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November 06, 2014


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Sam Roberts

Hi Lucy, you are so clever with colour!! Your blanket looks super!! I have pinched your peg idea as it is just such a brilliant one and have had loads of fun playing with my yarn shade pegs. Thanks for this an all the other inspiration you have given me, take care, Sam xx


Been following your blog for a number of years, and love the colours and textures you use. A blanket is filled with symbolism, something we use to protect a newborn! and is saturated in love. I loved the use of the blanket in the movie with George Clooney who plays the widower, Matt, following his wife Elizabeth's accident. For the period of Elizabeth's life following the accident, her bed is draped in a golden and cream coloured blanket. At the end of the movie, as Matt and his daughters move on as a family, accepting the events of the past, they make themselves comfortable under the same cosy blanket, watching TV and eating ice-cream, with a togetherness that Elizabeth is still with them, and life is back to normal. They seem to be watching 'The March of the Penquins' who survive everything that's thrown at them. So, I always think that life at no. 24 must be very cosy with all these lovingly made creations, with texture and colour that are unique to you Lucy. All the penguins at 24 must feel very loved indeed. What wonderful memories you are creating for them!☺️❤️😍

Brigida Gee

Hi Lucy!
I'm here in frigid Brooklyn,NYC! Temp is 20F but feels like 15F Couldn't sleep so I went to your blog to cheer me up. Always love your posts and pictures. I too am a color-holic! I made your hexagon blanket last year. Everyone loved the happy colors! I saw your cosy striped blanket and decided I must make it. Sooo I ordered the yarn and I can't wait to get started. Thank you for all the wonderful inspiration and joy you bring to all of us! Night night, Love, Brigida

Marie Salamanca

Wow lucy, i love the way your yarn choice exactly matches the flowers and leaves of autumn :) its gorgeous!! Please can you tell me what the pattern for the little squares is? the one you used on the photo with the leaves and flowers on a tray and the other photo with the squares laid out and the nature finds laid out to match...thank you so much!!

Carrie Johnson

Headed out tomorrow to get my yarn. A little late, but I think I can catch up with everyone. So excited!!!


How anyone can be nasty in the face of your generosity baffles me. But there are always one or two saddos out there! I just want to say how much I loved your photo of the crochet juxtaposed with the bits and pieces you picked up from nature. The colour similarities were remarkable. I'm almost finished the wave blanket (more of a throw in my case). I won't reveal how long it has taken me, but its been worth it.

Lizy Tish

You are so talented with your color play - just wonderful flower pictures with the colors flowing into each other. And then translating that into a crochet project. So pretty! You are just amazing. One day I will get to working on one of your blankets - too much Christmas knitting to do for now but maybe after the new year.

sofia katliakas

It's okay Lucy, I took it out and started again...I didnt crochet too loosely this time and its fine now...love the feel of this wool, just dont want to put it down...thankyou so much !!! Xxx

sofia katliakas

Hi Lucy, im so excited !! I received my cosy pack today and started my blanket..I am using 4mm hook and my width is measuring 145 cm instead of 120 cm...should I start again maybe use a smaller hook?I dont want to continue and not have enough wool for my blanket...what do you think? please let me know...thanks xx

Tanya Tomlinson

Yay!!! Just recieved all my yarn to start your CAL! Can't wait to start, so I'm not! I'm starting it straight away as I'm too excited to put it off. I've chosen the same colours as you as I'm a bit rubbish as choosing colours. Thanks for the time and effort you put in for us all in the Attic x

Karla Teague

Joining but with my own colors as I have a request for a blanket from son #2 and he's wanting colors more like your coast blanket. Thanks for the framework to hang it on.


Would love to join in!

Sarah raine

I wasn't going to do it! But I can't resist any longer lol. I have ordered my yarn and am waiting impatiently for it to arrive. Cannot wait to begin. Thank you Lucy your colours are magnificent.

Pam Richardson

Perhaps as Lucy has learnt and grown with her crochet skills, perhaps like we all do, she too has found that beginners new to crochet/knitting like the natural fibres as it feels great to work with and this can help to encourage the newbie. As we become more skilled in our craft we begin to try new fibres and realise that the natural ones may not withstand the punishment children can dole out and wont stay in shape throughout umpteen washings, unless you can afford to pay a small fortune. Remember some on here have only been crocheting for a short space of time and Lucy herself 7 years now, so perhaps she shouldn't be accused with lying! Perhaps she is on a learning curve too. I'd love to make something with 100% English Wool but like many others simply can't afford it. I tend to make blankets from Acrylic because its less hassle as I can just bung it in the washing machine and peg it out on the line. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt in any case. Accusing someone of lying is in my opinion dragging their good name through the mud. Is this slander I wonder? Get real! Who wants to use loads of pure wool in a blanket it would cost a bomb.


I love this idea!! How do you decide how much yarn goes on your clothes pin (I love the fact that you do this-- it's so much easier than carrying around 15 skeins of yarn just to change colors every row)? I'd like to give this a try and don't want to have to keep adding yarn in the middle of the row.


Got to finish a biiiiiiig project first but am nearly there now and very excited to get going on this new pattern, I have always loved viaducts and aqueducts and it makes me think of them. Hope I don't get too behind everyone else but I'm going to double it to make a blanket for our kingsize bed so that's probably a faint hope. I'm going to use colours nearer to your coastal ripple blanket, with a few more yellows and some purples, but use your numbering so that my randomisation matches yours. I was fascinated by your explanation of how you do the random colours - and am going straight out tomorrow to get some wooden clothes pegs to try for myself. You are a brilliant teacher, thank you for sharing your ideas and inspiration.


I cant quite do the CAL but I'm going to do this for a friend's birthday blanket. I'm currently working two granny Stripe baby blankets so this will be next. Thank you Lucy. I'll be sure to flick you a few £ for a coffee or two. Xxx


Madame Defarge was a knitter.....she sat in her husbands wine shop knitting on those sharp pointy needles plotting the downfall of all those she deemed to be aristocratic. The most hated was a Charles Darney who had a wife called ....gasp... Lucie......!!!!!! Now I love knitters, even been known to dabble in that dark art myself but that Madame Defarge allowed her past to colour her future with such spite and venom. Madame Defarge would be a cautionary tale to those who seek to wound others, it will cause dropped stitches and a sharp poke from your needle. Crochet folk on the other hand use a soft rounded hook that only wishes to play nicely with the yarn, no sharp points to cause pain....well unless you count those crazy lace makers...lol...
Another tale from the ages concerns the many headed hydra, she was always having a bad hair day, as heroes tried to vanquish her by cutting off a head....two more grew in its place...another cautionary tale....just walk on and compliment a hydra about her latest hairdo....Now thank you for indulging my love of history and literature, there is always a lesson to be learned by reading widely.


late to the CAL but I am hopping in. I bought yarn to do your ripple pattern and then when you 'kitted' your colors I bought that.
I am jumping in. Thank you


I've been following your blog for about six months.This is my favorite blanket. Thank you for sharing your process. It's like a class in color and has helped me complete a few of my own ta-dah moments. I enjoy the photos almost as much as the tutorials. So unique and inspiring.


Also to Clare: I guess if it were your blog you would have that freedom too, but cutting Lucy down for being an independent adult is just plain senseless. Perhaps you should reflect on your mean-spirited attitude and point it somewhere else! Do you like it when others cut you down? Or, are you just a taker?


This is to LIZ, aka "Ms. Unpleasant": it is a tacky, and classless thing to be downright nasty to Lucy, who gives of her talent and experience so freely. I suggest you examine your own life and see what fears you enjoy projecting on to others. I will pray for you in your journey!

Penny L

This has to be one of my favourite ever posts! I ordered the wool just before I went away on Griday. I so hope it will arrive tomorrow. Can't wait to be joining in . What a lovely thought to be doing something at the same time as people all over the world. What a lovely lot of positive vibes and happiness going into the ether! Penny L xxxx

Susan Sheppard

Looking forward to receiving my cosy yarn pack so I can make a start. This will be my first crochet along and has come just in time as I've almost finished my crochet bag. I started it as a freeform bag but didn't know how to finish it but having found your blog recently the handles and flowers on your bag tutorial are just right. Thank you Lucy!!


I'm gonna join you!!

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