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November 30, 2014


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BEAUTIFUL! I'm itching to start my own Cosy but I still have so many WIPs to finish. I'm also wondering about the same colours, but in Granny Squares. Hmmmm......


Dear Lucy,
first I want to thank you for the wonderful crochet patterns. My English is not good, but your patterns are described and illustrated so great that even I understand them. Very often I can relax and feel happy again when I crochet a blanket according to your instructions.
I just started with your new pattern and perhaps you might want to look at how it looks like? I show it today in my blog - presented by my little doll Ida.
I would be so happy about visit from you on my blog.
Dearest greetings from Germany
sends you

My cosy stripe blanket start shows here:


It is so beautiful.
A great size for a blanket, and a great job to do.


Everytime I see these pictures I long for christmas (I hope to get the colour pack for christmas!). Such pretty colours!!

Take care


I am loving this blanket Lucy. I'm not able to join in yet though as I have too much already on the to do list, but it's definately something I will come back to. It's really beautiful.


I've done 24 colours now :) Haven't had much time since I came back from my short holiday but I'm trying to do at least two stripes each night. I love the pattern Lucy....it's easy to do without having to concentrate too much and the cluster rows give it beautiful texture and keep me interested. I love watching how each colour plays out in the overall look of the blanket.

Enjoy your week xx


Thanks Lucy, lovely blankets that people are making. My Christmas wreath is coming on but it does take a lot of flowers etc. I just love it though, so bright and cheerful. See it on my blog.


Thank you for this!!! I have never done anything like this. I ordered my cosy pack last week. I am having a knee replacement in less than 2 weeks. It's going to be my healing blanket!!! I'm looking forward to having it help me recover.
I want to make the ripple blanket too!
Thank you for all the time you invest in to inspire us!!

Angela-Southern USA

It's so wonderful to see everyone's take on the same pattern! With no time for a blanket at the moment but wanting to try this I hooked it up in pillow form with left over yarn from my latest project, shades of grey. Have a look if you like.
Happy hooking!


I couldn't find where Lucy is talking about going for a walk! Where is that - all I could see was about crochet crochet and crochet!


Some really lovely versions taking shape there, and they all look so deliciously cosy. The top one is especially pretty. Sorry to hear you've been under the weather, I hope you're better soon. Have a good week Lucy, CJ xx


I'm with Liz and Caroline regarding the wobbly edge to this. I just couldn't get my head around it and ended up undoing it. The swatch is a good idea. I will have another go when my 'logic' head returns!


I am just learning to crochet, and wanted to make this, but after 16 colour changes my edges are not straight. The colour change edge is okay, it is the other side that has gone wonky. Not sure why,, suppose it could be tension trouble or stitch count is out.

Jacky Russell

I ended up doing a small sample in order to visualise it better Liz - once you get the hang of it, it's fine, and you can look at the rows below as a reminder x


Thanks Jacky for the practical advice and info - you are right, I should make a sample to figure out the numbering, but your explanation helps me get my head around the logistics. I wish you lived next door too! I don't know anyone else who crochets, so it's blogs and tutorials for me, and when I'm in a pickle it would so help to have a real live person to help sort out the muddle!


It's looking amazing and growing so quickly loving all the warm tones, thanks for featuring my Cosy Blanket, it lovely to see it keeping good company with all the others.
Clare xx

Winifred Waite

It's going great! Gorgeous warm colours.

Rona Griffiths

Yes Mandy Mills I am using a 4 mm hook, although if it was anything other than a blanket I would probably have to use a hook a 1/2 mm bigger coz I have a pretty tight tension as I also do when I'm knitting. Rona x


Oh that's my little baby blanket! Thanks Lucy, how fun it is to discover it here among all those beautiful pictures of Cosy Stripe Blankets! Your blanket is growing more and more gorgeous. And crocheted blankets do have a way of making one feel better when under the weather, don't they? Have a lovely Sunday evening!


Liz, definitely not the only one with wobbly edge syndrome! We should join a group ...

Jacky Russell

Liz - the number of stitches is 196 on 'most' rows! Because the granny rows are made of clusters that are offset, ie not one above the other, the stitch count in these two rows varies. This is why you skip one stitch in the first row of trebles above but only on one side. It is the left hand side as you look at the work on the front side. You are only skipping one stitch at one end of the first row of trebles. Wish I lived next door - it's hard to explain! What you could do is make a sample piece using say 21 stitches, (multiple of 3). Read through the pattern again carefully as you go. One of the rows says to chain 3 at the end, and also chain 3 at the beginning of the next row. This is a mistake I think. It is usually ''chain 3,turn'. You don't need 2 lots of chain 3 x gawd, hope I'm not making it worse for you! Good luck x


I started late, but I finished row 60 last night. I need to find some light so I can take a picture. I love how it looks. Al I want to do is crochet.

Sarah west mids uk

Dear Lucy blanket looking very cosy. All of the blankets you have featured this week are looking good too. I will have to wait until the Christmas break
to begin mine. Have a good week. xx


Lucy, thank you so much for this lovely project. It's such a pleasure to wake up on a Sunday morning and have a new "episode" of the blanket to follow!

Robin W.

Hi Lucy,
Your blanket is looking fabulous!I am on number 41 (claret)so row 82. I am loving the yarn colors....especially claret and petrol. My whole family likes this blanket...from my 4 year old, my 20 year old, my 22 year old ( I sent him a picture) and my husband. This blanket is vivid and we will enjoy it for years to come. Thank you Lucy for the CAL idea, yarn choice, and pattern. I look forward to crocheting it everyday :-) What fun!!

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