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October 14, 2014


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carmen attie

Cover your heart with the good wishes most of us are sending you! People who judge do not know empathy and do not know themselves.

Anne Marie

I was sorry to read about your Mum. Unfortunately I have missed a few postings as I've been trying to reduce my on line time!

Yes, people cope with their problems in their own way and it is not for others to judge. You are a lovely and caring person and that is that. You can only do what you can do. My mum was seriously ill when I lived a way off but I had a three year old child with a husband who was worse than useless in coping with him so had to leave it mainly to my Dad. As they were lots younger then and so was I, the situation was coped with and my Mum is now 94.

Hugs to you at this time.

patricia wisdom

Sweet woman, your honest, direct way of being is such a joy to be with.
You over the years, have added so much to my life, not just crochet patterns but courage, strength, willingness to be in life and to do so brightly.
I gain courage and inspiration from all this in you, and you have alowed us to gain that through.your ever open personality.
You as a grown woman have created yourself in a way that you can be proud of.
What ever happened in your childhood, you have transformed into the lovely woman that you are. Good work my e-friend.
I Look forward to spending more "time-with-you" on line.


Dearest Lucy,
I too have just recently been thrown a curveball or three over the past year, hang in there. My doctor reminds me that, "You will get through this in time" and I believe I will" Notice he didn't tell me I would get OVER it. Some things we don't get over, but we find a way to get through it. I too am learning to navigate through some very muddy waters. Sounds like you have so many sportive lovelies, mirroring some of the love and generosity of spirit that you have been giving us over the years. Yours was the first BLOG I ever read. I was drawn in by the crochet, the photos of family life and I have stayed loyal because of you Lucy, the women, and of course the joy you have so generously shared with us all, that has allowed me to get through some difficult times, with grace. Best of wishes to you on your journey.


I totally agree with Joyce here. Massive overreaction to what was basically people caring about Lucy's mother!!!

It was probably a bit naive to angst over mother in one sentence and then announce a jaunt down south just after.

I also agree that the people being a bit honest have had far harsher criticism. A little bit of jumping on the bandwagon here, I feel.


Sweet Lucy, just listen to your heart, it is yours and yours alone sweetie. I wish you all the best and hope to able to see more of your lovely projects in the future. Take care and stay strong. Big hug! Xxxd


Family situations can be tricky! I came from a complicated family too! Sending Hugz your way! Lisa and Bear


Have people honestly read what has been said? The worst anyone has said is to go and visit your mother. They said that because the blogger said she was poorly and that she was worried about it. They took the lead from what was said. Even the comments which suggested the blogger rearranged her plans were based on the feeling that if you are upset about someone being ill you go and visit. That is what most people would suggest to do, based on those simple facts which we were given. If you don't want comments at all, then don't give out the information. Most people gave obvious sympathy, which seems to have been of secondary importance than those who wondered the obvious. If you want people to comment at all, then you will not get everyone to respond in the same way. All people and their opinions are valid, or not at all. You get to pick and choose which you agree with, obviously. That is life.

No one has said anything abusive. If the comments say more about them, than the person they write them too (as people have said), then what it says is hardly damming. The only inference is that these people would as a matter of priority visit their own mothers. That makes them concerned and caring people doesn't it? Not horrible harridans. The only mistake is assuming that a worried person would want to do the same thing. They didn't know all the facts it is true. But they were responding to what they were told.

This comments board has increasingly treated those commenters as if they said really bad things. They simply did not. Strangely, the readers are allowed to rudely criticise them with harsher language than any they used, and it is fine. What happened to it being invalid to criticise on the internet? Not something I personally agree with, but a point raised her often. Or is it only the blogger that counts here? A selfish way of looking at things I feel. The thing that could most be seen as a criticism was the comment which said that seeing a sick mother was more important than yarn. In the usual way of things, most people would think it is wouldn't they? No one knew that there were other things affecting why someone would not want to do this. It is not for the reader to be wondering about the bloggers personal life in order to see why they might not want to have this response. We are not as nosy as some might think.

The commenters do not deserve the highly critical comments they are receiving here. They are the ones being treated very unfairly in my view. The nasty people are the ones calling them out. The blogger had a couple of dissenting comments, while they have had tens if not hundreds of unpleasant remarks made about them. Your fans should look to themselves if they want to see unpleasant behaviour in action.


I'm sorry I missed this and didn't respond earlier. I am so pleased to hear things aren't as bad as initially feared with regard to your Mum. Hopefully, now the two shows are over you can take a step or two back and take care of you and yours. Take all the time you need, those of us who love you and the joy you bring to our lives will still be here. X

Lesley Kneale

I find the fact that people are criticising your personal life very sad, it is nobody's business but your own and no one else can know your personal circumstances! You give so much to us crafters through your page and your blog all out of the kindness of your heart and your own time 99.9% of us enjoy every bit of it! You will always get someone who wants to spoil things and put uncalled for comments! Please take care of yourself and stay strong! x 😊

Alana Adams née Campbell

Hello Lucy! My name is Allie and I'm in Colorado. I just ran across your blog and fell in love with it! You are such a talented crafts woman and the pictures of Dorset and Northumberland (and everywhere else) are beautiful! As to the negative comments about your relationship wit your Mum, just ignore them, hateful though they may be. I know it's difficult, but why stoop to their level? Some people never have a good thing to say to or about anyone. I too had a difficult relationship with my Mom. I was reared by my grandmother and my mom was not in my life except sporadically. It was very tough! But now she & I have a good relationship, but that was built over time and it took a great deal of forgiveness....on both sides! You'll get there. You'll be in my prayers! Blessings Always!

Barbara Holt

Lucy I so enjoy your projects, pictures, your local nature, stories of your children and town. I admire you and the things you do. Best wishes for you, your shop and your mom.

Ignore the people who think they know everything. Obviously they don't know you personally, your situation or obligations. Putting other people down makes them feel important. Sad.

Lynda M Otvos

My sweet Lucy, how anyone could say anything negative is beyond comprehension. We all have our relationships with our families and friends and they are our own; no one else was present during those days and so they know not. I wish they knew that they know not !~! Bless you for your generosity and love of the crocheting craft. May grace find you and your mom. I hope she's feeling better soon.


It's so hard to ignore the haters when you're feeling down but ignore them you must! You are loved and admired! Sending strength through the ether to you and yours. Xx

Lynn Dee Butler

Take all the time you need Lucy! I'll still be here waiting and I know there are many others who feel the same. Sending you and yours love and healing thoughts.


So sorry to hear that you have been receiving criticism on this blog Lucy. I am a huge fan and as such I would just like to say, keep your chin up and don't let these negative comments grind you down. You, your blog and utterly adorable photos bring great pleasure to many people (myself included). Try to be positive and know that many, many people wish you well and hope that you continue to bring such pleasure to your huge fan base. Best wishes Lucy.:)

Samantha Roberts

Sending you lots and lots of love Lucy and wishing you and your family well. And can I just add those crochet flowers are so cute!!! Sam xxxx


Lucy...life sure does have it's ups and downs. I hope the best for you and your family.
Now, to cheer you up I would love for you to check out this blog...which is called:

According to Matt

It is so delightful and I just know, I just know you will love to read this blog, the crocheting is to die for.


Dearest Lucy, you bring so much colour and happiness to so many people, I'm very sad to heart that you have been having some difficult times lately, and am wishing the sunshine back for you. I'm also very sad to hear that people have criticised you: only you know what's best for you and your heart. Please know that the people who care about you will always support you when you follow your own guidance, and that's really all you have to do. xxx

Claire Robins

Just wanted to say sending hugs and hoping you find time for all you need, look after yourself, you are an inspiration to so many, you are in my thoughts and prayers x


I've been reading your blog for a really long time (it helped me learn to crochet!) but I've been a bit of a lurker and not written any comments. I wanted to drop you a quick note to say chin up and I hope things get easier. Pretty flowers too! x

Jules (crochetandsmile)

Glad things are not as initially thought, wishes to you and your family.

Now I just had to comment on your very pretty flowers, are we lucky enough for these to be shared as to how to make them as they would make a gorgeous garland or just tied to autumn twigs to make the house pretty and colourful. Or I was even thinking on making some and hanging them on the trees outside to put some colour back into my garden. : )


Lucy, I have never posted on your blog, but read all of your posts. You are such a kind, giving and creative woman. I very much admire you. I am so sorry about your mum. Family issues are so hard. My father is ill as well and I am having a difficult time with it too and there are issues from the past which make it even harder. I am trying my best. It is all we can do. Take care of yourself and your family. Thank you for your honesty and very inspiring blog.


Why dedicate the majority of a post to three critical comments when there are more than 350 very supportive, loving and devoted messages? You have great experience and skill in social media. When people criticise, it says more about themselves that about the person writing the article.
In any case, this has yielded a wave of support for you and scorn for those who criticised you.
Appart from this reflection, I wish you wisdom and strength in dealing with these difficult moments.
All the best


Hi Lucy! This is my first letter to you.Thank you so much for coming in my life and helping me set its course. Wishing you peace and joy in your journey.

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