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September 08, 2014


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I remember that feeling, the sense of loss that comes with not having a hand to hold on your travels. It does get easier over time. Now we're about to bid farewell to primary school for good; it has flown by and I don't know how ready we are to embark on the next big adventure (made all the more interesting when it involves a teen!!!).


The change will get easier. Give yourself time. Your mandala looks beautiful.

maria gonzalez



It is a big transition and love how you have gone on the longer walk through such a wonderful area. You do live in a very lovely place ☺ Your mandala is beautiful xo


Share how you made the fruit stew. Sounds delicious and I'm sure it is easy.

Angela-Southern USA

We are creatures of habit, and usually fight change out of reflex. I hope you find a good rhythm soon. What a lovely walk and so nice to find some blackberries along the way. Is that crochet mandalas along the top wall of your studio or paper? Pretty whichever.xx


How beautiful. Thank you for sharing the wonderful photos. It makes my day more bearable too. :-)
From Milwaukee, WI
Thank you, thank you, thank you for your wonderful blog.


keep your chin up Lucy, it does get easier with time and just remember if you are feeling lonely, we may not be with you in body but we are always with you in spirit, with love your creative kin xx

Rural TN

Yes, your scenic route is lovely. Love your blog.


Such a beautiful, honest post. Thank you. I wish I could learn to listen to my heart and take that walk or pick fruit or whatever it may be that's needed to allow self-help/growth.


My daughter is about to go to university so I'm entering a transition period too. I think I'm going to find the house very empty without her. So glad I've found your blog, patterns and tutorials - so much to keep my busy in the coming weeks.


I remember the feeling :-( but the sense of loss does lessen over time.


You yearned for that "ME" time (when most mothers were dreading it.)

Cathy at The House with The Blue Door

It definitely does get easier, but all in good time. It's true that with an ending always comes a beginning and you have to be kind to yourself while you adjust. Creativity is wonderfully therapeutic, not to mention coffee, cake, lovely walks and good friends x


I never quite got used all the kids being in school and the house being empty. I absolutely hated going back in the mornings, so we got a puppy. Dilly, our collie cross darling family dog, was my constant companion and shared our lives for 13 years. When she was 10, we got another border collie pup, Misty, who is now 10. When we lost Dilly, another border collie pup joined our family - Belle is our permanent puppy and there's always a massive welcome whenever we we come home, although they usually come out with us. Now that the children have all grown up and left home, it would be very hard to come home to an empty house. I'm sure you'll soon adjust and get into a new routine. The giant mandala looks like a challenge - good luck!


I want to live where you live!!! It looks gorgeous and traditional, but from everything you write, I get the feeling it has a touch of quirky going on in its outlook too! e.g. Yarndale!


I'm glad you had a nice wander and a little time for quiet contemplation. It must be wonderful indeed to have your studio to go to - somewhere you can leave your things out if you need to and they won't be played with, somewhere that doesn't get rifled through by curious smaller people, oh it must be bliss. I hope you cruise happily through the adjustment period Lucy. CJ xx


oh those bad words do come in handy sometimes! Lovely photos


I work in a primary school and have had my daughter there for the last 2 years. She has started secondary and is loving it but I miss having her nearby. I know it will take me more time to adjust than her.

Kathy D'Assis

I so enjoy your blog and patterns and most of all the beautiful photographs from the other side of the world. Aloha!

Charlie knight

We are approaching a harvest moon it's a super full moon and it is all about transition, change and moving into a new space , let your feelings of unease go and just be in the moment .. What a fab walk you had , such beauty is around you and the colours of your mandala are gorgeous ... All is well you are amazing xxx

Place Under The Pine

I was just listening to a documentary on the routines/rituals of some of the greatest artist of all time - taking long walks was a common thing for all of them. Walks seem to be not only good for the body, but, good for the soul too.


A lovely walk you took yourself on. Embrace the quiet times my friend x


I teach the reception class at my school. You never forget that every child's first day is changing a family way of life. But we do look after them for you and feel priviledged to have your trust. Enjoy your quiet times, there will still be plenty of not so quiet ones to come!

Winwick Mum

Isn't it funny how big a hole our small people leave when they're not there? Sometimes the silence is bliss and at other times it's too loud. I'm sure you'll have adjusted soon xx

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