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August 09, 2014


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Dee at the Carlton

Hi Lucy - you have a wonderful space. I am in the West Midlands so just dropping in to say HI & that I enjoy your blog

Winwick Mum

I really should get better at making time for elevenses - I usually just grab drinks on the go despite telling everyone else to slow down. I need to get better at listening to my own advice, and you've reminded me to do so! xx


Lucy Pictures of your back yard have really changed since you asked us if you should paint or not paint. My answer then was paint now it's possibly no don't paint. You have created what looks like a lovely green and colourful space. I would still like to see a mosaic picture on the wall. My lovely Portuguese neighbours have created a picture which they hang outside for the summer with traditional blue/white tiles from their homeland it is so pretty and just lifts their patio area on a warm day. Elevenses can be anytime in our house especially if there's fresh cake available!!!


How beautiful your courtyard is looking, you've made such a lovely job of it. Not painting the wall is a good idea I think, it will really allow the plants and flowers to shine. I'm a big sky gazer too, I'm always telling the little people to look at clouds and sunsets and things. It's fantastic when the whole world is lit up with a pink glow. CJ xx

Wiete Meulders


In belgium we haven tienuurtje en vieruurtje which translates to ten-o-clock-ie and four-o-clock-ie and it's used for snacking at that time of the day. It coincides with the first break in school and then after school, at 4. Not typically with the hot drinks though ;)


You have a lovely life and outlook on it that you share with us all!! Thank you Xx lots of love Joy Xx

Alice Matthews

You should plant a clematis or honeysuckle. Love your photo of simple things like a bunch of home cut flowers bring so much joy. Your photo post storm is amazing -could you use the colours to inspire a crochet -something ?
All the best and happy crocheting (I have your rainbow bag which I made and the birds on the swing -they bring me joy too!!
Alice -new to crochet


What a lovely post Lucy. Thank you for sharing with us. I am so excited about Yarndale now x


Over here in the Netherlands, we don't have 'elevenses'. A lovely treat by the way. But we do have a coffeebreak at 10 in the morning. Or tea if you prefer. And mostly with just a cookie or nothing with it.
In the afternoon we again have a coffee/tea break around 15.00 hrs.
I like the elevenses. Maybe something to follow.


Hi Lucy, I'm Elmarie from South Africa and I just love your blog. Yes we have tea/coffee and something sweet mid morning, if time allows. I just wish that one has more chance to sit and ponder or watch the clouds, fascinating the forms and shapes they take. We do have lots to be thankful for. Keep crocheting and blogging.


Such happy things! So important to remember theses sources of happiness in these hectic times!
Is't this month the time of the shooting stars? A very good time for sky gazing!

Take care

Ada kuoers

In the Netherlands we call it "Koffietijd'....

Veggie Mummy

Such a beautiful yard; I too think it would be a mistake to paint the wall and once it's done it would be very difficult to change your mind! I love the idea of 'elevenses' but, as I like an early lunch, I find I'm more of a 'threeses' girl myself! Really enjoying your blog. x


Lol, I thought elevensies was made up by JRR Tolkien in his Lord of the Rings books, lol, and second breakfast for that matter. In the US we encourage hearty breakfasts, so 11 is generally too early for another snack. Many people do take an afternoon snack somewhere between lunch and dinner, though I wouldn't call it a tradition except for school aged kids. I love learning that elevensies and second breakfast exist outside of the Shire though ;)

Janette Delbarre

I love all your work, and so appreciate the beautiful countryside and flowers you post. You make me smile every day....what a wonderful, rare gift, thank you xx

Patricia Q

Are you a member of the Cloud Appreciation Society? You would definitely be welcome!


Is it still called elevenses when you have your cake and coffee closer to ten?! Have never heard of tenses, doesn't sound right ;). I'm a Kiwi, we and the Aussies have smoko. But never high tea, just afternoon smoko. Cigarette break time I guess, in the old days when people smoked more. Love your blog, and especially this entry. We sometimes need reminders to enjoy everyday things.

Lorraine Mencinsky

Hi Lucy,
I agree with all of the above. In Australia we call a morning cuppa and cake or bikkies morning tea. We are a very discriptive lot.

Kim W

Such wonderful happy things dearest Lucy!

Here in the States elevensies are something found in the Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit!

I have a cup of tea in the morning, if I want a special treat for breakfast I put in milk and sugar and eat it with toast and orange marmalade.

Have a good weekend.

The Yarddale letters are super cute!

Irene Rodgers

Love your garden & crochet projects! I have a cuppa almost hourly! The term smoko used in NZ & Australia originated because workers would stop for a cigarette & morning tea. I'm glad there are people who don't know where smoko came from maybe it means we're getting better at healthy habits! Except the cake if course but some things are worth it. 😊

Holly Nelson

He, I think that elevenses was termed in Lord of the Rings, so I imagine the whole world knows! I couldn't go through a morning without it though! You have used such lovely, bright colours!


We like the same things! The other day your bedside lamp is my bedside lamp, today your mug is my mug. I love crochet, children and all your happy thoughts on colours I share too. I love geraniums and posies of garden flowers, oh and crocheting is my hobby too :)))

Veronica Bierman

Just absolutely love to compare our living habits and home rituals with those of other people living else where on the earth

Veronica Bierman

Hi, I am Veronica from South Africa. I was fascinated by your elevenses. Here in my country, eleven o clock is also tea time with a biscuit or rusk. We awe a pretty much coffee drinking family but really enjoy a big mug of strong, sweet tea then

Anne Skene

Love the whole post but especially hearing that Little B's pumpkin plants are growing well. As you may remember his planting the seeds lead me to plant my own. There are three thriving plants now despite being neglected because of family matters are taking up my time and attention.
Thank you for reminding me of the happinesses that can be found in the midst of difficult and sad times.

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