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November 10, 2014


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A beautiful post Lucy, I do love your pretty countryside and hope to visit one day! I love all your Hama bead creations and your children's. So much colour and creativity abound in your home. Your children are growing up in a wonderful environment filled with love :)

Mama Bear

Yummy pictures again - autumn is my favourite season, both outdoors and in! We live in a high rise apartment block so I have gorgeous views out of my windows too (but I can't photograph them nearly as well as you do, Lucy!) and the sunrise this morning was absolutely stunning. There's nothing like an open fire for perfect autumn cosiness, is there? I really miss ours! Your home looks so snug and welcoming, and no doubt full of lovely home cooked scents from your slow cooker too! I use mine (I have a big one for family meals and a smaller one for granola - which I definitely recommend making if you've not already) a lot in the cooler months - our favourite is roast pheasant - it is scrumptious slow cooked. I usually cook 2 and just put them on top of some roughly chopped veggies and a sliced apple, along with some stock or apple juice (only about 3/4 pint). Oh and before I go, I just have to say I am flying along with the Cosy blanket - and absolutely loving it! My very first "proper" crochet and I haven't gone wrong yet - I'm on the first row of Lime at the moment so not very far in, but relishing every minute I spend hooking. It's so much fun! My daughter has been eyeing it very longingly so I don't think it is going to be mine once it's done though, but that's fine - an excuse to start another one! Love and best wishes, Rubekah xx


I've joined the CAL and love how the colours work - thanks to your artistic vision, Lucy. Although eager to start part two, I have disciplined myself to sew in all the ends first as I hated leaving this until last when I made the coastal ripple blanket!

Sue Doran

I don't think they're holes as such, think of them as freckles on dolly's face (they must be having a very sunny autumn in Russia!)

Elaine Buckley

Wonderful post Lucy.
So pleased all is well with you again. Take care of yourself as well as your family. X


You sound so contented and at peace with life right now Lucy.... xxx


hi lucy, love your blog,
your one of my favourites,
like the way you describe the world around you,
High from Belgium, Ine


Oh Lucy, I love that you are learning to love (well, maybe like) Autumn. Such cosy, colourful moments from your lives. I must try to take some photos of our family's Autumn moments. I do have several of my small person helping to rake all the leaves!

Thank you, as always, for sharing a part of your world with us.


Autuum here in Germany turns out to be really beautiful too. The temperatures are changing between 3 and 20 ° C though which is a bit weird.

Your fireplace looks so nice! We live in a hired flat but someday I want to have a fireplace too....

Take care


À very lovely post!
The fox and the russian doll are very beautiful!

Ellice McLaren

Hi Lucy. Autumn is always lovely with nature being the best colourist that I know. So many shapes collectively creating such a spectacle. In Australia autumn is always a relief after a hot summer. It is of course Spring here bringing loads of colour in every corner. But looking at your pictures of the misty lanes and open fires, makes me want to spend time in the dales. We had to delay our trip too the UK this year but your pics will keep me interested until we plan our next trip. Your minestrone soup sounds tasty.

Ellen W.

I've always felt I go against the grain as autumn has always been my favorite season. The smell of woodsmoke, the beautiful array of leaves (here in Pennsylvania we are surrounded by trees), the fall spices and even the nip in the air which I call sweater weather. I just love autumn, can you tell? Your room looks so warm and cozy with the fire lit. Just lovely!


I have to tell you the hama beads are one of my favorite things about childhood! My son is now 13 but was quite impressed by Little Lady's Russian doll. Since tomorrow is a holiday we might have to dig our beads out and have some fun! Your perspective on autumn is quite helpful as we don't go gently into fall here. Everything dies off and turns brown even though the temps are still warm. My geraniums are still fighting the good fight, though! xx


I must admit to loving autumn. And you're right - it's a wonderful time of year, indoors and out! Love your fireplace. What a cozy place to crochet.

Farrah Lily

Your photos are so lovely...I especially love your shot of the fireplace. So snug! I love the owl pillow. :)


I love autumn too, the colours of nature are amazingly beautiful at this time, thank you for posting the photos of your walk. I used to enjoy walking through the wood just a 100yds from our home, it was wonderful to watch how it changed with the seasons, I miss that, mobility scooters are not designed for the rough terrain in there:)
The open fire really makes a room look cosy doesn't it?

Peg x


Autumn is becoming one of my favorite seasons more and more each year! Such lovely, cozy photos here. I love your fireplace.

Jeanette in Illinois

Lucy, Sending you oodles of happiness and cozy hugs!!! What a delightfully pleasant post, as always...the colors, your descriptive prose is a tonic!
Hope your days are filled with autumnal delights to warm your heart and envelop you in splendor.

Sarah west mids uk

Dear Lucy I really like Autumn. Beautiful and sunny down here. Yoga late morning beginning of afternoon and a walk that takes in the view across the park. Well done for getting thyme to grow. I'll have to try harder with it next year. Did a sample of cosy blanket on 30 stitches and was one stitch short at the end of the third row. Will try again. And someone had a snuggly crochet blanket with them at yoga for the relaxing session at the end. Have a good week.xx


Another lovely post! I feel exactly the same about Autumn, Lucy. I'm beginning to think I actually like the season! Thanks for sharing your ever so colourful perspective on it. :)

Wendy Trieber

Hi Lucy!
Everything you create lights up with color. I remember seeing your home poncho last winter. I remember wishing and hoping you would share your pattern for this beauty. Have you given it any more thought? I know your such a very busy woman. I just can't help but love and appreciate all the beautiful gifts of your time and creations. I think if I had a poncho like yours it would feel like the biggest hug anyone could possible imagine.


Hi Lucy!
Was pale duck egg blue replied with another colour, or re-introduced?
Love Karen x


Just loving your blog and getting really addicted to my cosy blanket CAL. I've nearly got to the end of the second 15 stripes, when will the third lot appear please? We've lit our wood burner on the barge here in France and it so comfy and cosy crocheting the blanket whilst cold people walk by our portholes and gaze in at the warm scene........!!

Margretta McCullough

Loved reading your blog Its full inspiration for the love of family life, togetherness and application for the world we live in You couldn't ask for more Enjoy hooking😊


We make an event of the lighting of the first fire too. :-) I love warm cozy sits in front of the fire. You have a lovely sitting room. Such a nice post! So nice visiting with you.

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