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August 14, 2014


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Jean Andress

Another way of list making is to write each task on an individual post it note and then restack them in order of priority. Two advantages. You only see one thing at a time to do which is somehow less daunting and you don't have to think about prioritising until you have caught all your thoughts. Mine don't necessarily come in the right order!

Jane Whalley

*edit* The first part should read, it is definitely much better to write things down that come into your head (not dome)*

Jane Whalley

Oh Lucy, good for you on many counts - firstly giving a presentation on Sunday - go girl! It is definitely much better to write things down that dome into your head than have them swimming around like shoals of fish!. These days we all seem to have too much going on in our heads, it sometimes becomes quite unbearable and we end up finding it hard to be in the present. The thing is we can't change the past, and certainly can't control the future or the present either, but we can choose to react to what is going on around us and how we feel, which ultimately affects what happens next. I have just started going back to Yoga which is fantastic for bringing you in the present. I think a top tip is to try and have something special to you to remind you to be in the present, i.e., if you're driving, you could get into the habit of taking a few deep breaths every time you stop at a red light, or if you are waiting for a bus, queuing in a shop, repetitive everyday tasks - all can be used as opportunities, reminders to quieten all that mental chatter and just open yourself up to the here and now. Hope this helps Lucy

Puppet Lady

The best part about making lists is being able to tick things off! Very satisfying! You've done a fantastic job photographing all those lovely mandalas.

Angela-Southern USA

I forgot to say, Thank you for taking the time and sharing all the beautiful mandalas on pinterest!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


I love my lists, and could not survive without them. Stops all the 'oh I mustn't forget to do this, that, and the other' swirling round my head! And how lovely it is to see a neat row of ticks as things are done :-)

Angela-Southern USA

Lists,I'm really good at making them, just not so good at using them. lol A very busy time sounds like, I look forward to hearing and seeing it all when you have time. Here's a good source for lists writing and more.http://bulletjournal.com/
Have a good day Lucy, and try to remember to breath. ;)


List writing helps me daily keep track of all those itty bitty items that need doing, I'm trying to become one of those working stay at home Moms so balancing is no easy act. Looking forward to your tutorials when you have time to post them, I understand the calls on time.

Amanda Critchley

I have also noticed that feeding The Hellions seems to take up an awful lot of time, I am trying to get in to a routine with housework/crochet time for when (for the first time) I will have six hours a day without The Hellions. I am trying to contain my giddiness at staying in a hotel for Yarndale weekend with my crochet ladies AND NO KIDS. I am just (this last week) calling crochet time "work".

Kim W

Good for you!
I am not an avid list maker but I find I use my time more wisely when I have written a list.
Good Luck!


I'm still a list writer and find if I don't I forget so much!! Love reading about your life and you'll be fine speaking this coming weekend. I wish I could come and see you but alas Australia is too far away. I look forward to seeing your children's felt creations. My 9 year old wants to make some toadstools so I suggested felt would be good! Enjoy the rest of school holidays :)

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