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November 23, 2014


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Chel C

Your blanket is growing in size and colour each week and it's fantastic! I really must get down to the shops to get the muted tones I need for mine and then get going!! Have a great week x


I love how the colors of the rooftops on your little zipper notions bag sitting next to your bag of yarn echoes the colors of the yarn so beautifully!


So excited to see these blankety pictures. I have asked for the CAL wool pack for Christmas and am looking forward to joining you all when I have completed my coastal ripples.

Lindsey Toms

These blankets are all beautiful. I have just started on my Cottage Ripple blanket. I bought the pack from wool warehouse and love it! I am making a cot sized blanket and then I will make a cot size Cosy Blanket with the yarn that's left. I have a new grandchild due in May so I plan on buying the yarn pack for the Cosy blanket and making two more in those colours :)
The wool warehouse packs are such a great idea and makes life so much easier when it comes to getting started on your beautiful blankets. Thank you x


Well I've started!! On my ninth colour stripe so far and I love the way it's going from the more muted autumn colours into the lovely pinks, plums, spice's and then we get just a hint of blue's.

The pattern makes the colours look different too. You can do one row all single trebles and one in the three trebles both in the same colour but once it's mingled with the other colours they looks so different from each other....I love it xxx


Lucy , I absolutely love the combination of your wooden pegs with the lovely yarn.Nice combination of materials . Love from Frankfurt , Sandra


Such wonderful pics!!

I hope I will get the yarn pack for christmas, so I can catch up :)

Take care


I haven't started this blanket yet as I an trying to finish your Christmas wreath. I didn't realise how much was needed for it!! I am enjoying doing it though and I find crotchet so soothing. I don't like November either and am looking forward to Christmas. I don't know how to use Instagram and I am too old to learn!!!!

Katherine, NZ

This is my first CAL and I'm loving it! I wish I was doing the full size blanket but with a baby due very soon (not mine!) I can join in AND fulfil baby present need too! The Cottage colours are prefect for baby girl so a Cosy Cottage Baby Blanket it is then. Thanks for including my pic in your blog x


oh my goodness...it is just gorgeous Lucy! I am crocheting a scarf at this moment, and it always brings your lovely work to mind...thank you ;0) mari


Thanks for sharing the other crocheters' work! It's lovely to see what everyone else is up to. Take care xx




Lovely to see your work Lucy and catch up with other peoples. My blanket is growing slowly but looking so good with your colour choice. Hope you enjoyed the rest of your Sunday, goodnight all x


It's coming along beautifully Lucy. Lovely to see all the other versions as well. CJ xx


#cosystripeblanket was my hash tag on Facebook.... must go edit ;)
Looking great Lucy! Working at about half your speed, 15 stripes in 2 weeks, but will get there eventually. Like that I can just about get a colour done each night, feels like I therefore keep making progress and don't get disheartened by slow progress.


I just love the color combination of the Cosy Yarn Package! As soon as I have finished some of my current project I want to make a rainbow ripple out if it! :)


Your living room looks so inviting and cosy with the gorgeous blankets and cushions on the sofa and the blazing fire. I am hoping that Santa will be bringing me a yarn pack this year.


I have tendonitis doing too many Christmas gifts and I can only crochet 15 minutes at a time! I am only on row 5 but the Cosy Blanket is my winter project so I am not too worried and I am doing my own random stripe can't wait to see the boarder!

Angela-Southern USA

It's so lovely Lucy! Nothing better than the whole family gathered together even if they are doing their own thing. I spent the day (as a reward for finishing the knitted blanket)crocheting, pure bliss after such a long time away. lol With the left over yarn from the grey blanket I've tried your design for a pillow, it's hooking up nicely in shades of grey. Have a great cosy day!

Sue Silva

Love all the delicious colour, Lucy! I'm currently obsessed with round cushions and hanging hearts, lol!

Working of number 2 and 3 of each!


Jan Ward

Looking good. I am still hooking away at my granny stripe. Looking forward to starting this when I have finished.

Christine Gregory

I've just started my new forest in the autumn blanket, have been making Xmas presents up until now.

Sally Harvey

I've been tagging mine on Instagram with #attic24cal but will use #cosycal from now on! The only problem is I love everyone else's colour choices and then have a wobble about my own!!
Have a lovely Sunday xx


Love the colors you chose! It makes me want to make a quilt with long bands of similar colors. Snuggle up!

Anne Baselt

Dear Lucy, You are so absolutely correct...my cosy stripe blanket is hard to put down. I'm using Coast Ripple colors for my CAL blanket and cannot imagine using any other yarn but this soft Special DK yarn. Thank you for sharing. I never get tired of looking at all the beautiful blankets and colors. You bring bright sunshine, happiness, and color into my world each day. Thank you.

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