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October 21, 2014


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Sara Phipps

I have pasted this here just in case any one thinks they have read the blog and are now only catching up on the comments.
Lucy, with total respect and all the best. S x

OK....so this is how it is....

I will soon be able to write all about Yarndale and answer all the questions right here on my blog, but my family come first, I hope you can understand that and forgive the delay. I'm just back home having spent a very traumatic week nursing my mum and I just can't deal with all this negativity right this minute. Please I am asking you to just ease up and let me catch my breath.

[email protected]

Thank you.


Juliet - regarding your two recent posts.

Very, very well put.

What I would have liked to have said only in a much more clear and coherent way.


Oh and I meant to say... I think we all need to stop and act as per Lucy's request. She needs breathing space and a chance to reply, so we should give her that. We've all said what we need to say, let's leave it at that now.


Why all the criticism about Yarndale as a company? Surely some legal entity would have to have been formed to hold an event such as Yarndale, to enter into contracts, arrange insurance, deal with the unnecessary Heallth and Safety regulations. Also, as others have said Lucy needs to at least cover her expenses.

Unless one is interested in business this is not what I would wish to read about in a blog about crochet, colour, design, family life. Lucy's posts about Dorset has given me ideas of places to go when we visit our daughter who lives there. It is unintentional consequences like this that I take away from this particular blog.

I know only too well the limitations of blogging, a few years ago I posted something, no names or pack drill , a year later some one took exception to it, the fall out has changed our life style and led to our exclusion from certain groups. Now I'm so careful what I write, I miss out quite a lot from our lives, my followers are few but I am sensitive to anyone taking offence. I have been criticised for the smallness of my photographs as the blog is read on her laptop not an iPad with the facility to blow. Up the picture.


Susanne - why do you feel the need to be so nasty? It is people like you who create a lot of the bad feeling on this blog, throwing insults around. The so-called 'attic24 massive' seem to be creating a bit of a name for themselves at the moment and I would be inclined to say that this will be what ends up discrediting Lucy's blog. You simply can't talk to people like that, it's not fair or justified. If I were Lucy I think I would have a word with my fans about how to treat people.


Well I know what I would do if I was Lucy - I would vet comments before allowing them to be posted. There are many blogs that do that. I am not a sheep nor a troll - just someone that enjoys reading Lucy's blog and I may have done a ripple or four. I rarely comment and I have only very recently donated to Lucy because of all the grief she has been given recently. In my opinion she really doesn't deserve it. I honestly can not understand some people. Lucy - you take your blog in whatever direction you like and I wish you huge success in whatever do. I'll be reading and enjoying.


Ha!!!! Some people really pretend they believed, yarndale was just a private party?! How ridiculously naive they must be! Neither buntings nor mandalas were ment to be personal presents for Lucy. There never was a secret about what they would be used for. If it would have made a difference if Yarndale was commercial or not, they could have asked Lucy before they spent time and money. They accuse Lucy to be dishonest, but to me they don't seem to be sencere themselves. Obiously Lucy cannot satisfy them. Whatever she tries, it is not right, they take offence at something else, imputing base motives. That's disgusting. Especially for long years readers!
So you people, what are your intentions?
Is it to damage this blog, to discredit Lucy, to annoy thousands of contented readers? Please go away, place your poison elsewhere.
Are you just longing for other post themes? I can imagine it would have been more helpful to say PLEASE.
Do you regret your time and money spent for yarndale? Maybe you assume they will get listed after making such a large profit with your mandala? Please leave your address, I will send a ball of wool and recommend a local psychiatrist.

Sue Harding

Juliet - you used the 's' word!!!! :-o
I got shot down in flames by what has been referred to as the 'Attic24-massive' for daring to use that term to describe some of the over-obsessive Lucy-worshippers who comment here.

Personally, I have nothing against Lucy and what she chooses to blog about (although, I do prefer her non-commercial posts). However, what I do find unhelpful is the vitriolic abuse directed at those of us who dare to postulate a different view. (The words 'Emperor's New Clothes' spring to mind.)

What is even more upsetting is that none of these abusive 'clear off!' comments are challenged by the lady herself!

I don't care about Yarndale or the commercialisation of the blog - these are Lucy's choice to include or not and the moral obligations therein are also in her perogative; I just don't want to be heckled for having independant thought. The last time I looked this was a country that exercised the right to free speech - apparently not here, though. :-/


I assume that as the only comments being deleted are about Yarndale being a profit making commercial venture these comments must touch a nerve.

Anyone can Google Yarndale and see it is a profitable Limited Company with 5 Directors (Lucy being one) and assets can also be seen (before this years Yarndale)

In my opinion readers were encouraged to make bunting and mandelas to festoon and publicise Yarndale with the ultimate aim of making money for the Company.

Whether or not Lucy chooses to sell yarn packs and patterns on her own behalf is irrelevant in my opinion. The issue is that readers were apparently duped regarding Yarndale and that now comments are being deleted with the request to only email Lucy with our concerns. Why is this? Why are comments suddenly barred from mentioning Yarndale? I can only assume the intention is to keep hidden what already has been kept from view.


I think a lot of people are missing the point here, most of the so-called 'dissenters' are not saying that Lucy shouldn't take her crochet to a different level, only that it should be transparent. It is quite obvious that there is a lot of, quite frankly, sycophantic support on this blog but there are also a lot of people who are becoming increasingly unhappy with the way us readers are treated.

Lucy, you have been happy to use this blog to persuade people to make bunting/mandalas for Yarndale but are now unhappy for the status of Yarndale to be discussed on here. Why is that? Is it because you don't want people to know? Because that is EXACTLY what it looks like to me.

So this censorship regarding whether Yarndale is a company or not (before you delete my comment, notice that I have not specified either way here)... does that mean that you won't be discussing future Yarndale issues on here too? Or is it only us readers who can't discuss it - well only if it happens to agree with what you want to be public/widely known? This is incredibly dishonest of you and not at all in-keeping with the so-called ethos of happiness, honesty and friendliness so often promoted on here.

Lucy, you need to address these issues directly, in the open ON YOUR BLOG. Not through private emails between you and a few readers who dared to disagree with you... doesn't this convey a sense of being summoned to the head teacher's office for a private telling off? They will not just go away because you have gone into hiding for a week. Incidentally, I agree completely with Vivvi and Tina and am pleased that Kate (who I think posted the original comment about Yarndale) was brave enough to try and inform people of what they deserve to know. Just a shame she was censored.

Daisy C.

Apologies for the grammar thing Looby, not sure why I did that - too much studying/assignments recently I think and was confused as to what medium I was writing for! It was unnecessary and rather discourteous.

I didn't mean you were scary. I just thought that 'thrashed' was a bit strong when quite a lot of people weren't really being nasty at all to Lucy - just voicing an opinion.

And the scary sentence was probably in the wrong place. It's a bit scary the way some poor soul says something a bit different and the hordes swarm in and round on them! Now that is not nice either.

I think from now on, I'll keep out of this. I have to say though, that it's interesting that some comments are being suppressed and it seems they are not ones from the 'happy clappy' lot.

Looby Lou

A bit scary Daisy C? In what way, I'm interested. Apologies for my spelling mistakes earlier, I was typing in rather a hurry, you obviously picked up on the grammar.
She was being thrashed publicly, some fairly catty comments all round. I am not particularly a fan of the twee happy clappy blog, but I can totally appreciate her creativity and business mind.


So well put Vivvi.....'picking and choosing what you allow to be posted....fuels unease'. That is what makes Ravelry such a horrible nasty place with most of the moderators being 'up themselves'


I only know about Yarndale from this blog and I thought it was a fun thing and not a commercial venture (except of course for the exhibitors). If this had been made clear, some people may well have chosen not to take the time (and money) to make mandelas and bunting, so this might be one of the issues Lucy would like to address when she returns.

Having an open discussion, rather than 'closed' e-mails is really healthier. I'm not comfortable with this turn of events.

Picking and choosing what you allow to be posted is a bit off. It fuels unease.

Life isn't all sweetness and niceness I'm afraid. Just because some of us don't totally enthuse doesn't make us sad, negative, moaning people! We might actually have a valid point!!!


I choose to comment on here and not contact you by email, this is my decision, please respect it.

You are now stating that this is not the place to speak of Yarndale however it has long been the place, by you yourself.

It appears that now it has been found out that Yarndale is a commercial profit making venture you pull up the drawbridge and retreat. An honest way would be to come clean and tell it how it is.

My email address is not available to you.


I hope that wasn't directed at me Tina as I'm considered a 'dissenter' and I agree entirely with your comment. When I said if I were Lucy I’d carry on blogging and things would calm down, I did assume that Lucy would take notice of all the constructive criticism and hopefully we'll see less of the wool-pushing and the resolving of some other issues people have!
I've been told to go away if I don't like things but as I pointed out, I've been around here for years and as such have contributed to the current success of Lucy's blog and hence to her ability to make some money from her hobby. So done my bit and now because I refuse to join in the total adoration I apparently should go away!
It's interesting that the sweet, nice, non-negative 'sheep' can be quite vitriolic to those of us who have a different view. I have far more of an issue with the discouragement of free-speech and the subsequent name-calling from the followers, than I do with Lucy flogging her wool packs!
She at least has not told me to go elsewhere if I don’t like it!!!

Fay Morgan

so nice of you to email us all Lucy but I won't be reading mine....forgotten the p word. I never use this email address for correspondence.
Best wishes from another non sheep.


Consider yourself well and truly told off all who dare to put forward an opinion that doesn't please!

Quite plainly - either follow and fall at Lucys feet or keep your opinions to yourself.

I'm happy that I'm not one of the sheep.


Yes but if you want to develop and make money, you have to be prepared to take some criticism, whether it be a blog or commercial site.

Also it would appear that comments have been removed regarding Yarndale. Whilst that is Lucy's prerogative, people have been encouraged to participate in Yarndale on this blog - by making bunting and mandelas - so it makes sense that if they want to comment, they would do so on the site that made them aware of Yarndale.

If I were Lucy I'd take note of what all people say and then carry on with her blogging! All will calm down soon! I have to say I was looking forward to her autumn and Halloween tales and the wonderful photos that normally accompany them.

But remember that everyone is entitled to an opinion which may well be valid and constructive, and criticising the criticisers is joining the negative merry-go-round!

Jacky Russell

Absolutely! :)


Well said Kathryn! Xxx


I have to add my support for Lucy. Attic24 is a free blog. It has been for over 6 years and continues to be free. I can visit, read, enjoy, use the tutorials and patterns – for free. I don’t have to pay a subscription or pay per view or add patterns to a basket and click through to paypal.

Yes, there are buttons to donate – but donations are, by definition, completely voluntary.

Similarly the wool packs – they are available if I want to buy them. If I choose to follow the CAL and buy different yarn in a different colour scheme from another supplier, there is nothing to stop me. Or I can choose to look but not participate. All my free choice.

As a reader I therefore have no say in the direction of the blog. That is not my right because this is not my blog. This is Lucy’s personal blog and it is Lucy’s decision what she writes, what associations she makes, what patterns she offers and what other activities she pursues. End of story.

Putting up comments talking about the direction you would like to see the blog take and criticising Lucy for ‘commercialising’ the blog or for her decisions about what to blog and when is not on. You have no say. This is not your blog. You are not a subscriber who is paying a fee.

What if Lucy decided to follow the advice of the small minority of posters on here and cut all links with anything that earned money? To help support her family she might then go back to work doing something non-blog or crochet related. Working even part time with three children – how much time do you expect she would then have to write free patterns, run CALs, add tutorials, write blog posts?

I want to read Lucy’s blog and get inspiration from her posts and her tutorials and her patterns. I want to read about what inspires her. I want this blog to survive and flourish and to do that, it has to make some money. This is real life not a fantasy world.

If you don’t like some blog posts, you can read the ones you do like. Or you can stop visiting. It is entirely your choice. But you cannot force Lucy to write a blog that you think would be perfect. If you want to read something that agrees with your opinions and view of the world entirely, you need to start your own blog.

But no reader of any free blog has the right to be negative because negativity is hurtful and demoralising. It’s not only bad manners. If your negativity means that Lucy does not post anymore, will you be happy that you have destroyed something that so many people enjoy and gain inspiration and happiness from?

After this negative round of comments on the couple of recent posts I hope you aren’t put off Lucy. You have inspired me and thousands of others and I hope that you can continue to do so. I would support you to turn off the comment button – that is your choice too xxx


To Fay, Helen and Kate...I have emailed you privately to explain my decision to delete comments and to invite you to contact me via email if you wish to discuss anything to do with Yarndale. I would like to say that anyone who wishes to discuss Yarndale matters, this is NOT the place to do it. Please respect my decision and use my email if you wish to say something to me directly.
[email protected]
Thank you.

Daisy C.

I've enjoyed Lucy's blog for years too and I love her photos and adventures. I don't particularly care about the wool promotions, haven't made a mandela and I've read about Yarndale in her column in Simply Crochet, but I have to say I'm a bit surprised about how if anyone dissents slightly (even long-time followers) they are rounded on and told to blog off somewhere else if they don't like it!

"Thrashing the girl publicy" (sic) was a bit strong!

Bit scary!

Now back to the calmness of crocheting! And I'm just going to stick to what Lucy says from now on I think. Too much emotion in "comments" at both end of the spectrum!

Loobly Lou

I have been a long time lurker on this blog and thought I would stand up and put my two penneth in. I really do not know where to start to be honest. This blog was started by this lady as a blog, a journal to share her life, ideas and inspirations, and it just happened to take off. In a big way. Why wouldn't she accept the opportunity to make some money from what she loves doing and is very good at too? You do not have to monitor this blog, there are lots of others starting out who you can follow if you prefer the new, freshly starting uncommercial aspect of crafting. But this is very clearly moved towards a business aspect. As for her not posting up about Yarndale, you all sound like spoilt brats stampning their feet demanding attention? You do not know what is going on in Lucy's life, you do not know what her relationship with her Mum is, it is her private business and she really should not have to justify herself as to why she hasn't blogged about it yet? Maybe she didn't feel like it? Maybe she wanted to go and chill out at Ally Pally. Stop demonizing the poor girl and if you have no interest anymore, or you take offence then perhaps message her directly instead of thrashing the girl publicy. You're all adults surely? Dear me, some people can be so catty......chill out ladies, negativity will eat you from the inside. Lucy I hope you're feeling better, do whatever you need to do. I won't lie, I am not a fan of gushy clappy happy stuff but I just felt you were getting a raw deal here..... if people don't like what you do, then they don't need to read it do they? simples!

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