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November 05, 2014


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crafty mena


just may "cross the pond" and come next year

oxxooxoxxo crafty mema


We loved visiting Coopers last year and this. It is a very special place, nearly as special as you.


I love your new profile picture on the blog Lucy! It's bright and cheerful just like you!

Mary G

Lucy, about that pumpkin pie: was reading a magazine in the airport yesterday which told me that the pumpkins one buys for carving make rather tasteless pies. Better to buy one which is meant to be eaten, or just buy canned pumpkin (which kind of defeats the purpose, right?).

I am loving those little color-play clothespins! Great idea!

Mary G in Chicago

Angela-Southern USA

Forgot to say; Love the new photo of you! :))

Angela-Southern USA

Cooper's sounds like a wonderful place to enjoy! So wish we had something like that here. A wonderful read on Yarndale blog, WAY to go Sheila and the rest! Your pegs and the type set tray on display at Yarndale inspire this.
https://www.flickr.com/photos/craftygal/15549368202/ Have a great one Lucy!


I never get the chance to just sit with a good coffee. Sounds like a really good way to spend an hour.

Sigi G

Love your Blog Lucy - old style and now new style. The picture of the cafe and your 'latte' just made my day. All those yarn colors make me want to get right down to work in my sewing room. Thanks, for just being you!

Ali whale

I visited Coopers this year when we came to Yarndale. I think the latte was THE BEST I have ever had, and I have had many cups of latte. The ladies in there are lovely. We parked in the car park nearby and when we were heading back to the car we called in as they were closing; as we only wanted coffee they let us have coffee and ginger cake to perk us up before we drove home. I have since recommended the place to everyone I know!

ann clements

what a lovely post to read on a cold grey Devonshire day, have just taken a boiled fruit cake out of my oven and it smells wonderful, and drinking a cuppa teas while reading your blog and the comments so in a way I am in my own little coopers ie my front room. cant wait to hear what your doing with the mandelas


Lovely to have you back again Lucy and hope all that gorgeous colour is making you feel much better. I can't wait to hear about this years Yarndale - I missed it due to flu :-(

Winwick Mum

Your picture of the cafe window sums up where everybody would like to be as the weather gets colder - somewhere warm and comforting with a hot drink to wrap your hands around and time spent doing what makes us happiest. *happy sigh* xx

Jo Navin

I like the cut of your jib Lucy! You're a fab role model in many ways and your positive attitude is very uplifting :-) I have wonderful memories of my visit to Coopers earlier this year, and second Joy's cry of "best scones ever!" I'm so looking forward to reading your upcoming posts re the mandalas and whatever else is happening in attic 24 land. I think that your idea of putting yarn around pegs for colour design (aka play :-) ) is great, I'll definitely be having a go. Sending lots of love to you and your lovely family, Jo xxx p.s - I'm off to read your Yarndale post too, yaaay two posts in one day!!


Fabulous; so not only is Yarndale a great showcase for designers and yarn producers, it's a grand day out for crafty types and brings visitors to Skipton and surrounding areas, but it has also raised lots of money for deserving charities. Big pat on the back to the organisers!


How many posts these days, such a gift! Thank you for taking time to write your blog, I absolutely love it. It's great to have you back. XXXX


Pleased to hear you had a little bit of 'me' time Lucy X


Sitting in pools of Autumn sunshine is one of my favourite things! And I love eavesdropping and collecting other people's snippets!

Look forward to the mandala surprise!


Those sample pegs are genius. I never hang onto ball bands so I never know what colour the wools in my stash actually are! A little sample on a peg or even a card - why didn't I think of that?!

Kathryn O'Sullivan-Brown

Sorry, meant to say I sent it on Monday so it should arrive yesterday or today xxx

Kathryn O'Sullivan-Brown

Lucy, I have popped a parcel in the post to you, to the address you gave for sending the mandalas. It's a PO box, so I just thought I'd give you a heads up as the contents won't last more than a few days! Xxx

Teresa at knitbakecultivate

Sounds like a perfect morning of pondering and chilling out. a perfect break in an otherwise very busy-sounding week. Enjoy


A sunny morning in a warm cafe sounds blissful. I love all the colours neatly wound onto their pegs. No doubt you have a little project in mind. Wishing you a good weekend Lucy. CJ xx


Just wish we a had a lovely coffee shop like "Coopers" in my local town and a Lucy type craft workshop above it!!! Does the name "Coopers" mean anything special?


Lucy, I wondered if we might do a communal blog list - invite everyone who blogged about Yarndale to post a link to their blog post on the comments section of your first Yarndale write up.
That way those who couldn't attend get your perspective and a sense of what it was like to be a visitor. And those of us who did go can enjoy other people's perspectives too.
What do you think?


Great to have you back and clever you with picking those flowers we have a beautiful frost this morning"you have made me look and appreciate my surroundings again " and I live in a beautiful market town in the south east of England. My phone gallery is filling up thank you Lucy.

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