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November 16, 2014


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Loving the Cal and this blanket growing fast up to row 24 Grape Keep the posts coming Thank you loved seeing others colour choices C

Amanda Settle

Your blanket is looking wonderful and great to see what other people are doing. I finally got the wool for mine yesterday, now I just need to play with the colours a bit before I start. And my first ever project should be finished in a couple of days! I can't wait to get started on the next....Thanks for the inspiration :)


I am only on row 4 because I really wanted a ripple blanket and it took me 4 unravels to do the first row right (once I only realised I'd messed up near the end of the 2nd row, gah!). Also, my husband is forcing me to crochet him a hat and it is another unravelling challenge getting it the right size for him! Anyway, after that pesky first row, the ripples are a joy to work and I'm really excited to get a few more done :)


I love the photos you have chosen. Wonderful to see the Cosy blanket around the world.


I love the colours Elin used for her blanket. I wish she would share the palate with us.


Oh! What fun and a delicious looking crumpet.
I'm waiting for my packet of yarn to arrive.
It's ok, no free time right now and I have to relearn crochet. I am so looking forward to this 'gift' and am full of anticipation to see what grand ideas Lucy has.
The ravelry posts are lovely!!!


I am loving this pattern! I ordered and received the Cosy pack in a week's time. (I live in the US). Love the yarn and color choices. Thank you!!


I was so excited to see my blanket on your blog Lucy! Thank you so much for including me. This blanket is such a joy and the coastal colours are much admired by everyone who sees it. Thank you for introducing me to the Stylecraft yarn and for all the inspiring projects on your blog.

Anne Marie

Such beautiful colours and the pattern looks at first glance to be complicated. I thought it was some sort of arch stitch but when I saw close up I realised what it was.

I'm in the middle of a few things, not got time for this yet but I think I might just HAVE to have a little go. I'm doing a C2C in a marled wool but I must say that which it is pretty with the soft colours, it's nothing like the vibrant colours I've seen on all these pictures above.


Thank you, lovely Lucy, for including my Cosy Cottage blanket on your blog. Such a treat to see it there. You put your vision out there and all over the world, we riff on it - just wonderful!

Kim W

Looks so pretty and I love seeing how others are doing it too! I want to join in, but must finish a scarf I promised my sister first! After that it will be CAL for me!


Hello Lucy, this is my first post on your blog. I was pointed your way by a friend whose blanket I admired on Facebook. I haven't crocheted for 20 years and even then it was only little circles and nothing on this scale. So I am a bit behind with the CAL, only halfway through the first part, but I am loving it and loving the colours. Hopefully i will speed up a bit as I get the hang of it. I have had a few issues with having the right number of stitches in the row by the time I come to the first row of treble clusters but have managed to fiddle it so far. By the way I love the colours that Selma has chosen for her blanket. I am not creative so I am just following your colours Lucy, but Selma's lovely pale blanket has inspired me to think that perhaps I could try my own colours another time. Thank you Lucy for the blog.


They are all so different yet all are gorgeous.

niki murray

Hello Lucy, that is so interesting to see how other people's blankets look...they are all amazing x

Sarah west mids uk

Dear Lucy thank you for showing us all the blankets being made around the world. I made a sample and rows are turning out to be straight!
My bag of yarn has arrived. The colours are heavenly. I am making a blanket/throw for one of my sons. As soon as that is done I'm making the cosy blanket. It will be MINE! Have a HAPPY HOOKING WEEK! xx


Love the communalness (is that a word?) of this project! How people in different zones are doing the same thing.

Teresa Kasner

I loved seeing all the other blankets in your CAL.. how fun! You inspire so many to achieve so much.. bravo to you! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Good stuff Luce!
I'm still on week two, but no matter.
What matters is that I'd never have chosen these colours in a million years and neither would I have put them in the order that you suggest.
However, it's fab and much admired by visitors to my home - some via the front door and others (my daughter and granddaughter) via Skype!
It's a lovely relaxing sequence to follow -should be on prescription. Thank you.

Anna-Marie Field

Oh WOW!!!! Love the many different CAL's!!!!!! They are all amazing!!! Have a beautiful week!!!

Mama Bear

All the blankets look so beautiful, and it is fascinating to see everyone's different interpretations. So much talent out there! I am absolutely loving the colours in the pack, which I am using in the order you suggest. It's interesting to see how the colours work as I crochet them together - they seem brighter and more jewel like than they do when looked at individually. As the blanket takes form I think there's an almost primitive quality to it, very natural and earthy, as if the colours of the yarn come directly from nature, and the texture really lifts the pattern too. It's really beautiful and already I am getting compliments. It's fantastic to take with me when I visit with my mam or sisters during the day, and my mam is very impressed with how fast I am working. Mind though I am only on my second set of lime rows at the moment (the numbering is confusing me a little bit, so I just go by your pictures)! As it's my very first ever blanket it is not nearly as neat and professional looking as the ones pictured here. But I'm still very pleased with it! Love Rubekah xx


Some lovely pictures of some lovely colour combos on the blankets. I have still not started mine yet, but all ready for the off!! I bought pegs yesterday to make my colour samples (just like yours) and today Harry and I have made shortbread men!! Thanks Lucy for everything and your enthusiasm of the simplest of things!! Xx lots of love Joy Xx


Happy cozy Sunday! Such a fun surprise to scroll down and see a familiar view amongst all the other cozy blankets, thank you! :) It makes the CAL feel like a worldwide knit and natter—what a treat it is to share this love of yarn and crochet with so many. I am really inspired by the color combinations, both your packs and otherwise!


Looking fab! I love the look of the other CALs you've put on your page today. Much needed colour on a drab English Sunday :) Thanks!


Your blanket is beautiful. I knit but can't crochet and am desperate to learn. Your crafting is inspirational and who knows what it will encourage me to do...hopefully good crochet news soon...

Patty :-)

Love them all Lucy - Thank you for sharing! :-)

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