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November 10, 2014


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Just ordered my yarn for the CAL and I'm so excited! Usually I would just stash bust, but we just moved and I seriously got rid of most of my stash, and what I didn't is still packed and my hands are so bored right now. I'm hoping I can do super speed on this and have it as a Christmas present for my 3 year old, who is so full of color herself. I think she'll love it!

Lizy Tish

Wonderful pictures as usual! I do love when we light the first fire of the season -- so warm and cozy to knit or crochet by.

Mari Beth

Hi Lucy. I have been checking into your website for about four years. I am so grateful for all that you share. I have just finished my first ripple blanket, thanks to your inspiration (small lap size) and I also used some of your guidelines for a granny square lap blanket.

I know you are really really busy, and may not see this, but I didn't know how else to contact you; I don't seem to receive your updates. Whenever I try to subscribe, it just adds you to my favorites bar, but I'm not alerted to new posts. I tried researching RSS feeds and how they work on google, but I am just not getting it. I receive updates from other websites automatically into my email (they ask for my email address), but I'm not sure if that is possible with your blog and even though I think I've subscribed to your feed, I don't get updates, that I'm aware of.

I love your blog and would love to follow it more consistently. If you have any advice, I'd sure appreciate it! So many people respond to your posts that I know I'm in the minority here. Sorry!!!!!! And thank you for sharing your beautiful work and life and inspiration. :)

alison willcocks

Wonderful post as usual :) Did you ever get around to writing a pattern for that oooooh sooooo gorgeous poncho?

tanya Stevens

I am now living in Spain and about to start the country ripple. Here in the Spanish countryside, the days are sunny and warm but the evenings are very chilly, so curling up crocheting another blanket is a pleasure


Hi Lucy, you have made me appreciate Autumn more which I have always disliked because I am a hot weather person. Love your photos and you have introduced me to yet another thing to make - your poncho. Has your friend left the shared attic?

Peggy in Mississippi

Just ordered my Cozy yarn from WoolWarehouse. Love your colors for autumn blanket. Thanks for your free patterns and the delightful blog. I just drool over your pics of such a delightful countryside.


Hi dear Lucy, your post remembered me having bought the easy slow cooker book one or two years ago. I forgot about it in the turbulent months of our removal. Today I ordered a slow cooker! Can't wait to try it out! My best wishes to you and your family, love love love and hugs from Germany!


Love the colours of the morning sky and the view from your window. I hope you have many happy moments near the fire with you colourful crochet and your beautiful family.
Greetings from Greece,

Cherie Chudyk

Thank you for a delightful post, the colours of autumn are so lovely. Love that sky in the first photo and also your cosy fire. It was nice to get the radiators on and get cosy but miss having the open fire of my childhood. Thanks for sharing your joys and colours, hope your mum is well now. Love and hugs xx


Your fire looks so inviting. Thank you for the link to the Slow Cooker book, I am always on the lookout for new recipes.

Lynda M Otvos

Autumn colors make me smile every year as they splash across the horizon and on up into the hills surrounding the Bay. It's glorious. Your delightfully hue-drenched home brings me smile each time I see a post from you. Thank you for sharing the goodness with us. Your fresh green peas made my mouth water and I'm not even a huge pea fan. Their color intrigues and stimulates.

Jennifer Wall

Lucy, your blog is the perfect mix of great photos and thoughtful writing. Your photos of scenery and home pleasures inspire and delight, keep on blogging and don't change a thing. Cheers from the U.S.


Found we have a kath kidst store near us dropped lots of Xmas hints as we walked round! But guess what I spied on a chair a Granny stripe blanket in lovely colours I think I looked at it longer than anything else. Great photos.


Hi Lucy, I have so enjoyed my stay beside your cosy fire this evening, I'm sad to go but I leave with a heart warming glow and a contented soul. I am always inspired, thank you !!
You have tempted me to try "slow cooking". Which one do you have ?
Hugs from Derbyshire
Elizabeth xxx

Miriam J Robbins

Love the beads! Here in the U.S., they are called Perlo beads. My daughter especially loved them as a child. Now I work for a middle school (grades 7 & 8, ages 12-14), and one of the activities we offer at school dances are crafts. The Perlo bead table is always a huge hit, with a long line of students (both girls AND boys) waiting not-so-patiently to create a pattern, while I madly iron their finished products, racing against time. I like that Pinterest idea, and while most of them come up with great designs on their own, I may print some off Pinterest for the next dance. Happy Autumn, from Miriam in Spokane, Washington, USA

Jude Pearson

It HAS been a bit chilly ,even in the furthest reaches of Cornwall, so we also lit the wood burner at the weekend.I sat in front of it and made my ripple blanket-already over a third of the rows done, in all those lovely shades of blue !My granny taught me how to crochet when I was a small girl but it has taken till now to do my first proper project, at the age of 56 !!Thank you Lucy -your detailed instructions and constant encouragement have spurred me on.
Keep up the good work and every blessing to you and your family xx


Autumn isn't my favourite season either, especially when it's this wet. All those mushy rotting leaves for slipping over on (boys not me!) But like you, I don't dread it like I once did, and I do love the dark afternoons and the cleansing cold of winter. I'm sure your beautiful open fire helps too! CJ xx


Yip - we've started lighting the fire too. It's not terribly cold yet but the fire is so comforting.


Am I the only one who has never heard of Hama Beads? How do you get the beads to stay together? They look like a lot of fun and very creative!

We've had an amazing autumn, too. Fallen leaves are irresistible, I usually return from walks carrying a small bouquet of red and gold leaves.

Stay warm!


Looking at the photos of your woodland walk I could smell the Autumny(?) aroma. And would love to snuggle under some colourful hooky and stare into that real fire. Thanks for sharing.

jeanne einhorn

Just to let you know I have been starting my day reading your posts for over a year and love every one. I didn't have the chance to stay home with my boys when they were little so I love to hear what you and your little ones are up to every day. You are so lucky! Today I plan to go for a long walk to admire the beautiful Autumn here in the Northeast and when I get back, out will come my needles for a few hours of happy knitting on a hue shift afghan.

Jo Navin

Thank you for the beautiful photos, the top one is stunning! I love Autumn the most because of the light and colour, I can never resist bringing leaves in either. This year my friend v kindly pressed some for me and I'm going to tuck them into the attic 24 inspired wreath and garland that I've made :-) I love the hama bead collaboration between Little Lady and Little B :-) I'm crocheting away on my cosy blanket and up to stripe 11,although I'm "well jel" of your cosy fire, please can I come and sit next to yours? Thank you for reminding me to get my slow cooker out too. Love Jo xxxx


I lit our fire this weekend too - such a cosy treat! x

Winwick Mum

You've obviously become a true Yorkshire Person made of Stern Stuff if you're only just lighting your fire now - ours has been in use for quite a while! I think autumns are made for fires and something creative in your hands as you toast in front of them xx

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