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August 04, 2014


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Libby Bowles

Hi Lucy, I know you like to cook, have you ever made a tomato pie? It is wonderful, google the recipe I'm sure you will love it. Love your blog and all the pictures and I sent you a mandalian from Wv. Keep it up, Libby

Ruth Topping

Thank you for sharing your homely and friendly thoughts and feelings, it is like having a friend to chat to, when you live alone as I do! Thanks too, for the wavy pattern. I made a blanket for a baby's cot using pastel shades and I was so pleased with it. At my church we run a soup kitchen for homeless folk or those having a 'rough patch' in their lives. I gave it to a lovely guy whose life is dogged by an alcohol problem and who was going to visit a daughter from whom he had been estranged, who had just had a second baby. He was delighted to have a lovely gift to give her.


Oh the frame is adorable...such a wonderful scene! I'm glad your plants survived your Hols... Horrible to come back to dead plants. Always makes the holidays blues worse to bare. X

Lizy Tish

Yes, so hard to get back to real life after a vacation! Your geraniums are just lovely. And ere is nothing better than sitting, chatting and knitting/crocheting with friends!


what fantastic geraniums! I am very new to gardening and have some geranium cutting struggling to survive our frosts (Winter here!)how do you deal with frosts where you are? As for loving your bed, nothing wrong with that - every night I climb into bed and say "God I love bed" and the picture looks perfect just where it is I think...


Hello from Spain. First I would like to apologize for my horrible English.
I'm a big fan of yours, I love your crochet work.
As for saffron, in Spain usually use "colorante alimentario" which has the same effect and is much cheaper. This: https://www.ulabox.com/producto/ducros-colorante-alimentario/5518 or similar.


Have you made a decision about painting your back yard wall? I keep hoping you'll paint it, but I'm afraid the 'don't paint it brigade' might have dissuaded you.


I love how you bring cut flowers in doors, including into the bedroom!


Hi Lucy!!! First of all congratulations for your blog, it's really wonderful and you are a very talented person!!! My mum love crochetting and knitting, so we've decided to come to the Yarndale festival next September!!! We live in Italy, so we would be really grateful if you could give us some suggestions!
If you want, this is my e-mail: [email protected]
Thank you so much!!!
Martina and Patrizia


An interesting post as always. We had just 5 days away and the garden aaas parched. Everything revived with a good soaking. I love how you surround yourself with pretty things.


Lots of lovely things to come home to.


Your house is so lovely and colourful!


Lucy, you are truly blessed with a circle of friends to talk to and have a great time with. I live vicariously through you....LOL!!!

Glad you had a lovely holiday.


I am desperately in love with my bed too - I think I love it more now that I have had a little one that is not a fan of sleeping. I'm sure it is completely normal....

You should try daphne beside the bed one day - the flowers smell divine so you can enjoy them even when your eyes are closed!

Thanks for the email last week too - I really appreciated it!

Katherine, NZ

I know how you feel about cooking evening meals. I go through stages of loving then loathing it. My 4-year-old insisted on Taco Tuesday last night (inspired by the Lego Movie). I made a chicken and bean filling and all three loved making their own tacos. Not sure I want to do them every Tuesday though.


I think this is where I'll be this time next week. It always takes a while, doesn't it, to get back into normal routines and rhythms. Your geraniums are glorious and I share your love of the bedside posy, it is such a nice little luxury. xx


Those prints cost £22 !! My goodness you do know how to spend don't you? But then again if you can afford saffron I suppose that says it all.


Lovely flowers! I was in Utrecht last Sunday and they have those huge baskets with geraniums all over the city centre. Really pretty. Do have a look at my blog (in English) if you like, I added some photo's of them. I am sure you'll like the flowers.

Love reading your blog, and trying your crochet items, and baking. The oaty cookies were very nice!


Happy holidays - we are in a groove now that feels good. Great post as ever. Jo x



Glad the flowers survived...get those close friends to give them a drink next time you go away and they'll reward you even more....lovely post.

Marie Farenc

Thank you for yet another lovely post, Lucy. Feels good to reconnect with home after being away, doesn't it? :)

Anna-Marie Field

Wonderful to see your pots have survived and actually look great after a week!!!! That is such a pretty little wall hanging!!!!Have a colorful and happy week!!!

ann clements

the paella looks lovely but wont be able to make it as hubby is allergic to tomatots, and I cant eat onions,did try the oat cookies and theya re amazing I put chopped nuts in mine and raisins,and I think they would be nice with coconut in as well,hubby likes them he kept coming in with one in his hand and saying it jumped off the plate into his hand lol will have to make some more

Teresa at knitbakecultivate

The framed print is adorable. I will be checking those out, my girls would love it too. Lovely blooms to come home to. T x


I love your pots of flowers! And also your bedside lamp :-) So pretty.

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