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August 15, 2014


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You're a good mom, you know that? :-) A lot of people, if their kids had wanted to make a creepy looking black thing with no features, would have vetoed it on the spot. There's a lot to be said for creative autonomy. :-)


LOVE this! My kids both love minecrafting and actual crafting. Going to try this with them before out summer is over.

Jocelyn Nelson

I've got this book by the same author: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Super-Cute-Felt-Laura-Howard/dp/1907563776/ref=sr_1_8?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1408198460&sr=1-8&keywords=felt.
I can heartily recommend it and have made many of the projects inside.


I have so loved your last two blog posts. Yesterday, I read about - and completely related to - your "thought-fleas." What a PERFECT description! And today, a bit of heartfelt conviction came from your very wise words about saying YES to our children's pleas for creativity. Ugh...how often I've told our children to "find something to do" and then mindlessly kept them from following through because I didn't want to be bothered by...(the mess, giving up what I was doing, the time it might take) Thank you!!!


My girls like making things but the staying power is a problem. Big Sis has more WIP's than me! Jo x



With regards to adults pondering making Enderman granny blankets and knitting, just because you can it doesn't mean you should. I would have got the shop to have hidden all the black felt.

Re the little lady. Yes her making skills are impressive and little B's not so bad either.

Sam E

Ah my kids love minecraft too, great sewing project !
As a kid I don't ever remember my mum making anything creative or crafty with us,
Although she was always making, sewing and painting, she never did that with us.
She bought us kids craft books but we never made anything from them, I remember feeling so frustrated, I had all this energy swirling round desparate to make something, luckily I had colouring pencils and pens and was able to take it out on those. It left me feeling unconfident in my abilities to create, my mum never shared her knowledge. When I had my own kids I made sure that whatever their creative request was I would go all out to fulfil their vision, to show them that out of their ideas are possibilities and realities for great things, and sometimes we were only making mummified action men ( yes weird I know !) but active creativity expands the mind and builds self confidence and self worth. You are a great mum and your kids are very lucky to have a mum like you.

Winwick Mum

I loved making things all the time when I was little, but my girls don't seem to have the same urge to do the same - it's probably all the other distractions that are around these days. Every now and again we have a go at something creative, and big daughter announced she wanted to knit a jumper the other day - but as I knew exactly who would end up knitting the jumper, I made sure not to mention it again when she seemed to have forgotten ...!


Thinking of my own Mum she would have never and I mean never had the patience to spend time like that with me but I did have my Auntie Nancy and her sister Peggy (not related to me though just lovely friends of my Mum)who between them taught me all the crafting skills I could ever need in one lifetime....you just carry on Lucy doing what you do with your lovely children those skills will be put to use many many times in years to come.


Lucy you are such a lovely Mummy-your patience is amazing and you're making such wonderful memories for your little people! Thank you again for such a lovely post😊


That's so lovely. I'm impressed with both your little people. I must go and check out your links. My grandson is a minecraft fan.

Josie Calvert Briggs

I love this project! I am 22 and I LOVE minecraft. Its such a creative game. One of the only games I would say is good for the development of young children. Good on them for coming up with their own project!


Great idea, I've two minecraft obsessives in the house. Your children did a fantastic job.

Carolyn Jackson

How lovely to see the little ones making felt toys,and making such a great job, we hadnt heard of the programme, perhaps it hasn't arrived here yet, I have been making felt things too, the Mouse from Mollie Makes 11 and the rabbit from MM 40, nice to use felt for a change.
Caro NZ

One Earlybird

I love seeing kids being creative and good on you for ignoring the impulse to influence them. It can be hard sometimes.


How wonderful and such great stitching from your creative little people, very impressed here

Sheryl from the US

Very impressed with Little Lady's neat stitches. She did a wonderful job! Of course, Little B's is quite impressive, also. Great work all!

Holly Nelson

This is fab! Felt is so amazing.


That is so cool that your peeps wanted to make their own stuffed toys. I am very impressed with their work!


Those are wonderful! Go Little B, look at you sewing at age 4! Little Lady did a great job--my 12 year old is suitably impressed. And the bow is a great touch! xx


I think they both did incredible! Such neat, even stitches!


I think they both did incredible! Such neat, even stitches!


Beauteous crafting from your smalls, very very well done! I'm pondering trying to knit an Enderman. All straight edges and if I knit on small kneedles with a firm yarn it should hold up well...


Great for them both to make their choices. Little B is a superstar 😄 Xx Joy Xx

Mary L

So cute! I am going to have to show this to my 9 year old who just asked for a creeper blanket. I'm sure he would love both of these projects. (And so would his little sister probably).
Thank you for posting!

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