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October 14, 2014


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Lucy, hang in there. Try to dismiss any criticism, albeit very hurtful. How can anyone be so mean? You and you alone know all the circumstances and you deal with your life accordingly. Reading your blog has brought so much pleasure to so many people, it is hard to think that some of them could be so thoughtless. I am pleased your Mums health situation is proving to be not quite as bad as you had first feared. Take care. Annette xx


I hope that you are able to tune out all the negative comments. You need to do what is best for you and your family---and only you know what that is. No one else has a right to tell you what to do! Hoping that things are soon less stressful for you!

Carolyn Geoffrey

Lucy, there are so many of us (your fans) who wish only the very best for you and for your family, and who do respect your privacy and realize you deal with the upds and downs of life as best you can.

Please don't let the few who criticise (I trust they are not many) upset you. The vast majority of us do understand your need for privacy and for dealing with life's troubles in your own way.

You and your mom have my prayers.


Dear Lucy, nobody has the right to criticize anyone, especially if the person does not know your background or your life story, even so people should mind their own business and if these people don't know how to behave that is their problem. Count on us here that support you unconditionally without judgement. You are a great person and always give the best of you to us. I enjoy your blog and I am always looking forward to read it and to be inspired by you. Thank you for being there, and don't mind those who having glass ceilings have the nerve to throw stones to others. LOVE YA!!!

Karen B.

Lucy, glad to hear that your mum is not as bad off as originally thought. We are sending you, mum and family nothing but good wishes and prayers. You have no idea how your blog has helped me and my daughter in the past. We have watched you and your family grow and applaud your success. Know that you are loved and a ray of sunshine in countless lives!
Be strong Lucy,
Hugs from Alexandria,Virginia


People in glass houses should not throw stones... Like life isn't tough enough right now for you Lucy... Bless your heart and don't take to heart the criticism. It is your life, you are the master of it and until someone walks a mile in your shoes they have nothing to say... I think you are remarkable and I hope you know the total joy I get reading each and every post. Your and your beautiful colors are the colors of joy. Your darling tenderness with your children touches me in so many ways wishing you were my Mom and I am 58 years old. I too had a rough childhood... I don't know what is going on in this world that the internet seems to bring out that anonymous badness in people... Let them get their houses in order before trying to straighten up yours... Blessings and l♥ve to you and yours Dear Lucy... May you see sunny and brighter days ahead...

fiona Emm

Dear Lucy, sending you more virtual hugs and glad to hear that the news from Dorset isn't as bad as expected. I'm pleased that you have been comforted by all the good people here in blog land but so sorry to read that you have had criticism from others who just have no right to comment on your private life. Just rise above it. More big hugs Fiona at Linen & Roses xx


Sending good thoughts and best wishes your way. :)


Whenever anyone said anything really horrible to someone, my mum'd say 'It say's more about them than it does about you' She's right, you know. Thinking of you and hoping you're all doing as OK as you can xx PS: Your blog, you write what you want xx

Paula Simopes

Dear Lucy, I follow your blog for a few years and you always make me feel very happy. I send you my love from a little appartment in Lisbon. Paula.

Joanne Ellis

So sorry that anyone has been negative or caused you any more pain to add to what you are going through Lucy. Please take strength from people who only want to wish you well, thinking of you and your family xxxx

Rachael Nixon

Glad to hear things are better than you feared. Sending much love. And as for those who have dared to criticise you...who the hell they think they are I don't know, but you don't need their opinions. How dare they! Block them-nobody worth their salt criticises someone they don't even know who is dealing with a sad situation that they know little about, that has no effect on them whatsoever! XXXXXXXX


Ignorant people. They must have nothing better to do and should be barred if they make hurtful comments.

Tracy Chaplain-payne

Hi Lucy
Really glad that the news is a bit better for you this week. As for your family life and past that is your own business, we all have our trials in life and I suspect that those who are judging you are doing so out of some kind of twisted jealousy, you do after all manage to write in such an inspirational and uplifting way that somehow people can forget that you have your own life and problems. Please don t let these people upset you! You do a wonderful job of writing this blog and bring a lot of happiness to people xx

Sue in Marion, Indiana

Big hugs from Indiana! I had a difficult relationship with my mom, it is what it is and you have to deal with it as best as you can. We don't get to choose our parents.

I am volunteering at The Quilters' Hall of Fame today and it's pretty slow, so I've been perusing crochet boards on Pinterest. I was looking at some related pins from a granny square board and saw a picture captioned "granny square blanket", no source. The blanket is in Lucy colors, basket of wool beside it in Lucy colors, the blanket is spread out on someone's lap with feet sticking out-red & white polka dot socks on- yep, that's Lucy! Made me happy!


Take your time and deal with things as you need to deal with them, and ignore the peanut gallery. :-)


Hi Lucy I'm sorry about your mom. No judgment from me about rough pasts. I was mainly commenting on the little flowers you are holding. I tried looking at your patterns for them but could not find them. I'd love to find out how you came up with them.


And once again - commenters who feel they have the right to tell you what to write about on your blog, or how you should spend your time and energy!

"Stop plugging for Stylecraft! Interact with us more! Organize a charity drive!"

As one astute commenter observed from the objective sidelines - we don't actually know you, and you have hundreds of readers (or more). We can't expect you to interact with us on a one-on-one basis. There is a sense of friendship and community among the comments, but it IS a blog, a fairly one-sided form of communication.

If people don't like that you didn't visit your mum, they should just switch off, not say "My esteem for you has diminished." Why say anything? Move on and don't read anymore.

Likewise, people who say "Instead of promoting Stylecraft on your blog, why not do something GOOD and organize a charity drive?" - can just mind their own business or organize their own damn charity drive.

If you have the spare time to tell someone how they should be running their blog and life, you should put YOUR time to better use for the "greater good."


Hi Lucy, sending you love and hugs.
I dont pop in that often but I will always thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing me how to crochet.. think I found your blog back when you were pregnant with your youngest!.
Im so sorry if some sad people have nothing better to do than make you feel worse than you do already with your worries but knowing you and your very positive outlook on life things can only get better. Dont let the buggers get you down... and anyway you dont need to answer to anyone. Take care special lady xxxxx


I've been reading your blog for a few months now and really enjoying it, but never leave comments. However I was so sorry to hear of your recent troubles and couldn't believe how any one could be critising you at such a stressful time. Everyone has family problems to deal with at times, but only we (the individaul) know the ins and outs of it all and it's up to us how we deal with it, no one else. Look after yourself and stay strong.


Dear Lucy, you bring us so much joy and I can't believe that you've been criticised. Though you know in your head that such people are in a tiny minority, it is easier said than done to ignore them. Nobody has any right to judge you. The existence of your blog is supportive and inspiring and brings beauty into many of our lives. You are entitled to live your life and earn your living as you think fit, and anything that is shared with us is a gift to us. I hope all goes well for you with the studio and your family. Bless you.


All my support, Lucy. And a big hug too.;-)


Nobody is in a position to judge you or your family situation. You and you alone are the only person who completely understands. I hope that you take some comfort in the positive comments and support you have received from those of us who absolutely love your blog and insights into your fabulous colourful world. Thinking of you and your mum.


I am so sorry that you have been going through a tough patch. I will keep you in my prayers. I just love your blog. You feel like a close friend. God bless. From Minnesota, USA. Tamara

Jennifer Kingston

Love from Canada Just wanted to let you know just how special your site is to me. Your love of colour brightens everyone world. It certainly has mine.

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