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August 04, 2014


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Lovely post Lucy and always hard settling back into routine after holidays even its only a few days I struggle a bit too. Flowers beside my bed is sadly a no no far too many pollen's sweeping up my little sensitive nose all night.... ahhh the joys of hay-fever!! Luckily my dear neighbour and I exchange flower watering duties whilst we are away if needed but we both use those water retaining crystals that you mix with the soil when planting up they work well and are eco friendly.


That print is soooo cute!

Teresa Kasner

Hi Lucy.. I'm glad you're settling in after your trip. We leave tomorrow for ours. Next time you go in the summer, you'll have to ask a neighbor to come water your flowers. Our daughter-in-law will take care of ours and the chickens while we're gone, thank goodness. I've always wished to make some of your yummy looking fruity flapjacks!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Holly Nelson

How lovely to have fresh flowers all of the time! I can't wait to have a garden!

Alicia larrain sanchez

Dear lucy makes me so happy reading your blog asyou enjoysimple pretty things thanks from chile!!! Alicia

Jill at emeraldcottage.blogspot.co.uk

My pots are close to death too and I haven't even been away! A once a day drink for them is all I manage and it doesn't seem to be enough. Poor things. Never mind, there is always next year!


You could always use paprika instead of saffron and it gives it a lovely taste :-)

Velvet Cow

My ripples are nearing their end so looking forward to your edging with anticipation! Love your blog especially your Dorset pics.. Hope you've left me some holey stones x


Glad the flowers survived I had to rescue our wilting tomatoe's the other day, it amazes me how resiliant plants can be
Clare x

Astrid Jansen

So nice to follow your post. Even I can have a mess in my house , there are always some flowers.
Flowers are comforting.
Geraniums are strong plants. They suit very well with the old stone walls of your house.
sometimes it is good to have a break in your daily routine , it is holiday . You'll be busy enough with coming yarndale in september.
Good luck.

Angela-Southern USA

Glad your flowers survived your absents and they look wonderful. Mine are a bit droopy as they tend to do in late summer here, intense heat and very little rain so, it's dragging about the hose if I want they to survive another day routine. Your spotty jug of geraniums are gorgeous! I don't have any by the bed but, I did just place a plum granny there though, I love the scent of those tiny orange striped melons, from the Victorian times, they say the ladies carried them about in their pockets to snuff instead of some bad odor. :) That little bed of bunnies is just TOO cute AND that the doggy has a crocheted coat!Have a great week Lucy.x


Your flowers are looking beautiful, it's always nice to have a few in the house as well isn't it. Although I've had rather too many aphids on mine this year. Time with good friends is a wonderful thing, it always leaves me feeling inspired and energised. It must be lovely to have a crafty friend in Tracy as well, I sometimes wish I knew someone here with similar interests. CJ xx

Sigi G

Love your blog - all of it! Recipes for food/crochet projects and your wonderful pics of home inside and out and holiday adventures. Every time I'm left with a cosy feeling of home and contentment. Thank you!!


Hi Lucy, glad you are settling back into life at home. I loved your photos of Barden Fell....just wondering if a moorland colours blanket might be nice to go with your coastal one ?
Jacquie x

niki murray

Great post, love the flowers, truly joyful. I also weep with you at the cost of saffron, mine is to go n Spanish rice and chicken this week!! Looking forward to the straight edge a ripple tutorial, will be a great help xx


Welcome back to real life. It's amazing how wilting flowers can be revived. My poor hanging baskets are forced to regularly dice with death, but they always come back to life. And I love that last photo - very atmospheric.


Lovely Lucy, I go on my holidays to France this week, and I can relate to the settling period that follows- I will be the same, checking on changes whilst we were away and catching up with people. I'm photographing my completed poncho (sooooo excited) whilst away in France- the sunflower fields are calling me and I think they will make a fantastic backdrop to the colours in it. Looking forwards to your ripple reveal- mine is still a WIP but gives me much pleasure. Enjoy the rest of your home holidays! Karen xx

Lyn Zalk

Blessed are those with Friends close by!!!!


lovely catch up .... once your geraniums start to die back you can take cuttings for next year. I did mine today!! Love the fruity flapjacks Xx lots of love Joy Xx


I too love my bed more than I think is normal. First night back home after holidays I actually sigh out loud the when I get into it. I feel like The Princess and the Pea on any other bed.

Claire Kirby

Glad the flowers survived I am worried about ours we goo tomorrow. I wanted to do the coastal blanket on holiday. I enlarged and studiously studied your bag of yarn to try to order the correct colours I hope I have got them right. Is the pattern the same as your neat ripple pattern? I hope so then at least I can start. Just love those coastal colours. I will wave to Devon for you as we pass through on our way to Cornwall.

Winwick Mum

I always think it's a funny week, the first week back from holidays. It's a sort of vacuum between holiday-life and normal-life, especially in our house as it's filled with mountains of washing! xx


You are very lucky that your flowers could be saved :) we will return to Germany from Canada tomorrow and I am fairly sure all my spices will be,dead... There was a heat wave in Germany while we were away.

your cooking looks great! After three weeks of eating out or cooking in hostel kitchens, I am certainly looking forward to some real cooking action at home!

take care

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