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September 09, 2014


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Lovely photos, and yes it is late summer, not early autumn. :) Perhaps Moogly's Big Bold Chevron Blanket is what you're looking for, it's light and lacy and about as summery as an afghan can get. http://www.mooglyblog.com/big-bold-chevron-blanket/


Look at the Sorbet & Lace Blanket here:


It's nice to see the small reminders of the changing seasons in good old Yorkshire! Spring is on its way here in Queensland, the yellow Wattle is out but I love the purple Jacaranda haze in October! Enjoy all the colours and life of Autumn!


What a beautiful strawberry

Valerie (Kyriosity)

Ack. Your site includes ending punctuation in URLs. Try these, instead:



Valerie (Kyriosity)

Someone already suggested cotton crochet thread. Just be very patient with the process! Here's one I made for my mom -- it took four years: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/kyriosity/moms-bedspread. That was with #10 thread. #20 is even finer, so it would take longer. And I'm sure you couldn't bear to work in all white, but there's a good variety of color available in the most popular US brand: http://www.redheart.com/crochet-thread/aunt-lydias-classic-crochet-size-10. Don't know what's available in the UK. It sure would be fun to see a Lucyfied thread crochet project!

Carolyn Jackson

Lovely blog, I love the sentiment," Simple pleasures are Life's treasures." I have a cross stitched sampler on my wall, with those words which I stitched, your strawberries and spider webs fit that exactly. I well remember the days after the last child goes to School, and when the last one leaves home !!!! great you have your studio to ease you into a new beginning.
Carolyn NZ


Thanks, Lucy, as always, for noticing the beauty around us. As the poet Mary Oliver was heard to say once, "Pay attention. Be amazed. Go tell someone." Your blog is remarkable for achieving that!
In terms of a summer blanket, I've made two of your ripples now in Rowan Wool Cotton. The part wool makes them lighter and softer than all cotton, but they are not too warm and really lovely. And the colors are really great, Rowan colors.
Here's a link to an interlocking ripple I made:


Clearly your spiders were. also, intruded to weave for you ... spectacular !!!


Amazing gorgeous photos as always! You definetly are talented in more ways than one.


Another thought. I'd love to see a Lucy pattern based on the spider's web.


Magnificent web. How about linen, or a modal blend?


How about using size 20 cotton crochet thread? It would make the blanket very light. Almost like a tablecloth, but for a bed.

Jacqueline Farrow

Again a lovely read and great looking at your photos. Give me an idea what to expect when we arrive in two and half weeks. Disappointed at missing out on Yarndale. X


I love life's and, especially, natures simple pleasures! Sweet, home grown fruits, the wonder of a dewy web (just wait for the frosted ones!), a beautiful view and a snugly, handcrafted blanket! Such joys!

I've accidentally (on purpose) signed up for A Creative Being's forthcoming CAL (I blame Crafts from the Cwitch!) and wondered if it might be what you are looking for? The colours are not so rainbowy as your usual palette but still have some pleasing, popping colours in the mix. Also, it uses a cotton yarn which might work in the summer. I bet you could even see it to a plain duvet cover so if it is warmer it'd would be like having a sheet with a light blanket and if it is cooler, you could put the duvet in for extra warmth.



A lovely post today. I think being entranced by simple things in nature is a gift. Not everyone has it and they miss out on some really lovely things...like strawberries and spider webs. To share these with your children or grandchildren is special and they will always remember it.


I don't think being excited by strawberries and spiders' webs etc. is bonkers at all, it would be much worse to be one of those people who is blase about everything and have a "Been there, done/seen that" attitude all the time. I know some people who, whatever you tell them, have done/seen it bigger and better. This week I was ridiculously excited because this is the second year running that I have managed to ripen tomatoes outdoors. This has never happened before (I live in Manchester). I think it's good to be happy about the smaller events in your life.

Lilly's Mom

Lovely photos. I received my coast ripple blanket yarn last week (super fast delivery to California) and I'm now enjoying the pleasure of making it. Thanks again for such a great blog and wonderful patterns.

Judy Morrison

Hi Lucy, from downunder in New Zealand. When those dew covered webs appeared (when my kids were little) we would get a piece of black cartridge paper and place it up against the web to capture the droplets and then dust cornflour over the page. It meant we had a lovely picture of the web now. Never felt guilty about doing this as spiders often lose their webs and rebuild each day.


Lovely happies, I have to remember every morning when I go to the Summerhouse to watch out for spider webs, pretty to look at in the morning dew, not so great to walk into and get on your face and hair, such a pretty blanket
Clare x


Janet - I'm feeling you with alpaca yarn being expensive! I just treated myself to some for a back-to-school treat and my boyfriend was stood with me by the till like "You're paying that much... for wool?!" But it is so lovely to work with!

Lucy, for a summer blanket I would recommend either cotton yarn as it is cooler (although I have yet to make a blanket in it) or use normal DK yarn with a bigger hook (maybe 5mm? I've even used 5.5mm) and lacier pattern and it makes beautiful lightweight blankets!

Winwick Mum

Lovely things. Even the weather and the season is adjusting and is right in it's own way, even though it's sad to see the summer leave xx


You can't beat alpaca for super-light summer blankets. Pure alpaca is too felty in the wash, but an alpaca blend would be good. Definitely an investment item though, because alpaca yarn tends to be super expensive.


Lucy I have just made two different shawls one for winter in chunky yarn and one for summer. I used Rico baby yarn and it worked up really well. It is soft and they have a lovely selection of colours. Wool warehouse provided me with mine. See whst you think. My shawl is at the bottom of this blog post might give you an idea? http://eclectichomelife.blogspot.com/2014/09/crocheted-shawl-and-north-norway.html

Emma Roberts

You could make a foggy cobwebs blanket in maybe sock yarn, so it is more like a lace throw?
I'm looking forward to seeing the dreamcatchers & all you are creating for yarndale.

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