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November 09, 2014


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Sheryl Kessler

I found your blog a few months ago and you got me motivated to start crocheting. I am a 25+ year knitter, and now a quilter and embroiderer too. I just love your color choices and purchased everything to make the Coast Ripple Blanket. I would have bought the kit from you if I had realized the yarn was actually shipping from the U.K. When I ordered it I thought it was coming from Maryland, not too far from Philadelphia, PA (United States) where I live. Anyway, really looking forward to start and have practiced the ripple stitch on some waste yarn.


I hesitated to place an order from overseas, as postage is always such a kill-joy, but to my delight, when omitting the VAT, and with very reasonable Royal Mail, it was actually cheaper! Even better, it arrived in Canada in only 4 days – I was so happy! I have found that my crocheting was very loose and large with a size 4 hook, better tension and size with a size 3 – strange. I also, as I went along, decided that the cottage colours aren’t quite right for my son, and so a coast ripple is on it’s way to Canada now… the cosy blanket will have to wait! It does look gorgeous though!


These blankets are all so beautiful! Makes me wish to pay my LYS a visit, and start my own... but alas, my yarn capacity is at its limit (yes, for me, there is such a thing ;) ). Bookmarking the article though. :)


Ooh I am so glad I bought that pack, absolutely stunning colours and I love the pattern as well. New Year start definitely as I have to finish other things first.

I to, feel a bit pressured with other things in my life at the moment, but as soon as I pick up my crochet I feel relaxed. never felt like this with knitting.

Keep up the good work.


Looks like I'm going to have 2 blankets on the go at once, just finished the coast blanket and bought the yarn for the cottage blanket. When I saw this one I couldn't resist it. Every time I have opened a pack of yarn, I have thought WOW what great colours.


Meant to say, haven't got time at the moment to do a blankie, but have just bought myself a hot water bottle and am going to use this pattern and some of my stash to create a cover for it. Then I can justify buying more yarn for the blanket, right?


Looking better and better with each row! Hope things are getting better and better for you and your mum too. Big hugs!


Oh my goodness Lucy, those colours are so beautiful together, this and the Cottage Ripple are taking me out of my comfort zone. I'm usually a soft pallette girl with lavenders, soft blues , lilacs and soft greys etc. I'm not complaining though I am loving working on the ripple now I've got it right:) I had to turn to my friend for advice because the increases and decreases weren't lining up properly. The second time I got as far as 18 rows, we found I hadn't got the right amount of stitches! I knew it was something I wasn't doing right.

I bought the Cosy pack so will be joining in with the CAL any day now, I've just completed my 13th colour change. I'm hoping to work on one of them each day.
Lovely to have you back:)

Peg x


Do you know what Lucy, I hope you do read the comments people read and then decide which ones outweigh the few negative posts. I have read through the comments although I don't normally as I just drop in and read your blog. I'm absolutely fine about buying the wool packs as I use your patterns and you are welcome to whatever commission you earn from the packs. I like reading your blog and know it takes time to compile and well done for such a lovely style of writing; it's evidently successful as you have so many followers. Why there has been such negative responses to your work is a bit beyond me, do people have nothing better to do?
Back to work now for me
All the best


Looking good so far!

Annette from Canada

I can't wait to start on the blanket! I ordered two yarn packages from you a few days ago so I am thinking I should be getting them in the next couple of weeks! It's too bad we can't all sit together while working on our blankets. I am going to try and get some ladies here in Burlington, Ontario, Canada together for some "knit/crochet and natter" Sessions. Thanks again for your entertaining posts - you really sound like such a nice person!

Robin W.

Hey Lucy,
I started my blanket trying to use yarn I had and I was not happy with it. I love the Fall colors you are using so I ordered the cosy color set of yarn....I am dying for it to get here! I live in Eastern Tennessee and this time of year the trees are vibrant with color...bright oranges, reds, gold ....I can't wait to make my blanket and always remember Fall of 2014. Last year was bleak..health issues and missing my older children. Well this year is turning out wonderful. One child finished college and is back at home with us and my son is coming to stay a week in December..YAY!! Thank you so much for your blog...your writing and most of all your love for crochet. It is so colorful and uplifting. Just what the world needs more of. I appreciate you sharing this blanket...the colors, the yarn, the pattern so we can all participate. It is indeed a lovely thought that crocheters all around the world are in unity to work on a project. I for one love your insight and creativity so keep up the good work!

Marylin Ollivier

Your color scheme us working so well...just luv seeing it unfold. I am impatiently :) waiting for my yarn to arrive and look forward to the CAL. Hooking is Happiness, Hugs, MO (Vancouver Island, BC, Canada)


Hello Lucy,
Thank you for sharing this pattern idea with us all. I have begun my own (on row 6) blanket that will measure slightly less wide and long as I am making it for my baby boy to be who is due Feb 1st! I have chosen only 5 colours, sky blue, lime, royal blue, heather grey, and bright orange. It is working up nicely so far and proving to be a joy to to work on. I made a blanket for my son, now 3.5 yrs and wanted to make one for the new little guy as well when you posted this neat pattern idea, thank you so much!
Cheers from Canada!

Lisa - Washington State

Hi Lucy--I have just ordered the Cosy yarn pack. I am currently working on the granny stripe with the original Attic24 colorpack....but I too love Autumn. I just can't wait to get those colors and start on the CAL. Plus, the pattern you are doing is just SO fun!! Can't wait! You are awesome!!

Pat R  USA

That is one of the most beautiful blankets I have seen. The colors in it make me feel so happy. I love the way you bring all the colors together. It inspires me to do my quilts the same way. I also love seeing the pictures of your town and the views you give us are delightful. Brightens up my days.


Lucy, I couldn't agree with you more how this project is just great for easing tension and working things out. I had free time on my hands last week and was waiting anxiously for job news regarding one of my kids, and all I could do was hook, hook, hook!

heather Chalkley

I Started on Friday night having ordered a 'cosy' pack earlier in the day. I have a ripple set waiting here in the house for another day and realised it contained 6 of the same colours. I borrowed those and got started. I was going on a 4 hour journey over the day 2 hours there and 2 hours back and this is such an excellent easy pattern to do whilst travelling. I just love how these colours go together whichever order they go in. When I got back home, there was my cosy kit waiting on the step -'it had arrived in one day! Well done Wool Warehouse. This is such a lovely project and I am 8 rows in. Thanks Lucy


Hi Lucy,

I have followed you for ever, and have recently strated a craft cafe in Australia, I send people to your amazing blog, for crochet inspiration all the time and we have had a few Granny stripe blankets made in store, so much fun. Would you mind if we run a little crochet along for this great project? I thought it would be great to do one in store, so people can pop in, and follow you along. Just wanted to check that it would be ok to spread a bit more Lucy love down under in Australia. xx


Does anyone else feel the colours are much darker ( in a good way) than the photographs? I bought the pack and was worried that they may be a bit bright for me but the "muted" tones are perfect for Autumn.


It's looking amazing, I wish I could crochet quicker, I'm CAL ing with my coast blanket, but my Cosy is now ready and waiting :)


I'm working on a blanket I started last spring. It's not the same pattern but I love thinking about women all around the world crocheting blankets at the same time. It's a beautiful feeling. Thank you!

Sue in Marion, Indiana

I really like the pattern texture. I'm in the US so have tried to obtain similar colors. I wanted to use up a particular yarn that I have lots of in my stash as I have found something I like better, and I've had to improvise on some of the colors. I had 8 rows done and decided to change some of my colors, so I'm probably going to start over. That's ok- it goes fast!


I love these colours so much. This blanket is going to be for my gorgeous big girl, but I expect little sister might want one as well

Linda Mitchell

I am busy with the coastal ripple blanket.......I bought the kit when I was at Yarndale. I also bought the cushion and bag kit. So this new blanket will be after that........I just love the relaxation of hooking. Non hooking friends just think I am mad.
Keep up the good work, Lucy.

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