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September 23, 2014


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Hope the weekend goes well- would love to be there to see you at Ally Pally, but, dammit, I am doing my demonstration in Stitch by Stitch on the Friday!!!!Have a great weekend- I'm off to Bridders next week, can't wait.x

Angela-Southern USA

To all those negative Nancy's:

If you don't like what you see and read here, Why come here? No one here is interested in those kind of comments anyway.

Have you ever heard of? (if not high time you did)

"If you don't have anything good to say...don't say anything at all."

I truly hope you all can find something positive in your lives.

Kim Taylor

looking forward so much to coming to Yarndale on Saturday! so excited! will the yarn packs for the blanket and cushion be on sale? I've already made the bag and cushion and now got 'orders' from friends for the cushion! x

Judith Thompson

Well doneLucy, I just want to do everything. Thank you for the inspiration.


Oh Lucy! I'm going to Ally Pally on 10th so will miss you!! Can't believe so near yet so far. Don't know who organises the Knit n Stitch show, don't know what they do with my entrance money, don't care, hope the organisers make a packet and hope all organisers of YARNDALE make a packet too. You all bloomin well deserve it! Good luck Lucy, hope to get a coach trip to Yarndale next year from Norfolk. Thanks for all your tutorials. I made a mandala for you and found it on Pinterest BUT!!!! my name is Sue (how do you do) NOT ATHENE, that's the name of my house!


Hi Lucy,

Where do you source the Stylecraft Yarm from? I checked their website but there doesnt seem to be a shopping basket and neither are the prices mentioned.


carol partridge

I had never used Stylecraft yarn before I sent for a pack to do Lucy's Coastal blanket. No wonder she loves it. Not your average acrylic.It has a soft feel, good drape and is really nice to use. So many shades too!
She is promoting a product that she believes in.
Don't knock it till you have tried it.


Your blog is pure, unadulterated, perfect JOY. I stayed up most of last night reading and drooling over it. Not only are your artistic talents and your work breathtaking, but your writing is so entertaining I can hardly tear myself away.

Thank you for this truly uplifting experience.


I can't wait to order the calendar!
And oh how I wish I hop over the pond to come to Yarndale! It looks awesome!!
Best of luck on everything.


Good luck Lucy and all at Yarndale! I'm sure it will be as brilliant as last year. I made it then but can't this year so looking forward to future years!
Have a wonderful weekend
Chris xx

Patricia Plunkett

Have so much enjoyed following your blog over the years - your work is beautiful and your lovely photos and "chat" have often cheered me when I've been down. Thanks for that! I've also loved watching Yarndale come together - to think it's even more exciting this year! You and the whole Yarndale crew should be so proud. How daunting it must have been as you made your way step by step from that quiet little life to this - a studio, classes, your own yarnpacks and a whole fiber festival! I admire you so much and am thrilled to see your talent and hard work rewarded (actually the hard work continues, as we see in this post ;-) - well you'll get a five minute rest after the festival, eh?). I want to especially thank you, Lucy, for the many patterns and tutorials you have offered, free of charge, on this site. I know how much time and effort goes into getting those projects perfected for us; your tutorials are professional-grade and wonderfully helpful.. We really appreciate that. Anyway, so excited for you and your whole town - have fun, and if I start saving now maybe I can get to Yarndale 2015!

Karla Teague

I don't want to visit the studio - I want to move in!

Twirling mandalas, triangle bunting, and yarn vendors galore. Whoohoooo!

Travel from the USA is out, but hoping you have a world of fun.

Tracy J D Allen

My teenage daughters and I had a great time at Yarndale last year. There was so much to see and enjoy. Skipton is beautiful. We can't make it this year, but a little bit of my eldest, Daisy, will be there in spirit as she has been busy counting buttons and packing Attic24 kits at WoolWarehouse ready for shipment up to you. Have a great weekend Lucy and everybody there.


Lovely pieces of crochet.

The blog of late is becoming a bit like an advert for the stylecraft packs though.


Lucy, don't go down the same route as so many other bloggers, when popularity leads to sponsorship, which leads to more self-promotion and money-making, which inevitably leads to readers drifting away...

Kari Dent

You don't know how excited I am about Yarndale - and I'm not even coming! lol. My daughter-in-law's sister (got that?) is coming for me. She and her family will be their in my stead. She also lovingly crocheted and sent in a mandala for me. I'm stuck here in the US fighting (and winning) a yucky little battle called breast cancer. You don't know how much joy your little blog and corner of the world brings me. One day I will make it to Yarndale! I am praying for a wonderful, successful, and joyful weekend not only for all who attend but also for all of you who have worked so hard to bring this event to pass. Blessings to all of you.

Sue Harding

I have to ask, why do we never see you reply on this comment page, Lucy?

Sue Harding

I'm afraid I have to agree with a few of the comments here regarding 'promotion' - this used to be a lovely blog but now it all seems to be about promoting Stylecraft and those conspiratorial (and I have to say, ever so slightly smug) 'Oh, I can't say too much yet...' posts about working with yarn-producers!

Interestingly (as someone else here also noticed!) you seem to have decided that the cheaper acrylic yarns (which you were SO against at the start of your blog-journey) are now the next best thing since sliced bread! (Some of us really can't afford what I call 'snob-yarn' that costs an arm and a leg per ball so we regularly have to use 'cheap' acrylic and 'create' with that.)

I really hope Yarndale goes well for you but don't get lost in the self-promotion madness, Lucy!


It all looks amazing, I wish I was coming to Yarndale. Now you have me wantint to learn how to crochet properly, I'm left handed and do it like knitting.


Great post Lucy! I love all those mandalas! How I wish I could visit one of these great events :) But I visit them through blogland :)


I would put forward the idea that this so-called 'strain of negativity' is merely a group of people expressing their opinions. I don't think anyone is saying that Lucy shouldn't take her work to a more professional level, only that if she is going to do that then she needs to be transparent about it. Those of you who say that you know what you're doing when you buy yarn etc can only really speak for yourself. I would bet that there are a lot of people out there who are unsure about what is sponsered and what isn't, what's for charity and what isn't and what is for pure profit. You may not feel it necessary to know, but many others do because this blog is a source of pleasure and release for a lot of people and for it to remain this way we as readers should feel fully informed. The ethos of the old blog has been lost, which I guess is inevitable in a way but it could be replaced by something better if it was handled properly. I think people are right to point these things out because taking advantage of people is not fair.


And is there going to be Yarn Bombing this year?!! I LOVED your extra-creative yarn bombing last year! (I hope you haven't been put off by how quickly it was meddled with.)


Gorgeous mandalas! Wish I was going to Yarndale too. Hope you all have a fabulous time there. Best wishes, Pj x


Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. Can't stop looking at your work. I'm amazed.


Those giant mandalas are absolutely FANTASTIC! Such an exciting post, all that visual yumminess! Love the Cottage blanket, and I'm very curious to find out more about the Cosy blanket. Betty and Bert are so utterly cute, and the best news of all - Yaaaaaay a calender!!!! And a gorgeous one of course!
Have lots of fun at Yarndale, you'll do brilliant! :-) xxxx

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