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October 09, 2014


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Sunny Aussie hugs to you lucy..

Sharon Brown

I hope things pick up for you soon. Lucky you still have colourful crochet in your life!


Hang in there!


So sorry to hear about your Mum. I remember how hard it was for you last time she was ill particularly living so far away. Thinking of you and your Mum. Sarah x


I've followed your blog for a couple of years now and am always delighted by your zest for life. I've never had the courage to comment before but felt I had to this evening. I'm so very sorry to hear that you are going through such a rough time, I will keep you and your mum in my prayers! Things will get easier one day and in the mean time, look back at some of your happier times through your wonderful blog to remind yourself that life is very sunny lots of the time! God Bless you and thank you for bringing so much happiness to others. X


Take care Lucy, warmest thoughts from France


Hi Lucy, so sorry to read about you having such an emotionally tough time just now. Most of all, your Mum being unwell is bound to cause you stress and anxiety. Hopefully you will manage to travel to see her very soon. Bless you and your Mum and the whole family. Annette


Dear Lucy, i hope that you believe in the power of thaughts.
I see so much real interest and real concern, so much good thaugths around here. Over here, we will think about you and your mom and light a candle for her.


"I wasn't surprised to learn of your friend's departure. Your business life has taken off and all good things have been happening for your hard work, and sharing with all of us...nature. Keep your chin up and continue on with your associations..."
If you read the other lady's blog, she has a sick child which is why she has left as her family is her priority. And rightly so.

Sorry to hear about your mum, Lucy, I hope you find the time to visit her soon and her health improves. People are always more important than things.

joanne warburton

So sorry to here about your Mum , Have had recent worries over my Mum who also lives some miles away, my thoughts are with you, and wishing your Mum a speedy recovery xxx

Pat Wilkinson

Hope you had a lovely birthday Lucy, love Pat xx

Sue Webb

Lucy, i am a lot older than you, and am going through a similar thing with my poor dad (he has parkinsons and is now bed bound) but although it is hard, it is as you say one of life's horrid curve balls!..I hope you dear mum rally's round and gets better very soon. You are a very talented and colourful person, and you bring more joy than you can imagine to people's lives.....also I think you deserve to be kind to yourself and have some down time to look after you...easy for me to say eh?. I love all the wonderful things you share on your blog, and am really hoping that the grey days get brighter for you very quickly..x

Carol Pullen

Lucy, absolutely brilliant to meet you at the Knitting and Stitching show yesterday and I can't wait to see the new blanket. If you have time please visit my blog.


I just said a prayer for your mum and for you. xx


Sorry to hear you're feeling sad and worried Lucy. Thinking of you and sending happy thoughts your way.


Oh Lucy, even when you are having a "down" day, you can still make us all smile . I hope everything is ok with your Mum, I hope your love of crochet and colour keeps getting you through the tough times . Hugs & kisses xx


Blessings to all.


So sorry your Mom is not well. I hope you get to go see her soon and that her health will improve. Hugs.
xo jan

Carolyn Dietrich

What a lot to face during a time when you are tired out after Yarndale. My heart goes out to you and I am praying you will be able to visit your mum. It's not a wonder you have been emotional. That is a lot to happen in a short time and a time when you are exhausted from your wonderful work on Yarndale. What a blessing Yarndale is and it's great you put so much of your heart an soul into it. Bless you, Lucy. I will keep you and your mum in my prayers.


Send you big hugs Lucy as you battle your way through these difficult and emotional times. Lots of love, thoughts and prayers with your lovely Mum.


Amazed to read from comments that you did indeed go to the knit and stitch show in London. I hope your mum doesn't read that too.

Perhaps your priorities aren't your family, mine are and I wouldn't be travelling to play with yarn ignoring my ailing parent. London is a considerable distance from Skipton, Dorset not that much further.

What an example to set your own children.

Sadly you have gone down in my esteem.


Thinking about you and your mum and I hope she is feeling better. You'll get through this, I know you will xx


Lucy, My thoughts and prayers are with you, for your mom, you and your loved ones.
Do continue to take gentle care of yourself!
With love, from Oregon, Vanessa and family


God bless you and your Mum. It is very hard to watch as our parents, forever young in our own eyes, age with the passing years.


Lucy I had not read this post before I went to the knit and stitch show. I was standing at a stall and was just showing my daughter a pack of the beautiful coast colour wool and explaining how a lovely lady on a blog I read had made an amazing ripple blanket with it, when I turned round and there you were !
You have convinced me that as a novice that I too can make your blanket, so I staggered home with a pack of beautiful wool and my new crochet hook and I am so excited to try.
I am so sorry life is tough at the moment and hope with all my heart that things get better soon. Reading your blog and seeing your beautiful crafts brightens my days. It was a real pleasure to meet you today
Debbie x

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