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August 14, 2014


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Whoa! No wonder you couldn't settle! What a whopping list of tasks! I love a list. As a teacher, I have a special list book, with a page for each day. I informed all my children that if they needed me to do something, they had to make me write it in my book. If they asked me, but didn't supervise me in writing on my list, it was their fault it wasn't done! It completely worked! So many times they'd ask "Miss, did you x y z?" and when I asked "did you make me write it down?" they'd sigh and admit that no, it was their fault. Then they'd make me write it down to do later.. Tee hee hee.

Jeanette in Illinois

What an endearing post! I'm delightedyou made your list and can now put those energies into other more useful focuses, like a cup of coffee and sitting to admire your flowers...
I'm a HUGE fan of list making and I too have to make them to stop all the thinking and pondering...I must ask, what type of ink pen did you show in your photograph? I love it!!! I love using cartridge ink pens, they make for sure a pleasurable writing experience!
Hugs and love,


Ooh I love a good list. I'd get nothing done if I didn't make myself lists as I go. I love ticking things off them. They're also a great excuse to but cute stationery to make them with!


a lovely busy read from you and we thank you very much for sharing it all with us. I have offered to help in any way, shape or form with Yandale and will be arriving in Skipton pm six weeks today,25th September if you need me to do anything to help - just shout!! Xx lots of love Joy Xx


That's a lovely list to write - and a lovely balance to have found! I'll admit I'm a list writer extraordinairre for work, and a bit of a list writer at home too, especially when I want to make myself do the things that I'd quite like to procrastinate over, if they're on today's list then they have to get done!

Farrah Lily

Love all of your colorful flower and crochet photos today..it's rainy and a bit dreary here in NY and this brings a smile to my face. Hoping for more relaxing crochet time for you in the near future!


Very busy days!
Good luck with your talk on Sunday!

niki murray

You can't beat a good list.....once I've done my list I can clear my mind out:)

Carmela Morrissey

My Dad wrote a list every morning, for as far back as I can remember( which is over 60 years !) at the top of the list every day was "Make a list" ! When he finished making his list, he crossed off "Make a list" ... He said it was a positive way to start the day, feeling he had already accomplished something!

Alicia larrain sanchez

Lucy such lovely post !! last week I did the same I bought this note book and pencil with all Must have to do at home for my family etc
I do love so much to read your post makes me so happy that women all around the world have almost the same needs of pretty and lovely lifes and to share them


I think you are great!


Writting things down helps a lot! I used to have mild panic attacks at night when i was still teaching. I put a little book and pen next to my bed and when i was scared i wrote it down. Helped so much! Once it was on paper, it wasn't as scary anymore! 😊

Take care Anne


"thought fleas"
What a perfect word! I get loads of those.
Some make it out of my mouth into commitments to do stuff...generally for other people so I'm afraid I'm a neurotic list maker to try to ensure I get through everything I've committed too!


You are doing wonderfully well. Life is busy. We are also buying school shoes, clothes and supplies. Preparing for the new school year seems to be eating much of my crocheting time. This busy time will pass quickly and in two weeks life will settle into the new pattern for Autumn.


I love writing lists, even though I don't adhere to them. Don't know how you can even think about the tutorial, with all you have going on, people will be patient.
I can't put my hook down since I recently learned to crochet. I LOVE it.

Now relax.


I can remember a time when my life was nearly as busy as yours but that seems an age ago. It sounds as if you're coping very well and staying on top of everything. Organization is the key, congrats.
Your garden is spectacular! What a beautiful place to sit for a quiet moment. It should be photographed and in Country Living. Well Done!


I write lists about EVERYTHING! I wouldn't be able to manage my life if I wouldn't do that! ;)


I also write things that I've already done on my to do lists! Feels like I've achieved something too!
My shopping lists are usually a problem though, as I often leave the list at home!
Enjoy your break in Filey - my 20 something daughters both flew the nest last year but we always went to Filey as often as we could. :-)

Winwick Mum

Lists are great. Sometimes I write things on my list that I've already done just so that I can cross them off straight away and feel that sense of achievement! Hopefully you'll get a little more "me-time" during your holidays xx


Yes, waiting for the "Tadah" post for the coastal ripple blanket. Especially what colors you used, as I love it very much.


Thank you so much for taking the time you do to write your blog and share your day to day living with us. I love your work and love reading your blog. It makes me smile and inspires me to get out my hook! Enjoy your vacation next week!


I'm an avid list writer. I love the satisfaction (and sometimes relief) of ticking things off as 'done'. I've even been known to do something not on the list then write it down just to tick it off!!!
Well done on the mandalas - it's going to be an impressive display.

Ellice McLaren

You are amazing to be able to fit so much in your day . I remember when my girls were young, it was go go go. I seemed to achieve a lot more then. Hope all goes well with your talk. Keep the lists up, even if you don't look at them later it appears to set the action in motion. The mandalas are so colourful. I hope to be in Yorkshire at the end of the year. I am from Australia.

Claire @ mrsbrownmakes

Lovely post Lucy, so much to fit in. I love lists for emptying all those pesky jostling 'to dos' out of my head, and it's always so satisfying to cross them off. xx


Wow Lucy I need a lie down after that busy post. I so enjoy reading your blog, as you know, and have been for many years. I still love reading it and still find it so inspiring. It is the only blog I definately read every time you post and check daily to see if there is a post. Thank you so much and try to get a bit of me time, as you deserve it so much. I've been feeling a bit low recently but I always love & appreciate your blog so so much. Take Care
Love Carole from Rossendale xxxx

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