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September 09, 2014


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Jo Allen

lLucy thing 2 is called a Cotoneaster. Lobely colour in the depths of winter!


We are discovering dewy spiders' webs on our bikes when we set off for school in the morning. My daughter always asks me to remove them from her bike - but I try to get her to take a moment to admire their intricacy first! I love the way you constantly stop to appreciate the small things in life...reminds me to do the same!


Hi Lucy...I'm in the states (Indiana) and it get very hot and humid here. I made a queen size blanket out of 100% cotton. I did the whole thing in moss stitch using 17 colors. Gorgeous. It has been on the bed all summer and is perfect weight. Love following your blog!


I have a pot with some raspberry plants- only a few fruits, but oh how much do I enjoy them!Snuggle blankets out this week here too- cats and I thrilled by their return.


Enjoy your late summer days in all its glory and snuggling into your beautiful blanket :)

Kare Lizzie

I vote for cotton, because it breathes it won't overheat you.

Lesley Buckle

I am on holiday in Malta, sitting in the shade reading your blog, what an amazing woman you are, I hope to come to skipton next year, hopefully Yarndale weekend! No crocheting for me this week, but will make up for it next week. I live in Stowmarket, Suffolk, a new knitting/crochet group has just started so nice to meet like minded people.
I hope you are adjusting to the new phase in your life.

The Patchwork Fairy

I love seeing spiders' webs in the bushes gleaming in the early morning sun but I don't like seeing the spiders who lives on them! I am making up varying granny squares in Rico Creative Cotton for just such a summer blanket - I need to start now as it will take me so long!! It's very light and soft and not too splitty.


I love the way you found joy in such simple things. Inspiring to us all. By the way, I have only just started following your blog and the blanket is fantastic x

Jenny Every

Wonderful to read of your four special moments I love them all. Can see that you are settling to a new routine. Fab pics as always. How about a cotton blend for a summer blanket - makes it lighter weight if you can bear to work with a yarn not 100% natural. Sometimes needs must! Cygnet Cottony is very light to work with. Jenny x


Hello Lucy,

I remember when my new chicken laid their first egg. I was screaming of excitement when I found it on an early Sundaymorning. My boyfriend, soaking in the bathtub, thought something terrible had happenend. So no, I don't think it's weird to get all bonkers over four strawberries and a spiderweb.
And I do too get love all those little things in life. They make life count.

Have a nice day,

Corine (NL)


I made a huge Ripple Blanket in 100% cotton (Elle Premier DK). It's *perfect* for the warm months. It has a lovely weight without being hot...


Cotton is nice but very heavy. I'm making a cotton blanket (king size) for our bed and it's going to weigh about 3kg when it is finished!! You'd probably need to make a lacy pattern to keep the blanket light for summer - try using a bigger hook than the recommended size for your yarn. A fine yarn (3-ply or 4-ply) would also make a lighter blanket but would be very time consuming to make. However, if you go for lacy and using a larger hook that wouldn't be quite so much of a problem.


The views are gorgeous, I love your photographs! Your bed looks so cosy with the crocket blanket :)


The simple things in life................


Although cotton is cooler I find it heavier too. I'd go for a 4 ply or even lace weight yarn hooked on a large hook to make it light and airy and almost weblike

Judy Kelley

Hello Lucy!

I know you love your caravan and as soon as I saw this crocheted caravan I knew I had to share with you!


Thank you for your fabulous blog!


Hi Lucy - I live in South Africa and have a crochet blanket on my bed all year round! In Summer I just fold it up at night and put it in the blanket box at the foot of my bed so it doesn't get trashed on the floor! Next morning, on it goes again! I couldn't put it away for 6 months or more, I love it too much! Sometimes our craft work doesn't have to serve a purpose .... it just has to be!x


Yum, strawberries! I managed to get some fresh ones at the farmer's market last weekend! Made them into a puree and froze them for the winter (Panna Cotta topping!). Can't wait to remember summer with these little strawberry treats in winter!

The weather in England looks a lot like the one over here! I put my new finished crochet blanket over my bed at night because it was so cold. Nothing better than a crochet blanket to snuggle under!

Take care


We'd be exactly the same with the homegrown strawberries and spiders webs, little natural miracles. It's really misty here too at the moment, it didn't really clear at all yesterday. Such beautiful sunshine though, it's definitely still summer. I remember last year you cheered me up so much by saying the summer hadn't finished until you'd put your flip flops away. Mine are still very much out. CJ xx


oops, I've forgotten the link


So much gorgeousness in your world lovely Lucy.
It's such a strange time though isn't it. My third is a year and a half into school and yet at times I still feel the emptiness as if she just started yesterday. Sending you loads of love and prettiness. xxxx


A blend of cotton/linen like bomull-lin of Drops. I like this yarn but the color range is rather small.


You have lovely pics! Take care of you!


I dońt know why, i can post me comment.
It´s a test Lucy.

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