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October 14, 2014


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Kristina Beaton

@imadognamedlulu they now make GLASSES FOR COLORBLIND PEOPLE!!!


Hi Lucy
Spring is in your hand !
Your flowers are so nice
Lovely colors
Bravo, j'aime beaucoup


I too haven't had an easy relationship with my mother. I won't go into it, but there's a lot of pressure sometimes from "unknowing outsiders" to pretend that everything is fine and dandy between oneself and one's parents and if it isn't, then the fault must lie with the "uncaring child", or one should be able to "rise above it somehow".
My mother is 90 now and I don't live a very long distance away so visit once a week and do what I can, but very often I come away feeling drained. All the old resentments are still there and she never tires of going over them. I'm 57 and have been listening to this cracked record for over half a century. It's not something one ever gets desensitised to.
Anyway this isn't about me, I was just trying to explain why I can perhaps empathise a tiny bit.
Very much enjoying your blog and seeing your work and photos. (I am still quite rubbish at crochet but I live in hope.)
All the best, Lucy, and take as much time as you need.


Grrrrrrrrrr!!!!! I can't believe people have been critical of you. What you do and how you do it is YOUR business, no-one elses!

I (very weirdly - I promise I'm not a nutcase stalker!LOL) feel very protective of you! LOL My initial reaction when I read those word was "Who are they? Let me at them!" Then a wee vision of the lion from the Wizard of Oz popped into my head! "Put em up..... Put em up!!

I'm going now to sign myself in to the asylum! LOL

Let the negative comments wash over you Lucy. I hope you are feeling a bit better and hopefully your mum is doing ok. :)


I love looking at your work and its nice of you to show other photos.... Have a well earned rest and recharge your batteries.Thanks for being an inspiration in Crochet


Hi Lucy
Be gentle on yourself and do what you need to do to keep your heart and soul and your family safe (in every way).
I too come from a difficult childhood and my mum died 18months ago. I chose to go somewhere special with a dear friend instead of attending her funeral. Without details people launched their attack. I know I cared, forgave and did what was right for me.
May God continue to show you what a marvellous wife and mum you are
You bring so many here pleasure and spend so much time giving. You are inspirational.
I'm 56 and I had no idea the colours, wools, styles and infinite possibilities there are now available you've brought joy back to my crocheting.
I'm so grateful and blessed by you x
Block/delete any critics. Ignore don't waste time and never justify. You know what's right for you x Heather

Sibylle Barwick

Hi Lucy! BIGGGGGG {{{{HUGS}}}} from across the pond! take care of yourself girl!


Lucy, I've been reading your blog for years and met you briefly at Yarndale last year. I have that strange blog-following thing, where I feel I know you very well indeed and yet you don't know me at all. It's an odd, one sided thing really, but it's what blogs do :-). Anyway, I'm properly upset that you have been criticised over this issue. We all have our histories and lives to manage and we all do our best, whatever we do, to deal with that in the best way we can. I am sending you lots of love and hopes for a good outcome for you and your Mum. Tess x


So glad to hear that there is hope. And hope that the support you have received outweighs the criticism (UNBELIEVABLE! Not worth dwelling on!!)

I saw and TOUCHED your VERY, ACTUAL blankets at Ally Pally!!!!! It was the highlight of my day!!!!!!THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! You were(and still are!) the inspiration of my crochet journey!

(And I'm not the only one - I only hope they weren't TOO grubby from all the handling when you got them back!?!?!?)

Blue and Yellow Morning

Hi Lucy,
Sorry you are going through a tough time.
You have to do what is best for you and your family and never mind what anyone else says. It is your life not theirs.
Best wishes and hugs to you all.

Pam Richardson

So sorry to hear your mam has been poorly, also im appalled people have been critical of you. You cant expect anything other than a grunt from ignorant people, so ignore them. Im sending you and your mam special loving thoughts tonight. Keeping you all in my prayers. ((xx)) Take care pet


Hi Lucy, I wonder how people dare to be so rude to people on the interweb, especially when times are tricky. Please ignore them!
I too have a similar mother/daughter situation as you have, and it is difficult. Funnily enough, I have found that some of the nicest people had sh*te relationships with their mothers! But, excellent relationships with their daughters.
Big Huggs to you, my lovely xxx


Hi Lucy...please don't let any unkind words bother you at this time in your life...there are those people out there who think they know everything and think they have to judge everyone...you are a most delightful person I'm sure and I just want you to know that whenever I am dwelling on the negative parts of my life, bringing your blog up and reading it always lifts me up and balances me out...so thank you and chin up girly...take care:)


I hope the people here who criticise the people who made these 'nasty' comments took the time to read all three of them from thousands of well wishes.

Lucy said in her blog her Mother was ill and sadly she was 300 miles away so couldn't see her, then she goes down to London and then about three other people said that they would have maybe gone to see their ill Mother instead as if you are travelling down and was worried about the distance then they would have seen their sick Mother. That's it, it doesn't warrant a blog post on it, unlike the flow of sympathy and prayers for the same Mohter which should maybe of been the focus.

Sheena Crompton

Hope you can block the nasty people, Lucy. Glad that your Mum is improving. You are giving so much pleasure to so many, (as I told you at Yarndale) and really genuinely appreciated. Take care and sending hugs. Best wishes, Sheena xx

Carol aka Dansnan

Unbelievable that people should criticise/be judgemental of you. Glad to hear your Mum is doing better than expected. Thank you for putting happiness and colour in so many people's lives. I hope it continues shining back at you, helping when times aren't as easy as we would like them to be.
Carol xx

Rachael Iddon

My goodness, I've just read this and I can't believe anyone would be rude enough to criticise. I hope you can ignore anyone being so thoughtless. You really don't need to explain yourself to anyone here. Best wishes to you and your Mum. X

Cynthia Allen

Ah, sweetie. Hang in there, and ignore the trolls because they are trolls and not worth a single moment of your time.

Best for your mum, and a belated happy birthday to a fellow (?!) lovely Libra!



i have bought your coastal blanket and it arrived here in Australia really quickly!! Very happy you are reaping some rewards for your output. Your spirit will overcome the snide remarks, I can see them and well done you in not blocking such a sad person. Believe me people like are very sad and lonely, they feel better when they can drag others down to their level. Kill them with kindness I say!!! And by carrying on with your head held high that is exactly what you will do.

Corey Elliott

So sorry to hear that anyone made you feel worse about a tough situation. I love those flowers and wondered if you could point me to the tutorial for them, pretty please?! Thank you for your color inspiration. I wish I could see color through your eyes!




Sending (HUGS)


Wonderful news Lucy, so glad the prospect is better. Please take no heed to critics, we can't all have wonderfully happy relationships with our parents, despite many efforts on my part I didn't have that kind of relationship either.

I've just ordered my coastal pack for the ripple blanket and am really looking forward to making it. Thanks to you I can now 'ripple' :)

Take care

Peg xx


Hi Lucy, I really enjoy your blog and this is my first time to comment. I just want to wish yourself and your Mam all the best. Take care Holly xx

Jennifer Luedtke

I had a very difficult relationship with my father too. When he was sick and finally died people were very critical of me. Im sorry you have to go through this. Just be true to your feelings and deal with this the best way for you. All my thoughts are with you. Stay strong. :)

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