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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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October 21, 2014


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Jacky Russell

Oh for goodness sake! Leave the poor lady alone!


Love your pictures and your blog. Want to go back to your country soon. We´ve been there this summer and several times before (even in your town once - and loved it). This year for the first time with our 2 1/2 year old girl, since then her teddybear is always on the way to England (by boat)and every time we have to sit in the car for several hours she tells us to drive to England.

I love your cottage ripple blanket so much. I have to start crocheting again.

Take care
Stefanie from Germany

Jacky Russell

Absolutely! Shall we draw a line? - as they say!


We are all going around in circles/mandalas. I've had enough negativity. I shall just read the blog.

Jacky Russell

i have been following Lucy's blog for years and really enjoy it still. It started off in a small way and has grown and grown. There is obviously something very appealing else it wouldn't have lasted this long or have so many followers. It is called being 'successful', which will involve changes obviously. Those who don't like it don't have to read it - but don't spoil it for others.


You know some of us have been with Lucy for quite a few years and enjoyed her blog. I'd like to continue reading it but one of my irritants is that I think it should be made clear what are commercial ventures. Personally I would not have been happy to have spent time crocheting mandelas for a commercial venture that people (and this appears to not just be Lucy) made money from. It's not even minimum wage!

I really do not have a problem with Lucy making money and I think all the other mini-dissenters feel the same but it has all been a bit full-on and Lucy has been able to sell her wares because of people like me, Joyce, Rose, Kath etc who have helped her build up her blog, in my case, over the years. I’m talking pre-Little B here!

People now think because we express an opinion that is different from the masses that we should go away and leave Lucy and her admirers to it. Now if I express an opinion to say, Michael Powell (a cross-stitch on-line company) which differs from others, they will take it on board especially if others have said something similar. They would not say go away. And to be fair to Lucy, I really think she doesn’t want us to go away either. She’s very likely listened to us and will take on-board what we say.

I’ll be honest, my problem isn’t really with Lucy as such (I’ll reiterate – I’m quite sure she takes note of all opinions) but with the responses to anyone who dares to differ from the masses! Surely it would be better to listen to us and modify your blog than to soak up the mass adoration and dismiss anyone else.

I think Lucy is fine with criticism – especially if she wants to expand.

I don’t want to go away, thank you Lesley (and those who share your opinion). I would just like some tweaking to the new direction I feel the blog’s taken. Those of us who have been with Lucy through the years and seeing her ups and downs and have enjoyed her blog deserve better than to be told to ‘go away if you don’t like it’ by certain of her followers!


My oh my - and it continues.....I am sure the L'Oreal ladies you see on the TV ads - those multi-million pound models/celebs/actors/ actresses (and come to think of it men) don't just only use those L'Oreal products. Perhaps they do but I am sure if they tried another item they wouldn't then say in a magazine interview that they used Chanel or La Prairie products thus jeopardising their lucrative contracts. Now perhaps our lovely Lucy does use only Stylecraft but hey so what if she doesn't? I don't care and I am sure that a lot of other readers of her brilliant blog know that too. We are not stupid. Anyway - what's wrong with wanting to buy her packs? At the end of the day as long as people are happy then so be it. My personal view is that if someone is not happy about anything then just don't read the blog anymore. Lucy - if you read this after your break - please, please make some patterns/packs in the Stylecraft Classique Cotton as I love that yarn! I am a cotton girl so that would be brilliant for me and would help bolster your Attic 24 shop too! May be one day you could open your own little outlet as well. From little acorns.....look at Cath Kidston!


I tend to agree SOMEWHAT with Kate.

This used to be a warm and friendly casual blog but its grown into a commercial venture now. It is not what it used to be and hence, I think, its visitors will change.

There are LOADS of other GOOD crocheting blogs now - just as there are loads of commercial sites, people will choose which they are needing and go to that. I just feel the attic is some kind of hybrid of the two now.. and has lost its way or changed direction.

I will be forever grateful to Lucy whose tutorials taught me to crochet again after years of yarnlessness ... but yarndale, stylecraft/woolwarehouse and simply crochet have led to a bit of an overdose of commercialism for me and id now rather visit blogs where I pay for their patterns on esty or ravelry - at least then I know i am paying for a service directly.

good luck lucy

Shaleen de Klerk

Hi Lucy, I know that you are taking a break but I am hoping that you can help me. I am making a striped blanket and have a big problem. I have done about 30 rows (I live in South Africa so using trebles and half trebles). The problem is the first 15 rows are dull and boring and the remainder looking very pretty. We do not get the range of yarns that you get so colours are pretty limited. Anyway, what I want to know is, is there any way that I can remove the first 15 rows without pulling all the rows out and starting all over? My starting chain is 200. Hoping you can help, enjoy your well deserved break. Many thanks from a sunny South Africa, Shaleen de Klerk xxx


Grey clouds blow away, please bring back our sunny day. Open your attic window and look above to see your beautiful rainbow! xxoo


Love your blog Lucy and so do thousands of other people. Please don't take any negative comments to heart, "Kath" is obviously jealous from the silly things she has said, I know how hard you work, and yarndale is for everyone! Please keep doing what you do, you are wonderful and talented and you are deeply appreciated! There are spiteful people out there that have to be mean, put them to one side like they deserve and carry on shining!!! I can't wait to buy the cottage pack, it makes it so easy to get the colours right so we can make something you provide for free, carry on lass!!!#


really, you don't think going back to 2008 to find a post is obsessed?

youre not happy, i get that,
thing is my dear when people are not happy with a blog they move on, find one that they are 'happy' with,

what they dont do is keep coming back to criticise, that to me is being obsessed,

sorry i wont be replying further im done with this.


No Bree, Kate's comment was very well put and those of us who are minor dissenters are not "obsessed". What Kate had to say is all very interesting, and some clarity would be good.

Lucy did say she was going to post Yarndale stuff but instead 'quietly closed' the Attic window for a week, also removing the ability to comment.

In addition, I do not regard myself as stupid, but I didn't realise the set-up of Yarndale. I knew craft people exhibited and made money, but was under the impression that some of the background organisation was voluntary and certainly thought that Lucy was a volunteer.


that was six years ago, my goodness,
you are way too obsessed about this, time to move on don't you think??
i very much doubt that anyone thought that yarndale was a charity,

just so that you know, we are not as stupid as you seem to think we are, just saying ,

thank you for the patterns lucy, the yarn packs are great for those of us that want them


Hi Lucy, have you come across these crochet hooks before? As a lover of wood, they are floating my boat! http://furlscrochet.com/collections/crochet
Hope you're having a lovely half-term.


Ahhhhh Lovely Lucy! How much love and respect is out there in the world for you! Ignore the grumps! Haters gonna hate no matter what. I was so excited to create a mandala and several weeks later see it displayed on Pinterest. I didn't do it worrying about who gains from it commercially. I made it because I wanted to join all the other Attic 24 fans in saying Thank You to our most inspiring crochet queen!
You fill our worlds with colour and make us feel a part of a warm happy community. What an amazing thing you've created over the last 6-7 years! Here in Melbourne I sometimes encounter other Crochet Queens and once we discover our mutual love of hook and wool, the next thing one of us says is "do you follow Attic 24?" And the answer is always "OMG! I totally love Lucy's blog!" Can you believe it? You have reached around the entire planet and created a happy community of colourful Crochet Queens. A massive achievement.
I admire you for sharing and i admire you for taking the time you need right now. I hope your mother gets better. I hope you reenergise and recover. I join all the other Attic 24 Crochet Queens (and kings!) in sending you hugs, love and peace xox Louise


Just wanted to add an appreciative note for the Autumn posts, since we can't comment on your most recent post. Hope all is well with you, and enjoy a rest. We'll be looking forwards to seeing you soon x


just posted my first comment here, and it went into 'september' instead of the most recent blog, sorry!!

Just want to say thank you, for your picture, for your words, for your inspiration

morag macpherson

I'm in Nepal travelling. Sitting in Pokhara airport waiting for a delayed flight to kathmandu with my 9 year old. Avidly flicking through your posts as there is good wifi. A fix I needed!
Shocked to hear of criticisms I felt Compelled to message you hugs. I also want to send you a fab colourful pic of nepali gourka costume as a wee pick you up if I can work out how to do it. I think you will love the colours x

Debbie C

Hi Lucy, I just wanted to say thank you. I have been catching up on your blog, having also been very busy of late; to say I was shocked by the debate in the comments is an understatement. There is a basic concept in economics - Demand and Supply. You have posted 40+ patterns and tutorials, and have shared even more finished projects. I come to your blog to get some inspiration. I have done various projects based on your ideas. I had no confidence to experiment with colours, but do so now. Thank you. I can make a choice if I buy a pack, so far I have not, but. I may do so in the future. I know that many people ask about the colours and yarns that you have used. You have willingly shared your creativity. If you didn't 'brand' your ideas then someone else would use them for their own gain. You are absolutely right to protect your designs and to take control of how they are marketed. You should gain some reward, financial or otherwise, for your talent. There is a significant demand for your skills and knowledge, and you oblige. I have no doubt that the financial reward is minimal. I also very much doubt that you ever imagined that that starting a blog would take you on this journey. Good for you. Keep going. I for one appreciate your talent and generosity. Thank you.


it's nice here, I like

Pat R  USA

What lovely walks you can take there. I love looking at the pics you give us. You have a good eye for color and beautiful things that are around us each day. We have a lot of reds here this year and the weather is starting to give us a chill. I am looking at my surroundings and walks a little differently these days. Thanks again for sharing.


Hi, I gamely said I'd crochet some poppies for for Remembrance Day. I live following your patterns, we want to sell them at school to raise money for the poppy appeal. Any chance - do you have a quick pattern or tutorial?! Thanks!


I absolutely love your blog, Lucy. It has opened a whole new world for me. I LOVE to crochet, but I'm not very good at picking out colors. Your selections have helped me so much. I love that I can stop by your blog and see the color selections you have chosen and simply copy them. And the ease of clicking on a Lucy pack at Wool Warehouse makes it so much simpler for me. Thank you for what you do. I truly appreciate it! Michele from the U.S.

Kate McKirkle

I so so understand your family circumstances, particularly with your mother. I think I was probably in the same boat as you are without going into detail. Not easy to deal with. The past although that's where it should stay generally does have a way of getting to you sometimes. However you have a lovely life, a lovely family as well as a lovely nature and can appreciate the little things which mean such a lot. Thankyou from bringing them to my attention. Let that override everything. You have created your life and family,hopefully you are proud and rightfully so! You can see the positive side of life, that's a gift. Carry on doing what you do, you give so much pleasure to hundreds even thousands of people including me, an oldie. I love to see your pictures and read your blog. I have been on holiday to Bolton Abbey recently. I love the town, market and canal particularly the fish and chip shop near the bridge. The saying that into each life some rain must fall is true, but the sun always comes back doesn't it? Love and hugs,

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