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August 06, 2014


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denise rounds

positively perfect idea! I shall prepare these with my grandkids when next we are together. LOVE the simplicity of it and I thank you for sharing - you always color the world with rainbows!

lynette wykes

Hi, I am sure your pick n mix are great for cooking but you can't beat genuine Smarties for eating. When I am shopping in Tesco Yeovil and I am starving I just can't resist a tube of Smarties and although I am 67 I actually put the tube to my mouth to throw them in like pills. I don't think the new tubes are as inviting as the old round ones. Love your blog. Regards Lynette.


Lovely :D Smarties cookies are a favourite here :)


Those Smarties are just SO your colours! The photo looks like all of your crochet condensed into a bowl of sweeties!

(Great idea to pre-prep everything when there are so many littluns! They all looked amazing, I think I'll try some for my 'children' of 22 and 24!)

Lizy Tish

Ha! Here in America, smarties are a sweet/sour candy and I couldn't imagine how they would taste in a cookie! Will be trying this with my niece and nephew on the next rainy day. (with m&m's!)

Cathy Brown

Whichever Little Peep popped a smartie onto every available cookie space is a Peep truly after my won heart ;)

Cathy xx


They look so huge and yummy, baking is great for little ones when it's a wet, dull day outside.

Thea Whalley

Preparation is DEFINATELY the key here!


Oooo yummmmmm! I know another 3 Little Peeps who would LOVE these! Thanks for the idea :)

Pamela Dungar

Yummy, Have a coffee on me for the next batch, many thanks for the bower bird pdf.


Before I moved to Canada, my husband asked me "Do you prefer smarties or M&M's?" Which I thought was a pretty silly question, because in the states Smarties are a totally different kind of candy- a sort of chalky and fruity tasting candy(Rockets are what they are called in Canada). He might as well have asked me if I prefered chcolate to yard clippings LOL. These look tasty, and I think we'll be doing some form of these soon!


Our smarties faded too, did anyone have any success keeping the colours. Lucy's photos are always so fabulously colourful I love her blog.

Kim W

What a good idea for a rainy day! I miss Smarties,but M & M's will have to do because I am in the US and Smarties on cookies here would just be all kinds of wrong!


Hi Lucy
Thanks so much for this recipe! My little friends so enjoyed doing this yesterday :-) just love your blog with all the beautiful scenery and crafting! I'm a knitter but am determined to teach myself to crochet! Keep up the good work.
Vicky (NZ)


Argh. I need to make chocolate and butterscotch dipped shortbread sticks this weekend now, I'll have you know. I'm sure my coworkers will appreciate the effect this post has had on me. :-)


One word - Mmmmmmmmmmm x


They look yummy :-) Glad you managed to source 'fake' smarties because Nestle are bad! x

Susan Conklin

Brilliant! My babies have babies and live far away but I'm filing this idea for future use.

I just looked at the mandalas on Pinterest. 1,000 of them, 1,000 contributors, 1,000 photographs. Seriously awesome.

Anna-Marie Field

WOW!!! Full marks on that one Lucy!!! Wonderful!!!
Have a colorful and happy weekend!!!
AMarie xxx


Love little man's T :)

Mrs. Smythe

Great idea! And I appreciated the tips about working with little kids. Helpful!

ann clements

wish I had little ones, my babys are all grown up, but will still have a go at making these,

Pamela Dungar

I have tried to "buy you a coffee" a few times but the button does nothing except bring up a "waiting for pay pal" box that then goes. Is it me or has it been disabled. I use so many of your ideas that i would like to make a contribution. Pam

Pamela Dungar

I just love smarties but really really want the orange ones, they used to sell tubes of orange at one time. I do not like the look-a-likes, well apart from m&m,s. I will take a kit to make these nxt time I visit the grands.

Shelley (w.cork)

Tried ur oat cookies yesterday. They were gone in like 30 secs with 4 peeps!!!! Great success!!! Must try these and preparation is key with kids,great idea to have it all made in advance. We made 2 batches of cookie dough yesterday, first one ended up on the ground with a shattered bowl!!! So I like this idea of 'here's one I made earlier!!!'

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