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November 23, 2014


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Marion Nash

Would love to have the instructions so l can use up my yarn thank you.


Should have known this was Attic 24 before I ever clicked the Pin!!! Your choice of colors never fails to excite and inspire me! Thank you for sharing your lovely patterns! You are an inspiration!


I'm on week 4 of this blanket. I've been working on it since late 2014. I started it when my then infant son went in for an operation. Focusing on counting out the first chain helped keep my mind busy at the time and then working on it during his recovery helped me feel less helpless. I worked on it while watching favourite tv programmes with my husband and loved seeing how quickly it worked up. I was a bit put out with myself to find I'd dropped a cluster by accident making 7 or so rows short but I added the missing cluster back in and continued doggedly. I needed to do some travelling and by the time I got back to it the weather was warm and I didn't want to be inside so this project got pushed to the back of the pile. Then I had to rush home to NZ to be with my terminally ill mother, I packed this project remembering how it'd helped keep me sane at my little boy's bedside- I worked all my worry, fear, helplessness and sadness into the rows of week three. When my mother died I set aside the project because it hurt to look at it. Months have passed since and it's snowing outside, with all my siblings arriving from different corners of the world for Christmas I thought it was about time I crocheted in happy times again. It's now New Years and my singular resolution is to finish this blanket- I hope when it's finally done it'll warm my little family on cold movie nights, comfort my son when he's sick or sad and keep my visitors warm and cheerful. Thank you Attic 24 for your beautiful pattern and thorough tutorials xx


Hi Lucy. I have completed my stripes. Can you hint at what the border is going to be. I want to give mine as achristmas present to my pregnant daughter and would love to have it done in time. Karen

Pam Richardson

Totally agree with Morag. Its such a great, easy way to relax and uncurl all those stresses of modern day life, cheaper and healthier than many other ways of de-stressing. If only more people took up the craft.


Aaaaaah...... The anticipation of a Sunday morning CAL update. I've been up since 7. It's like waiting for santa x x x

Rona Griffiths

I've done my 60 rows and am eagerly awaiting tomorrow and the next set of colours yay!!!!! Meanwhile I've started the little crocheted christmas tree that's in the same issue of simply crochet that the poncho is in. Loving this, thank you Lucy and all who are participating making this such fun and letting us see all your wonderful variations as well as the regular blankets. Rona x


I'm so enjoying this little journey of colourful crotchet. I've been slower this week. As a community psychiatric nurse I've had one of my more stressful weeks. Getting home late and pacing myself with just a few rows had felt a wonderful way to ground myself and relax. Mindful crotchet!! Works a treat.x x x


So loving this, just started my very first CAL! And seeing all those snuggly blankets growing all over the world makes mine feel extra special, having so many global cosy cousins! Thank you Lucy! http://daffodilwild.wordpress.com/2014/11/28/first-cosy-c-a-l/


My kits took a lot longer to arrive than I expected (dratted Aus Post!!!) but thankfully they got here the day before I was leaving for a visit with a friend. I took my Cosy kit with me and crocheted my heart out lol I'm up to colour 19...yay I won't catch up with everyone but that's okay. I'm loving the colour play Lucy....great job on putting them together :) I absolutely LOVE these colours!!! I can't wait to get onto the next colour to see how it's all going together. My friend loved my budding blanket (or throw?) so much that I taught her to crochet, so she can order a kit once she's comfortable with the stitches :)


Hello From France! This CAL is such beautiful idea! I'm already looking forward to your next sunday morning post! Thank you so much!

Debi Nattier

I love this pattern and I am trying to get caught up, lol. I am on row 26. Looking at your pictures and my afghan so far, my yarn is much darker than yours. I bought the kit so I know I have the right colors, it just seems rather drab. I'm sure it will be ok when it is done, but I am a wee bit disappointed.

Jen Shults

This is fantastic! I love this wonderful pattern. I'm currently making a ripple blanket from your ripple pattern for my oldest in lots of bright colors. :)


I'm behind you girls. First time I've ever joined a crochet project group. I'm using up all of my special dk colours. I love all your blankets. Your colours are wonderful (evrryone's)
I spent 9hrs I hospital hooked to a drip today and got 5miles not colours done so it's going to take me a long time despite its 30stitches narrower.
I'm making stew with your bread Luck tomorrow
Many blessings

Rona Griffiths

Would love to see your New Forest in the Autumn blanket Christine Gregory it sounds lovely, Rona x

Annette D.

I just found this wonderful site (Thanks Lucy) and want to start to buy the materials (this will be my first afghan). What size hook is everyone using? I started practicing with an H-8 5.00mm. I think I need a firmer yarn - I had Caron Simply Soft. Hoping to go after work today so I can start over thanksgiving weekend. I'm looking forward to working on this over the holidays when I'm off of school. Thank you!! Annette

Sandra (Cherry Heart)

It's a joy to watch this one growing Lucy, it's wonderful and so aptly named, it looks as cosy as anything. I'm loving all the beautiful creative variations that everyone is making too. Just fab!

S x


Hi Lucy! I happen to have the color pack that you used in the granny stripe blanket and I would like to make the Cosy blanket using those colors. Can you list the order of color that you used in that pattern or any new suggestions? :-) Thanks!


This is a beautiful blanket and I think that you mixed the colors beautifully. The result is feeling of richness.
Also, I would like to tell you that I made a link to your blog in a post I published today. I used your Little Balls tutorial to make a pumpkin. :-)
Thank you for writing this tutorial!

stephanie thies

Dear Lucy,

I have been asked for the pattern in German. Would you please allow me to translate it, so that some happy Hooksters over here could join the CAL, too? That would be great. We all do love the Cosy Stripes so much! Thank you.
Greetings from Bavaria, stefanella


It's lovely Lucy and the colours are so warm abd cosy ... I still haven't started mine yet as we were in Scotland for a week with smaller projects in my bag. We set off at 6.45 am yesterday morning and crossed the border back to England and then another hour on I spotted a signpost to Skipton and so wanted to go that way and pop by and say hi to all you lovely people who live there. The coach driver wasn't having any of it though - so I had to come back home. Will be up to see you all next year xx lots of love Joy xx


The blanket is really coming on now. Looks great in all the colour combinations.


That 'whole family in the one room' thing. Love that. Rare in our house, especially with a million miles apart 8-year old and 15-year old, but love it when it happens!

Carol R Keskeny

Dearest Lucy, I just got my 2 packs of the Cozy Stripe yarn. I am only on row 7 but the joy you have brought me is unbelievable! I live in Montana in the US and it's the perfect time of year to sit and crochet. Loving every second of this making this cozy blanket. Thank you, thank you for all that you do!`


Loving this Cal and the cosy blanket is hard to put down. Up to stripe 31 Spice, Part 3. Sat last night in front of the fire in the local pub and so many people have remarked on it, that there may be a group cosy blankie making up here in cold Cumbria.
Thank you so much for this inspiration. Would never use other wool as Stylecraft is so soft.
Loving the posts keep the coming
Love to all the cosy happy hookers around the world.

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