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October 19, 2014


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Pam Richardson

I think the times may not be right

velvet cow

crochet keeps me calm and sane (ish) and I am positively hoovering up your patterns... thank you thank you. see my versions of your creations if you like on www.TheVelvetCow.typepad.com

Jean viserta

Very pretty. It makes you happy just to look at it. I especially like the photo of it on the bench. You have inspired to to start a ripple afghan as my next crochet project. Thank you.


So pretty! I've been thinking about trying my hand at a ripple blanket next, so thank you for the "know how" link. Reading your crochet stories on a dreary day like today makes things just a little more cozy and warm feeling. I really enjoy it!


I just looked at the time stamps on the last few comments and got a bit confused; 03.43 PM looks like a contradiction in terms now that I live in 24hr France. It reminded me of the time my somewhat whacky teenage daughter posted a comment to her totally logical and geeky cousin; it was time-stamped 25:12. I just thought I'd change the subject a bit (Phew!) and tell you all about something that was never supposed to happen, but could only have happened to her.
That's all. As you were......


I really love these "cottage" colours. I am looking forward to seeing more of your colour picks. xx

Taciana Simmons

You did it again Lucy. Another blanket that reaches perfection. Colors combination is just absolutely gorgeous and you have impeccable taste. I'm still working on my ripple blanket and we don't have stylecraft here in the US so I will check and see if I can order to be sent to the US from your shop. My daughter is graduating from HS this year ( not so much of a "little lady " anymore - she has grown up too fast) and I have been pondering which blanket to make for her. Thanks for the beautiful inspiration.

Allison Callis

What a beautiful blanket and lovely colors! It makes me want to start one right away! Fall is beautiful here too, especially with bright, sunshiny days. The chickens and the dog both love the cool air. I'm already wearing fleeces and hoodies :-) lifting up prayer for your mom, that she will feel peace and calm from the only God who can comfort.



That's all!

Pam Richardson

If you don't like the blog then go elsewhere no-one is holding a gun to your head. I too have purchased a blanket pack through this blog but I also have bought books but not through this blog, that's the choice I make as an adult. Lucy continue doing your wonderful creative crochet projects and let those with anti Attic24 views go elsewhere that's their prerogative! What do people want eh? you on benefits; or earning your own money?? There just isn't any pleasing some folk. LOVE CROCHET xxxx

Pam Richardson

Well, I for one admire not only your inspiration, your crochet skill, your instincts to stay at home and nurture your little people (for that's the most important job anyone will have. I also admire your guts and enthusiasm for turning your hobbies into a blog and telling us about your crafting day in your lovely house and studio, but to also be able to make money out of it I say well done. I take my hat off to you. Ive crocheted my entire life and haven't done what you have managed to do, so well done pet. You deserve your success xx


My pack arrived today from Wool Warehouse and...I looooove the colors!!!
Can't wait to start my blanket!!!!
Thanks for all your work and the inspiration you give me constantly!!!!!


Lucy: Thank you, thank YOU!

Linda Hoffland

Just lovely. And thank you for turning me on to Style Craft yarn. I am hooked (no pun intended)!

Miriam Weaver

I bought the cottage pack at Yarndale and have to say I'm loving the colours and the yarn. I can't wait to finish and get it on the bed, the colour combination is a total delight. Thank you Lucy!


Such a beasutiful blanket - staring at the pictures has masde me happy on this wet cold evening. Thank you

Sara Phipps

I feel we all need to stop pidgeon holing each other. I read plenty of other blogs, I have never pressed the donate button ( sorry Luce!!) I will be buying one pack not all because I want to, I made a mandala in good faith and expect no thanks, I am not a sycophant. I appreciate reading others points of view but hate the arguing and name calling. This had become my happyplace at the end of the day to wind down. This blog has clearly touched many lives and its content is up to it's author, it is not ours to own or lead on. I really hope no one "leaves or stops reading if it brings them pleasure to do so. Now I said that I would say no more and I have gone back on that. It's about wool, family, creativity and FUN.Thank you for reading.


I took up crochet as a form of therapy to come to terms with the death of my mother who died from neglect in a NHS hospital! I was inspired by this blog with its colour and attention to detail that I could never find in books. I have a lot to thank Lucy for. I have only just recently started to read the comments. Sadly, I feel there are a lot of comments here from people with a lot of time on their hands. Do something positive and go and create your own blog if you are so disgruntled. Just for the record I buy my wool in charity shops!

Sue Harding

Well said - Elaine!!
I shall continue to read the blog posts, as and when, because I like to see what Lucy's up to - and ignore the 'selling points'
However, I will try to refrain from commenting as there are plenty of comments already!


Beautiful !!


To be honest, the 'over-commercial' issue is more of a minor irritant to me - not presently enough to stop me reading whenever attic24 flashes up in my blog reader - but the reaction to a handful of comments that don't agree with the majority has prompted me to comment.

Joyce, rose and others have been eloquent and polite in putting their opinions across - on this post and the previous one. And yet people are responding as if they have been throwing around insults, making threats and goodness knows what! I wonder if many people have actually read these comments before jumping on the defend-Lucy-from-any-sort-of-negative-feedback bandwagon.

I've noticed this before on a few occasions where a lone voice is shouted down by no doubt well-meaning supporters, and once on Ravelry where someone spotted a very similar pattern to one of Lucy's and actually commented on the person's page practically accusing her of stealing it. If she hadn't been so caught up in her own self-righteousness on Lucy's behalf she would have seen that the pattern actually PRE-DATED Lucy's!

While it's brilliant that Lucy has gathered such a fan base over the last few years - no mean feat, it is not easy to write so engagingly - I can't help but wish that people would think before calling people 'trolls' or 'bullies' for merely expressing their opinion in a polite manner. And I also think that this issue could have been entirely avoided if perhaps Lucy had taken the time to directly message those 3 or 4 people (out of several hundred!) who she felt were overly critical, instead of passive-aggressively referencing them in her posts, no doubt knowing that the 'Attic24 massive' would pounce upon them...

Jacky Russell

Mae, your post is so well written. I completely agree with a number of your points. I think Joyce mentioned that there are lots of crochet blogs - which there are - but they don't all appeal to me in the same way as this and one or two others. Attic24 is 'homey' and colourful, and as you said, people are often drawn to it for personal reasons, such as loss or depression. Most of us at some time will be needing a little support, and isn't this where all this started, with Lucy speaking of her own ups and downs?

Pam Roach

Beyond lovely!!!! Great blog today (. As usual)!!! Thank you and hugs

Sue Harding

Mae- clearly I hit a nerve (and perhaps 'sycophant' was a little extreme - but then so is being referred to as a 'troll' or 'bully'!!)


Thank you Mae, California! You said, what I thought.

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