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November 16, 2014


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Tanya Miller

Just started mine....using up my stash! Or perhaps a small amount of my stash... hubby said I need to decrease my left over yarn stash!!! My blanket is BEAUTIFUL...as is yours!!! I'm starting row 36 and haven't repeated one color yet!!! (Hubby must be right lol!!!) Just noticed my edge is a bit off.... forgot the rules of the first DC rows... skip stitch in end turning chain.... guess I will just have to keep this one for myself.... (secretly grinning from ear to ear!!!!) Sure I will have enough yarn to make another... desperately want to make a coastal... but those sweet soft waves I fear...I sure both edges would not be straight if I messed this one up! I want to send you a picture but my camera is on the blink currently!!! Thank YOU FOR SHARING THIS LOVELY PATTERN!!!


I have finally started my cosy blanket. I had the pack for my birthday on Saturday, and am now sat here on the settee starting my third row. Happy Days:)Thanks Lucy :)

Nuala mc Hugh

Hi just wondering if row 16 is the same as row 1 but a different colour

Thanks Nuala


It's the day after Thanksgiving and I'm treating myself to working on this lovely blanket, following your pattern! Luscious color choices -- they truly do make one's heart sing! Thank you from Connecticut, USA!

Rona Griffiths

Got part three finished and have even finished sewing all the ends in on my king sized cozy blanket (361 stitches) looking forward to part 4 today yay!!!!!


I'm making this for my 9 year daughter's bed. She loves being involved, lining up the next colour for me, discussing the colours and sequence and whether we agree. The only debate was the pale rose followed by spice. Lovely just chatting with her whilst hooking. Thanks for the lovely design Lucy.

sofia katliakas

Hello Lucy, I am lovng this cosy blanket !!! I worked so much on it yesterday, almost all day. Surprised myself as im on row 44...waiting today for part 4 so I can do more....the colours are gorgeous!!!I posted it on my Sofia Katliakas crochet creations today and im getting a lot of likes... I did say pattern from attic24 so you might be getting some more fans.. lots of love to you Sofia xxx


My wool arrived today - so excited!! I absolutely love the colours and the wool is so soft. Can't wait to start this weekend, the gorgeous colours will brighten up a grey and rainy London. Thanks for everything you share on the site! Always find lots of inspiration here.


Love to see all the colorful blankets in progress.


Finished CAL3. Even my ends are sewn in! I'll be treating myself to a wee bit coastal and a whisky tomorrow night to celebrate!!
Loving the cozy snuggly colours:-) and looking forward to Sunday morning delights Morag x


Hi Lucy, I am new on your blog and I would like to know how to send a picture of my blanket started one month ago in France. Thanks!!!


Dear Lucy,
I started following your blog a few weeks back and am always awed by the colours and your creativity !

I, too, began crocheting a blanket/afghan just this last week. However, it is a different pattern (squares joined in diamond arrangement). I was wondering whether it will be eligible for the CAL, or does it have to be your pattern (which is also very appealing, but that project is tagged for the future).
Also, if I can join, how do I send photos? Do I post on my blog, or mail them to you?

muskaan :-)

Ann Field

I promised myself I would not start this blanket until I had finished all of my WIPs, but I have had to order more yarn soooo while I am waiting guess what I did?! Each colour will have a meaning so the first stripe is copper which is almost the colour of my son's hair and I am writing about each stripe as I go. This will be an heirloom blanket which hopefully I will wrap around my grandchildren (when I get some!) and tell stories and snuggle thank you for the inspiration Lucy!

Louise in Melbourne

Hi Lucy, Thank you for showing us everyone's beautiful blankets! They are all so gorgeous! Cheerio to fellow Aussie Lynne and her seaside colours! Good work everyone!


I love this pattern it has made me join my first ever CAL !!

The Purling Cat

I love all the pictures and blankets coming together. The autumnal palette in Elin's picture is just stunning, looking at it made me want make one of these beautiful blankets myself. The cosy may just have replaced the cottage blanket as my favourite!

Lizy Tish

Oh gosh - I just LOVE seeing all the various works-in-progress. So jealous because I can't start one just yet, with my xmas knitting in the way!


Oh gosh, each one was my favorite when I came to it! Lovely, everyone!


I would never of picked some of these colours but love them all as I work. It's also making me look at colour more when I'm out and about and giving me ideas of my own for future blankets, so thank you for the inspiration. Though before I branch out on my own I've asked Santa Hubby for a Coast or Cottage pack so I can do a ripple next.


There are some beautiful colour combinations amongst all those blankets.

Melanie @ M&M

Just saw the Cozy Blanket yesterday and decided to do it using the DK bundle you launched in the spring. Very happy with it so far. Using a 5mm instead of 4.

Robin W.

I really enjoy seeing other people's versions and progress. I received my cosy collection yarn on Saturday and I felt like a kid at Christmas. I adore the colors. I am on row 25 so have a bit of catching up to do but enjoying every minute of it. My husband loved seeing me so excited :-) He wanted to see the blog and where to order the yarn so I imagine Santa will be buying me a yarn pack for Christmas..ha ha YAY!


Hi Lucy,
I am following your Cosy Cal blanket and was wondering if you could possibly help me. My starting chain is tight but I am already 20 rows into my blanket and dont want to undo it all. Is there a way to fix it? I am loving this blanket so much - thank you for sharing with us :)


Great to see all these different versions! Each wonderful and special in it's own way. :)

I put the colour pack on my christmas wish list. Thus I can't participate in the CAL but I plan to catch up as soon as I get the yarn!

Take care

Denise Marshall

Ooooh Lucy, this is soooooo lovely, reading about your progress and the progress of so many other lovely projects. Really trying to hurry myself along with my current project so I can start on my Cosy Blanket too. (Think you're going to be finished before I start at this rate!). You are so generous with your knowledge and more importantly, TIME, which is precious especially for a Mum like you. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

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