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September 13, 2014


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Kim W

Lucy, You have a lovely garden. It makes me smile thinking of all the hard work you put in it and the pleasure you get from it. Thank you for sharing this little bit of happy with us.

Mirjam Roos

You are so sweet and modest...
I love that you enjoy what you have, and it looks so good too!
Beautiful pictures...
Love from Mirjam.

Ada Bea

It might be small but it's bursting with colour! :) xxx


Oh it's gorgeous! If you want some more inspiration have a look at the blog 66squarefeet.blogspot.com. Amazing what you can grow and do in tiny spaces!
xx Tara

Lesley Buckle

Your garden looks lovely and being small it gives you more time to do all the other things that mean so much to you......

You always make me feel happy - thank you

Lesley xx


Beautiful flowers. I'm sure your neighbors must be enjoying them as well. Not only do they add beauty but they also add a bit more privacy to your garden.
You have a flair for making any space lovely.

Eulalia Isabel

Hermoso jardin, bellas flores.


I know what you mean about garden envy. You are in the right headspace though when on returning to your patch you can see just how much it has going for it too. Those lovely splashes of colour and the exciting experience for Little B of watching his own pumpkin vine sprout from seed and produce those wonderful big, furry leaves! Did you know that you can eat pumpkin tips? I discovered this living in Papua New Guinea many years ago. You prepare them as you would english spinach- just a light steam or stir-fry. So even if you don't get pumpkins, you could still eat something you have grown :)


I have garden envy for your garden! It is gorgeous. I can see why it makes you so happy.


The larger part of my garden is a disaster and too much for me to cope with following a knee op but I love my tiny patio so can really understand why something manageable is so much fun.

Deb Lozano

Your garden is beautiful!

ann clements

what a beautiful garden lucy, someone mentioned earlier if you were pestered by bees and bugs, I would like to say to that lady, bees are a must in the garden they pollinate the flowers and with out bees we wouldn't have plants,and bees are sadly on the decline 20 species have been lost already,
also lucy terricota pots are lovely but they don't like the freezing cold and do tend to crack and break I lost several of mine during a bad spell of weather we had a few years ago,

things and thoughts

Your little garden is full of charm and your crochet works just perfect. You have really an inspirational blog!


What a lovely garden ~ and yes, I remember the marigolds in the colander! I would totally enjoy sitting in your cosy garden with a coffee.:-)


Your backyard is adorable! Just the right size if you ask me: enough space to enjoy a garden feeling but small enough to handle without too much work!

Take care Anne


Oh, Lucy, I just love your backyard! I too have a tiny fenced yard behind my townhouse that I call my secret garden. Its the perfect spot to sit and read, enjoy a morning coffee or just daydream. All it requires is a bit of time to water the plants and sweep up. I think we're both lucky ladies!!!


I know how you feel seeing others gardens as I've done that as well but know that we all just love your quaint little spot!


beautiful colours to brighten your days :-) xx Joy xx


Oh my husband would love your little yard. We have a medium sized garden and it has a really good side (plenty of space to play, laugh and live) but the downside is that it more than doubles the work of the house. And big garden work is big hard work. I'm a bad gardener anyway, so there are days when I wish for a small yard!


Your garden is lovely! We have a garden that seems to get away from us about mid summer. One the size of yours would be perfect and far easier to manage. I also hang clothes outside to dry, I just love the way they smell. I love the wall surrounding your bit of space, I'm glad you didn't paint it. The whole thing is perfect in my eyes.


You have a similar little yard to me. I often wish I had a bigger garden too but that would mean less time to sew and we do have an allotment for the veggies. If I come home via the back alley I still feel a sense of surprise when I see everything blooming. We get birds now too and so really I am quite content with my little green space most of the time.


A beautiful piece of paradise, the potting is stunning.

Samantha Roberts

We are very lucky to have a large garden. I love to see the children playing out there - football, cartwheels and of course a dolly picnic! It's a lot of work though and I wish it looked more stylish but I don't seem to have the where-with-all to get really into it. I swap skills with my friend who has her own garden business. I sew for her, she plants (and designs) for me, it's a wonderful union! I love to see your space -both inside your home and out the back, you make things so lovely with your special touch. Thank you for listing me in your blog reads list - I have had a lot of new visitors to my blog because of that ( I can tell by my stats they come from you). I hope you and your family are well, enjoy the rest of your Sunday, Sam from betsymakes x


It looks wonderful very colourful and happy!

eileen mahoney

Gardens are definitely overrated in my humble opinion-lol. I grew up with backyards and I love the privacy, the walled garden, the pots etc etc. I live in a semi now and have a small garden with a patio and lawn and to me the grass is just hard work for no return. I can't hang washing out when it's wet, it needs mowing and strimming all the time, it looks awful in the winter and is just a muddy squelchy mess. Give me a lovely backyard on a lovely terraced house anyday!!

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