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November 25, 2014


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denise abreu luz

muito lindo gostaria que me enviasse o video pois tenho problema agradeço atenciosamente denise abreud visao e gostaria de acompanhar passo a passo

Dawn Rae

BEAUTIFUL ! (I found your part II first, then came to part I) Your project is beautiful. I just finished a very easy crochet blanket for my granddaughter. Now her mother wants something...say, a cape? a poncho? Yikes! All of the patterns look way too hard for me. Your project is gorgeous and inspiring. I hope I am able to find something I can complete for her.


Hellocan i get a video of this design of pouncho ..or clear images ..thanks kindly reply


Please can you give me the pattern as I have been sesrching for this for weks now and i can really find the magazine. Can you kondly send me the pattern please thanks.

Mirjam teering

Is dit patroon ook in Nederlandse beschrijving?


Hi, does anyone have any advice about using DK with this? I cannot get Aran weight where I live and stuck with DK but really want to make it.

marlene Norman

Can someone help me with this pattern immediately a pensioner and have not the paying facilities my money is to little please and thank-you.


Si alguien tuviera el patron completo, con las instrucciones desde el cuello hasta la terminacion lo agradeceria...Vivo en Argentina.


Thank you so much for posting this pattern - I just love it. Thank you one again


How do I get this pattern?

Gloria Vivero

I'm so glad that I found you link is there any way that I can get the pattern. I really want to make this for my daughter.

anabela agostinho

I just finish
but now I don't know how to do for blocking
thank you very much

anabela agostinho

I just comme to finish but for the cowl is a double or a treble? because in de magasin its a treble but in the video is a double but us terms its the same?

Lorraine Blakey

To the ladies looking for the edging: it is on Lucy's Cowl-neck Poncho :: ta dah!


Truus de Jong

Is dit patroon ook in het nederlands


Oh I'm glad I'm not the only one, written patterns share the hell out of me! But you encourage me to go have a try.. I also bought the pattern via Ravelry because I loved it so much!

D Rice

I have paid for the actual written patterm but would love a tutorial VIDEO on making it.

D Rice

Has anyone seen a YouTube or other VIDEO on making this COWL NECK PONCHO?


Och...wow this looks great!


I have been admiring your finished product for months now (in a different post) and am on the verge of buying the pattern from Ravelry. I was considering buying the DROPS Nepal yarn; I've never tried it before and thought this would be the perfect project to try something new and lovely. However, I read in this post that's it's a pretty heavy and scratchy (?) wool. I really want a soft poncho :) Can you recommend another yarn that would be fabulous for this pattern? Thanks in advance!

I'm such a fan of your blog and am so grateful that you share your creativity with us!


Hi, Was looking for the edging the you had done on this poncho but it seems to have disappeared. I have done a fringed one for myself and am now doing a small one in DK for my grandaughter and didnt want to put fringes on it. Can you provide a link to your edging please.

Donna H

When I looked at the blog a day or so ago, there were pictures of an edging you attached instead of fringe. Now, the blog stops before it gets to the edging. Is there a way to see the edging again?

Also, I am in the US and have heard that this poncho pattern is now available on Ravelry (http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/cowl-neck-poncho-3). I have the magazine so have not tried to buy just the pattern but that might be an option for people who cannot get the magazine.

Emma Brown

I can't find this magazine anywhere would love to do the ribbed cowl neck poncho HELP!!!!!


Thank you for the link to the video. Before this I was really struggling to understand the stitch

Doreen Hill

Hi. ..so sad... I am in South Africa and this poncho pattern is just not available here..

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