest, I have read this blog for some time, not sure exactly how long, but a few years - I am not interested in the homely stories, I find some of it too twee and saccharine for my tastes, and I don't much want to read about Lucy's life - I skim over those blog posts, but I am interested in the crochet, like the inspiration it provides, prefer a site where the patterns are given 'freely' and I can contribute by clicking links to Amazon, buy yarn packs etc. because I choose to (not because I'm a gullible fool) so I am not a 'fan' but I did find your comment out of place, probably because it insulted my intelligence just as much as it questioned Lucy's integrity.]


I'm a Simply Crochet subscriber and determined to make that poncho as soon as I got my magazine (once I've done all the Christmas presents and the current blanket, etc, etc...). I was also delighted to pick up Crochet Step by Step in Aldi this week for £3.99 which clearly shows all the post treble stitches as well as bobbles, popcorn and so on - result. I've used Drops Nepal before to knit the February Lady Sweater and it's beautifully warm though I think I'd want it quite loose round my neck, but then I'm funny about things tight there. AND a friend in my village runs a Drops online shop/local supplies so I can go and play with colours in her sitting room! I intend to make it longer too and dispense with the tassles, maybe twice the stripes to keep me warm in a house without central heating ;-)


Beautiful, Lucy! I am not much of a poncho person, but that cowl looks so nice! I love finding stitches that look like knitted for wearable objects—attractive but without the fuss of actually having to knit—a craft that I never get on well with. Enjoy those rows or color! Happy Thanksgiving from the US :)

Carol aka Dansnan

I looked at the pattern and thought "lovely" but, like you, closed the page on reading the instructions. Thank you for the link to You Tube, one day I might be brave. I would increase rows and omit fringe too.
Carol xx

Jen Mitchell

I loved the poncho you made and subscribe to Simply crochet too, you've inspired me to make this one as I wasn't keen on the tassels either, look forward to watching your progress, I just need to invest in some aran weight yarn now- I seem to have every weight except this!


Dear Lucy,
i like very much reading your blog. There is a warm and pleasant mood that gives serenity. Thank you!
Excuse me for my english,I am italian.

Milla Michonne

Lovely :)

Angela-Southern USA

It's looking lovely already! Congrats on figuring it out. It took me many years (before YouTube) to read written patterns, and some I still get lost in. YouTube is great for most anything! I've had the idea bouncing around in my head while working on the grey blanket (for a Christmas present) of doing a poncho in the left over yarn or a cowl. Look forward to seeing your poncho. I remember a poncho as a kid with the long fringe, which always got tangled. Happy day!

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