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August 14, 2014


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Taciana Simmons

I have always made lists and I sometimes have too many lists, but it helps me to put my thoughts in order and I love when I get to cross another item off... I feel very productive. It seems like u are so extremely busy. I don't know how you get so much done. Good luck with the return to school.


That Yarndale lettering and the mandalas are gorgeous! :)


I write lists for everything!! It's so rewarding to be able to tick things off.

dot smith

Is that an ACTUAL fountain pen? It's gorgeous!! What kind is it and where did you get it? I must own one!! You can send the info to my email if you prefer.


I so enjoy your blog, Lucy. I feel as if I'm visiting with a friend...
Do take a bit of time for just you - so essential to your 'balance' and sanity. Put it on your list if you must in order to do it...

Thank you for sharing so openly with us...Your patterns, your crochet is so awesome. I've notice that frequently if I see crochet work online I can recognize your work without seeing first that it is from you...just beautiful work, wonderful color combos...You are truly an inspiration to so many!

Anna-Marie Field

Quite the balancing act you have going there Lucy!!!! But in a funny sort of way, it's become the "NORM" for all of us, the WSAHM's!!! Somehow we just get on with coping with more and more chores!!!
Have a happy and creative weekend!!!
AMarie xxx


Loved reading your lists post, I have always used a list it helps immensly to get through busy days, keeps you focused on what the priorities are for your day ahead.
Im a bit more relaxed with it all now the kids have all left the nest, have lots of me time finally. I feel guilty actually!
Love the way you are content with your family and love your crafts and garden so much. I feel very much the same I have a new house and just love the time I spend pottering,
would so love to come to Yarndale I have been reading all the posts, one day I will get to explore the countryside of England!
Living in Australia is great too, there is so much to see here too!


Lucy, the photos are quite lovely. In the first photo, what is in the big blue pot? Nasturtiums? The leaves are exceptional! WOW. All that loveliness, all that color! Thank you for sharing. God bless.


Wow, what a busy lady you are. A list difinitely helps and ticking off each item as you do them is even more satisfying.

Lydia van Benthem-Gravemaker

Hallo Lucy, such a lovely blog you write! And your crochet is wonderful ,colourful and mindful! The photograph of the mandala mosaic is beautiful!
I am a great fan of Kaffe Fasset and this picture reminds me of his fabric designs.
I think he would love your use of colour!!
Good luck with your talk; you can do it!!
I am am mother of 3 boys and grandmother to 6 grandchildren so I know about being busy. Don't forget your ME time!



Just wanted to say that although I have read your blog for ages, I have never commented, but today after flipping around the internet looking at other crochet blogs....how beautiful it was to come back to yours where we just get yoru beautiful pictures, words and crochet....not hundreds of ads.....it has been my pleasure to 'buy' you a coffee for your patterns...well now I am getting you cofee for your ad free beautiful space......thankyou


You have the loveliest blog... I love coming here for a visit! I feel the same way about my (small) patio. All I need is a little space where I can grow things and a chair to sit in where I can enjoy morning coffee and evening drinks. Your outdoor space is so nice and pretty!


Whew, you are rather amazing! I think you're doing an amazing job balancing it all, well done you! :-)


Sounds like you are doing a good job of balancing everything. I also make lists. Between a full time job, the garden, quilting, crochet, cows, chickens, campground, cooking, cleaning, etc it is a constant balancing act.


That made me laugh. Lists - I found they transformed my life as a working mum of 3. It's that thing you say about stuff whizzing round but when you write it down there are fewer things to remember - I found that by the time I got to No 6, I'd forgotten what No 1 was if I didn't write them down. I still love lists. I SO well remember taking the kids for passport photos - Tesco photome booth. I had only just enough cash for the sets of photos and then our youngest appeared from the booth closely followed by his photos in the slot - 16 postage stamp photos. I exploded on the spot! Not a pretty sight. It seems so silly now - why hadn't I taken my purse and planned it a bit better. Happy Days - enjoy your little people - they grow up so fast. It won't be the end of the world if everyone has to wait another couple of weeks for a crochet tutorial.


Oh I love a list, I do. Just today I was thinking that I should do some menu planning. Food seems to take up a ridiculous amount of time at the moment. And I'd really like to clear some of the tins and stuff out of the back of the kitchen cupboards. The mandalas look amazing all set out together. What a talented bunch you all are! I do hope you manage to find a little time for the kind of crocheting you love the most Lucy. CJ xx

Tracy G in SLP

What a busy time! Thanks for sharing all your doings with us. Sadly, I've been checking the mandala board on Pinterest and see that mine did not make the journey across the pond :-( To cheer myself up I'm envisioning some postal carrier using it on the dash of their mail van. I can't bear the thought of it sitting in a dusty corner somewhere under piles and piles of misrouted mail. Oh well, I do look forward to seeing the display you create at Yarndale. It's sure to be gorgeous!

Holly Nelson

I love listing. It focuses my attentions productively and stops me from drifting! Love the yarn dale banner!


Such an inspiring post Lucy - I too am giddy with the excitement at the thought of Yarndale xx


Just wanted to say thank you for continuing with your blog even though you are clearly very committed elsewhere too. I honestly don't know how you manage everything, I admire you very much. I would love it if you were commissioned to write a book of all your patterns and thoughts on colours etc (just saying....) x

Chris Porter

Before our hols this year I had lists of lists! Always a good idea for an 'over-stimulated' mind! Once I have a list I then number according to urgency. I love your little garden - it looks beautiful! And your hooky projects are gorgeous - as are your lovely jammies! Enjoy every precious moment, Lucy. Hugs, Chris x

Michele Boucher-Hines

Lucy, I had to chuckle that you have finally realized that you have a job (aside from all you do for your family). I work from home for a large company which dominates 10-12 hrs daily. But I always find time to read your blog and ALWAYS look forward to hearing all about your homeland, your neighborhood, your family, and definitely watching to see what wonderful creations you have designed. I am so looking forward to your coastal ripple blanket and I believe you mentioned that you would also have a yarn kit that can be purchased? If so, also want to purchase one of your other kits which was recommended by another blogger for a totally different creation.

Cherish these days, you will always look back on them with a thankful smile.

Jacky Russell

Those really busy busy days are behind me now - my family are grown up and I have three grandchildren. I do enjoy spending time with them :) I had a patchwork and quilting shop ~ still running! but I retired. I did find it frustrating that although I was always sewing, it wasn't things for myself, but for the business. That, and feeling that I had no time was the reason I retired. My advice would be not to take on too much too quickly! I love reading your blog - good luck with the talk!


Making lists are great especially if you're trying to get to sleep and things pop in your head which you don't want to forget; if you write them down your head can settle knowing that if you forget in the morning it's ok!

I frequently make lists which I don't often look at but it's really nice every now & then to tick a good number of things off :-)

I really like the idea of #1 being "make a list" so you always start on a positive! x


A good list goes a long way, doesn't it? If nothing else, if helps to focus the mind. Getting ready for a new school year is always surprisingly strenuous, particularly the shoe buying part. My four are now back at school, phew. I wrote a short list for my first day at home :) and ticked all 5 items off (including the knit and listen to my audiobook item). Very satisfying.

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