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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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September 03, 2014


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Sarah Finnigan

Hi Lucy - thanks for all your amazing ideas, colours and inspiration over the last few years. I completely agree with you that crochet can be such an incredible solace and comfort. Last year my before our elderly father died, my sisters and I sat around his beside for two weeks with our crochet and chatted and supported each other. It really was a special time. Moving on though, we are desparate to start your 'Autumn Cosy Blanket' but can't quite work out the colours from your little pic. Can you PLEASE post the colours or e mail me, so we can get going before Autumn is over! Thanks so much. Sarah

Stela Matthews

We're having our Spring holidays here in Australia, glorious today, can smell my wisteria. Like you, I'm feeling a little lonely as my two beautiful children have gone to visit the grandparents. Shall play some piano, clean the house and potter in the garden - will try to look at it as a time to recharge the soul. I never believed it when people would say 'they grow up so fast'. 3 years since my youngest started school. Like you,I have work that is flexible. Love it! A good balance of doing something for me and for my family.
Looking forward to creating beautiful memories like you as summer approaches.
I'm excited to see what your new phase brings Lucy. Enjoy and experience with all your heart!
Love Stela x


hi,everything is very nice!!!

Carmen Gonzalez

Reading your post about the holiday and the starting period after a sweet holidays ,
is so pleasant , so sweet.
You can actually , feel the calm,the excitement, the happiness....... you have the unique ability to communicate brilliantly you thoughts and feeling.
I Love all your crochet project they reflect this calm and sweet enjoyment that you describe .......living, contemplating and taking part of life


Beautiful pics!
Annalisa from Italy

My blog: http://icapriccideldestino.blogspot.it/

Angela-Southern USA

For a big smile check this out!
I know you'll love it!xx


Gosh!! what tiny school shoes!!!
I have to buy adult sizes 9 and 3 for my two little boys now...how does one photo bring so many memories flooding back!!!!and how can I possibly be old enough to have 2 children in secondary school !!!
Your life will continue to evolve, so just go with the flow and enjoy the ride, there are Sooooo many more adventures to come...


Beautiful photos once again Lucy. Glad you had a good summer and fitted in some hooky time.
I posted about your beautiful blog on mine today.


Summer is never long enough (and winter always lingers to long), and I,too, look at September as late summer...I'm not ready for fall, not yet.
Enjoy you 6 hours a day of kid free time!

Cathy at The House with The Blue Door

A lovely post :) I remember those mixed feelings when my youngest started school, and here I am again with my middle one about to head off to university. You will get used to it, and have more time to do even more of the wonderful creative things you're already doing! x

Karen G

What a sweet poignant post about sending the little one off to school and reflecting back on summer. I know you will come to enjoy your time as you adjust to the new stage... but I can appreciate the mixed feelings involved! How awesome that you spent this summer with them, in your pajamas, cuddling and adventuring and making memories! My kids are all grown now but I still recall those happy / sad moments of letting them go just a little further away, one step at a time. Thanks for sharing, you are a gifted writer. I came to see your blanket edging crochet instruction from Pinterest but ended up touched by your words about life : )

Sunshine Girl

Sounds like your summer holiday was a lot like mine! I also call my second son Little B too - although he is now nearly 10. I have just popped over here to tell you I came across your hexagon-how-to instructions last week and am now in the throes of making a blanket! Details are here if you are interested http://www.sunshinegirlnicola.blogspot.co.uk/ - they are great instructions and really easy to follow even to a beginner like me! Have fun with your yarn bomb - I was involved with yarnbombing Solihull earlier this year - sew much fun!

Carol D

Lucy - off topic, but I cannot let this get by without mentioning to you.
I just found another site posting what looks exactly like your Blooming Cushion - identical - and I don't see any reference to you or your site at all.
That aggravates me when someone posts patterns that were designed by someone else and apparently takes credit for them. I saw one (same pattern!) and emailed to the poster that it looked just like "Lucy from Attic 24" pattern - and she simply replied "same one!) - but your name/link was nowhere on her post!
Here's link to the one I saw tonight: http://www.usefuldiy.com/diy-crochet-flower-pattern/
I KNOW it's yours - I made one - and will NEVER forget where I got it...and how much your tutorial helped me....did it after I picked up crochet after nearly 20 year layoff. It's my favorite item!
Thank you for all you do....don't want to see anyone take credit for your hard work!

Jane Thompson

Your summer holiday sounds wonderful Lucy and I hope you quickly adjust to Little B's new school life. No doubt your creative mind will keep you busy in your lovely studio and it's reassuring to see them bounding into class and looking happy. I've not heard the word slattern before, is that a Yorkshire term? (I'm a very southern girl down here in Kent.) Have a great weekend.
Jane x

Filiz Kİcmel

Dear Lucy İ was lucky to find your blog just now, with so many years to read and to be inspired:) U are a wonderful soul and remind me of a sweet elf:) Like you İ love to drink colours and get overly ecxited buying yarn and garn and and...:)İ could crochet till the end of times:) İ just wanted to say thank you so much for attic 24, İ read it like a sweet novel (A bit like the novels of Debbie Mccomber, the main character has a yarn store in a sweet little town in Seattle, with many sweet characters and their lifestories shared in the yarnshop, thought of this, when you read the Pilcher Novel:) So thank you so much for your blog:))

Whish you lots of yarns, health for you all, Starlight in your soul and heaven in your heart:)

Lots of love from Turkey:))


Lynne Gill

Hi Lucy. Now my "boys" are 40 and 42 - but I can well remember their first days at school - and my mixed emotions! So I can relate to yours. But - onto the next chapter .... I'm sure you have great plans afoot, and lots of exciting things to amaze us with. Good luck!


(Jumping up and down) That's the ripple we keep getting tantalising glimpses of and it's colours are amazing and does that mean you're about to tell us all about it?!?! September's here before I'm ready too. Be gentle with yourself adjusting x


It's good to see you back. A new stage in your life, with all of your children at school. It takes some getting used to, but I can tell you from experience that every stage brings lots of good things. Hope that helps a bit. Looking forward to your seaside stories.


"Just the right balance of everything and nothing, of leisure and laziness, of home and away." That's exactly what makes a good school summer holidays for me too!

One of our highlights was the "Pop-up" cafe we had in our garden one afternoon with my daughter and her friend as the mini-waitresses! You can see it here:

Alison at Sylvan House

I hope Little B is settling nicely into school Lucy. It feels odd being alone in the house and eerily quiet. Then you get used to it and get lots of work done during the day and look forward to them flying out of the school gate and being delighted to see you again! :-) x


Children grow much too quickly, don't they? But I have to tell you that my children also wanted to see "How to train your dragon" this summer, and they are 16 and 19 years old! Enjoy your newfound freedom. I am sure you will get used to the new routine quickly.


Its nice to share your moments...here in Argentina spring is beginning so days are warmer...and flowers beautiful...I like you love sea and cant wait to read about it! Wish you enjoy your "free" time working in new proyects...best of lucks!!


So very lovely to see your reminiscences of your holiday. It looks so peaceful and idyllic. But not sorry you summer is coming to an end ... cause it means here in New Zealand summer is just that little bit closer :)


Hope little B enjoyed his first day at school love your blog have been following you for a long time made your banana loaf it was lovely will be making this again, lovely holiday photos
Best wishes to you all ginny


Oh please don't - there's nothing more boring than someone else's holiday photos :-(

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