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November 06, 2014


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Tanya Hottinger

Where do I get pattern??

Penny Heath

how many stitches and how many rows needed to make a Queen size blanket? I've bought double the amount stated. Is this enough for a Queen blanket?


I bought a yarn pack and wanted so much to make this blanket but had trouble with the stitch and getting it started. May try again now that I see this. :)

Melissa Harrell

Six years ago I started having sort term memory problems. My neurologist suggested that I take up hobbies that made me think and concentrate. Recently I moved on to crochet and have found much pleasure in crochet and quilting. Some days I have to read the instructions several times before being able to understand and complete one stitch. Your tutorials are helping so much. Being a crochet newbie, I've completed a few projects but I still have so much to learn. Thank you for opening your attic to us. There are so many sites about crochet, I'm so glad I found yours.


I love how you pick colors from nature. I think that's a great idea, nature has the best color combinations. :)

Paula Harvey

I keep trying to subscribe but it clears before I finish.
I've been trying to join for 2 years.
Thank you for all the beautiful designs and vibrant colours. Love every bit.
Sincerely ,Paula Harvey. Perth Western Australia.


Wow, this is a beautifully, colorful post! I'm just now seeing this, but I had to comment. I loved the colors inspired by nature, and the random stripes of your blanket. I also love that it is a rainbow, but not an "in your face" rainbow of colors. Thank you for your inspiration! I look forward to seeing more of your colorful creations. :)

Karen Mackin

think theres a error with ur pattern
row 3 at the end, it says skip 2 stitches, ork 3 trebles into next stitch. repeat until 3 stitches remaining, I only have 1

Arletha Sutton

Hi Lucy!
How many cosy pack do I need for this beautiful blanket? I've made everyone in my family one and was looking for something special for me and this is it.


I have a question...what if I wanted the stripes to run horizontally rather than vertically...so if I wanted the stripes to go across the bed rather than from the head to the foot? Do you think it would work in the same pattern with fewer stitches but perhaps then more rows? Either repeating the pattern of colors twice or having more rows per color?


I've been thinking that I might use the colors from the sunny crochet blanket in this pattern! So many beautiful colors that I may just have to make a blanket of each color set!!

Karen pitt

Hi, I have just started this blanket and my foundation row seems tight making the rest of the work wavy. So I need to start again and what did I do wrong ?

Marleen Staessens

It was by very coinsidence I discovered this page of you Lucy and I loved it imediatly! I live in Belgium.(Sorry,I sometimes make mistakes in English ) Years and years I was looking for the perfect blanket to Crochet and...tadaaahhh!!! this is the one!
My packet is on its way. I can hardly wait to start. You are so right, this project looks simpel, colourful and I will not get bored after 10 rows because of the large variety of beautiful colours.
I will keep the same order in colours, its just perfect !

ana paula campolina silveira

Sou brasileira e apaixonada por crochet.... me encantei com seu trabalho! É de um bom gosto indiscutível.... Minha família também gosta de trabalhos manuais, como parece que você envolve a sua família nos seus trabalhos também! Vou me inspirar neles!!!! Obrigada!

Hannah Heath

Love love love this blanket! It is the first blanket I've ever followed the pattern for and I couldn't be more pleased.


what size crochet hook is used. perhaps I am missing it somewhere...love the look. I have a Granddaughter who is only 3 but I want her to have it forever as my gift to her..
please note I am in the USA and need the equivilant of your hook.
Thank you and Happy New Year

barbara burdick

Hi Lucy, love your blanket! You are from the part of England featured in the James Herriott books. Loved all of them and the p.b.s.shows.You definitely live in a beautiful countryside,which probably inpires your work. Just found your site. Hope to check back with you again in the near future. Keep on crocheting, and making our world a more colorful place!


I just got my colors this afternoon. I tried to match your color chart. I love how you love every color. So do I. Will post pictures when finished.
All year long I hooky blankets for the VA and deliver them around December 15th. I'm all done with those, delivery date is for the 17th. When I seen this blanket I was so happy to treat myself with a project. This is a beautiful blanket. Thank you for this pattern. Love all your projects. A fan from reno, Nevada

M.H.P. Verwoerd

For The Netherlands: Stylecraft is not only available in a cute little shop in Delft, but also in the mall Nieuwegein. Not only Special DK but also Alpaca. Enjoy!


All those colours and textures! So incredibly beautiful :)

Vivian Costa Manso

And yes... You are such a nice person.. You've been inspiring me with your way of living, your way of showing a simple way of life.
I love the way you do your work.

Now.. Please tell me , what shoul i do, in order of not having my first rows ( in my attempt of doing the cosy blaket) turning out a little ruffled?

I know, that maybe is.the tension of my stitches. I' ll try bigger hook in the beggining and after two rows a smaller one, couse once i read that this might work.... But please tell me what you think about it... Kisses, Vivian

Vivian Costa Manso

Lucy im so grateful of having your blog to inspire me. Its not only what you do, but the way you do it. your tutorials are full of compassion to hose that would have trouble otherwise
Please ...you are a life saver and yes dont have mercy on those that are accusing you of this or that... Simply delete those comments.

You have been a life saver indeed, with your colours and compassionate tutorials. Love, Vivian, from Brazil

Judith Thompson

Lucy I want to make everything!!!! I absolutely love all your colours too. Happy days😊

Carol McFee

I am coming in a bit late here, but think it is high time I taught myself to crochet properly, I could do the stitches but I could never master the turning chains or if the hook goes through the chain or under. I think the blanket is the perfect challenge to get the hang of it.
I have received my yarns this morning, it makes it so much easier knowing which yarns to get and where to get them from,so thank you for that, I picked my
own colours and as someone who doesn't really do colour I am very excited to get started.


Just got my yarn pack and can't wait to start. Work full time and tired when I get home so probably won't start til this weekend. But can start making my color pins!!!!

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